With all the glitz and glam squads in Hollywood, it’s hard to think that A-List celebs have any skin problems at all. While we sit at home with our acne, rosacea, or wrinkles, they walk red carpets looking like they were professionally photo shopped. Nowadays, celebs are shedding the perfect image they once portrayed and are sharing the not so glamorous side of the skin woes. Turns out that stars really are just like us.

Here’s are two fearless celebs who have come clean about their skin issues and wear their imperfections like a badge of honor!

Cameron Diaz

The most lovable funny girl in Hollywood has been in the spotlight for over 20 years starring in blockbuster movies and dominating the box office. It wasn’t until she released her book, The Body Book in 2015 that she came clean about something that so many of us deal with… cystic acne.

She recounts dealing with painful cystic acne throughout her teenage and twenty-something years. She attributes the relentless breakouts to a junky diet filled with sugary processed foods and dairy. “If you are what you eat, I was a bean burrito with extra cheese and extra sauce,” she quips in the book and claims her skin cleared up after she began eating healthier and taking better care of her skin with a daily routine of cleansing twice a day religiously.

Cynthia Nixon

For years she portrayed the modern woman on Sex and the City as a full time working single mother. Deep down, she was always insecure struggling with Rosacea. Over 16 million Americans struggle with rosacea and even the Hollywood elite aren’t an exception.

In an interview, Nixon admits “Up until five years ago, I had no idea why my skin would get so red…I thought it was just because of my fair complexion. The problem was, it never really went away until I really learned the kind of products and ingredients I should be using” she says. Nixon worked with a dermatologist to identify several triggers that caused the red rosacea, like sun exposure, spicy foods and red wine and started using products with natural ingredients to reduce flare ups.

So if you are feeling down about how your skin is feeling. Just remember you are not alone.  Millions of men and women across America have suffered from various skin ailments and have found ways to overcome there problems and live with great skin!

Your journey starts now 🙂

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