Three Things Your Cleanser Can Do Besides Clean Your Face

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Most of us wash our face twice a day and we use some kind of cleanser to do it. By now you should know to stay away from drying soaps and switch to an oil cleanser – but it’s not just for a deeper clean.

An oil cleanser can do much more than just clean your skin making it a must-have in any skincare routine. Here are just a few of the added benefits of oil cleansing that you might not have expected!

It Exfoliates


Washing your face helps keep skin clean and supple – but have you noticed your glow starting to fade? That’s because over time, dead skin cells can build up on your skin. We used to exfoliate with harsh beads or abrasive materials like coffee or sugar, but research has proven this can cause tears in your skin – and make wrinkles even worse! So how can you exfoliate a glow back into your skin without damage? The answer is an oil cleanser.

Thanks to the amazing abilities of oil it can work like a magnet to suck out any dead skin cells trapped in your pores. This is going to improve the glow of your skin and allow your hydrated face to shine. Even without abrasive exfoliators, experts agree that an oil cleanser is much better and safer than using traditional exfoliation methods.

It Shrinks Pores

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Nothing is worse than looking in the mirror and not being able to see beyond enlarged pores. They can make you feel insecure and leave you feeling like your skin isn’t clean. The truth is that not all soaps and cleansers can get out the gunk stuck in your pores which is why they look so big. Sure, you can go spend hundreds of dollars on a facial, but using an oil cleanser daily can help clean out pores and shrink them right before your eyes.

Oil is special because it attracts dirt and debris like a magnet. When you wash with soap it cleans only the top layer of your skin, but oil is the only substance that is able to go deep into pores and remove dirt. If you stay consistent with your oil cleanser, you’ll notice that your pores look cleaner and smaller in as little as 30 days!

It Fights Wrinkles

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Some people get stuck with a skincare routine that is too long because they use products that only have one benefit. Well, forget that when it comes to oil cleansing because it helps in so many ways! One of the best benefits of using an oil cleanser is that it gets your skin clean, but it also helps fight off wrinkles at the same time!

Your Lavender Oil Cleanser doesn’t just clean skin but it’s packed with all kinds of anti-aging ingredients. We wanted you to be able to wash your face and treat wrinkles at the same time, so we formulated it with some of the most effective ingredients for fighting wrinkles. Not only can you wake up with cleanser skin, but it will look more youthful thanks to the powerful anti-wrinkle ingredients in every bottle!

Three Surprising Things That Can Be Making Your Forehead Wrinkles Worse

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If you think back to the first wrinkles you saw on your face, chances are they were forehead lines. Deep, horizontal lines across your forehead are often caused by repeated facial expressions, and they can be some of the hardest wrinkles to reverse.

If you’ve noticed your forehead wrinkles getting worse, here are three habits to ditch, and a few easy ways to help banish those forehead lines for good!

Squinting At Light

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Is there any better feeling that the beautiful summer sunshine beaming down on your face? If you spend time outdoors without sunglasses or a hat, chances are you spend a lot more time squinting at the sunshine than you would think. Squinting can be one of the main causes of forehead lines because it causes you to contract your face in a way that created the folds and lines on your forehead.

These lines aren’t easy to get rid of but consistently using a cream with anti-aging ingredients like Matrixyl Synthe 6 has been proven to help plump and conceal forehead lines. This ingredient found in our best-selling Repair & Release Cream has been compared to Botox for the effects it can have on wrinkles that come from squinting and repeatedly contracting your face muscles.

How You Sleep

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Are you one of those people who sleeps the same way every single night? It turns out that sleeping with your face pressed up on the same part of the pillow day in and day out can result in deep forehead lines that can be very hard to reverse. Skin experts often suggest sleeping on your back to avoid wrinkles but that’s not comfortable or possible for many of us.

Instead of trying to change your sleep routine to suit your skin, change up your skin routine to suit your sleep. Having a nighttime skincare routine that hydrates, nourishes, and plumps skin can help decrease your risk of forehead wrinkles while sleeping. The biggest game-changer will be your Repair & Release Cream which will help replenish collagen and elastin so your face can pull on your pillow without risking more damage to your skin.


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Whether you’re breaking a sweat from a workout or from the heat of summer, our natural reaction is to wipe the sweat off our faces and foreheads. While this might seem harmless, you are pulling at your forehead skin every single time you do it. This repeated rubbing can result in worse forehead lines, as well as clog pores.

