These Ingredients Are Like a Time Machine For Your Skin

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Do you ever look at old photos and reminisce about your younger skin? It was likely firmer, less wrinkled, and more youthful – but what if you could get it back?

Our expert team did a deep analysis of skincare ingredients to find the best ones to help turn back the clock on your skin. If you’re aching for your younger complexion, these ingredients are the only ones that can help you achieve it!

Shea Butter

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As you get older, your skin goes through all kinds of cellular changes. One of the most common is losing hydration and moisture in your skin after the age of 40. When skin is dried out, it will never look as happy or healthy as younger skin – so hydrating it properly should be top of mind. Of all the conditioning and softening skincare ingredients out there, none are as effective as natural Shea Butter.

Shea butter has been used as a skin-soothing ingredient for centuries. Its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids — combined with its easy-to-spread consistency — make it a great product for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning your skin. Not only will it feel dreamy when you apply it to your skin, but it will help deliver hydration and nutrients that will mask wrinkles and help plump your complexion.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is a very special skincare ingredient. Packed full of fatty acids and antioxidants, it’s one of nature’s most powerful supports for aging skin. As we get older, the skin has a harder time fighting off infections, irritation, and redness which can make you look flushed and add years to your face. Thankfully, you can get ample amounts of vitamin E through ingredients like Argan oil and fight wrinkles easily at home.

Argan oil has been used for centuries in beauty treatments and is packed full of effective vitamin E. Argan has been proven to help fight photoaging – a term used to describe delaying the formation of wrinkles. That means that applying your Repair & Release Cream packed full of vitamin E and Argan oil will allow you to turn back the clock on your skin just by applying your daily moisturizer. It doesn’t get easier than that!


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There are some very powerful ingredients that can help turn back the clock on your skin. One that comes to mind is called Reproage and is very different than the others mentioned above. Reproage is a cosmeceutical peptide, which means it was created with scientific research and can assist you to fight aging at the cellular level.

What makes so so powerful? The peptides of Reproage can actually reprogram and revitalize the cells in the deep layers of your skin to help you look and feel more youthful.  In a trial of just 56 days duration, applying a cream containing Reproage resulted in nearly a 40% reduction in the roughness of the skin and more radiant-looking skin. Thankfully, you can get all the benefits of Reproage in every bottle of Repair & Release Cream!