To make sure you aren’t adding to your existing forehead wrinkles, avoid rubbing your face when sweating. Also, make sure you’re properly cleansing your skin after sweating to avoid bacteria and dirt from going into your pores. Headbands and sweatbands are a great alternative to help keep sweat off your face and you can also always use a cool towel to pat your face dry and keep dirty hands off your face. Follow with your Lavender Oil Cleanser which hydrates and cleans the skin, and you’ll be looking younger and fabulous in no time!

What Are Static Wrinkles And How Can You Stop Them?

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When you look in the mirror, it’s easy to assume the lines on your face are “just wrinkles”, but did you know there are multiple types of wrinkles and they each require special care? One of the most common and hardest types to reverse is called Static Wrinkles.

What Are Static Wrinkles?

wrinkles, static wrinkles, wrinkle care, anti-agingStatic wrinkles are a type of wrinkle that is visible even when you’re not moving your face. Static wrinkles are unique because they have nothing to do with your facial expressions but are a product of accelerated aging and other factors like lifestyle.

It can look like your face is deflated when static wrinkles happen and the most noticeable sign is sagging skin. That’s why the most effective products for static wrinkles include collagen and elastin producing proteins and are extremely hydrating.

What Causes Them?

static wrinkles, wrinkle care, anti-aging, wrinkles, skincareStatic wrinkles are a product of gravity, genetics, and lifestyle. They can be caused by poor lifestyle choices like smoking or drinking too much alcohol, but can also be produced by not protecting your skin from sun and pollution.

Experts say that touching your face or pulling at your skin when applying makeup can also be a cause of static wrinkles. No matter where they come from, they remain one of the most difficult types of wrinkles to reverse. While some women opt for expensive botox treatments to help with static wrinkles, you can get the same results without the pain if you’re using products with peptides that can reverse wrinkles and damage.

How Can You Repair Them?

wrinkles, static wrinkles, wrinkle relief, anti-agingGetting rid of static wrinkles will make your face look like you’ve turned back time. Although it’s not an overnight miracle, you can treat static wrinkles and make them less noticeable with a high-quality skincare routine. Something as simple as washing your face with an oil-based cleanser to fully remove dirt and pollution can have a huge improvement on your skin.

If you’re not already using a moisturizer with collagen-producing ingredients like Matrixyl 3000 then it’s time to switch asap. Research proves that making the switch can help erase up to 80% of static wrinkles with continued care. Static wrinkles don’t have to control how old you look, just take the best preventative measures to keep skin looking youthful!

Do You Really Need To Use Retinol In Your Skin Routine?

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Retinol has become one of the most searched skincare terms of the last year thanks to its surge in popularity from influencers and celebs. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know what retinol is, how it works, or if it’s really as safe and effective as it claims to be.

We spoke to experts to learn everything we could about using Retinol and if it’s really a necessary part of your daily routine. Here’s our breakdown below:

What Is Retinol?

retinol, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skincare, wrinkle careRetinols are compounds that belong to the vitamin A family and claim to provide all sorts of benefits to your skin. Retinol is reported to help calm inflammation, enhance cell turnover, and stimulate collagen production, but its safety has been questioned by experts time and time again.

It’s rumored to be an effective solution to wrinkles and aging but is it worth the risk? If you’re looking to increase your collagen production and cell turnover, it can be done with consistent use of a comprehensive anti-aging routine, however, retinol seems to be a more drastic and costly choice for many.

Where Can You Get It?

retinol, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skincare, wrinkle care, dermatologistRetinol is available in two forms, over-the-counter or prescription and the biggest difference in the two formulas is mostly the strength of retinol it includes. For a prescription, you’ll require a visit to your doctor or dermatologist to get it but over-the-counter can be found in stores and online.

It’s been reported that most over-the-counter treatments leave a lot to be desired and don’t deliver the results promised. If you’re headed down the prescription route, make sure you’re talking to your doctor about any skin symptoms you’ve been seeing and ask about side effects, because there are many.

Does My Skin Really Need It?

retinol, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, skincare, wrinkle care, retinol side effectsWhile retinol can be a good ally in your skincare army, it can’t provide better results than a high-quality anti-aging routine. What’s worse is the laundry list of side effects from both prescription and over-the-counter retinol is enough to raise anyone’s red flags.

Side effects from over-the-counter retinol are not severe but can include stinging, burning or change of color in the skin. It’s also not safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding so steer clear if you’re a new or expecting mom. For prescription strength, the side effects are even scarier including burning, redness, peeling, and flaking,

For the safest and most effective way to treat wrinkles, stick with your South Beach Skin Lab goodies.