Why Won’t Your Wrinkles Go Away? We Know The Answer


If you are over 50, chances are you’ve spent decades trying to fight wrinkles. If despite spending tons of money and time on your skin, you are still suffering from wrinkles, we may know the reason why…

According to experts, there are some unique factors that influence how quickly you can repair wrinkles. Here are the top predators for wrinkly skin and how to stop them for good!

Your Skin Is Exhausted

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Tired skin doesn’t just look bad, it can also affect how well your skin responds to anti-aging treatments. When your skin is tired, it will have a harder time absorbing nutrients that help fight wrinkles and lines, leading your skin to suffer. Even if you’re using the best products in the world, tired skin will never show full results – but how can you revive it?

Treating tired skin is easier than you think. The first step is making sure you’re using a comprehensive routine daily that is going to invigorate and repair your damaged skin. Peptides and amino acids are great for awakening your skin so that they can get to work to naturally fight wrinkles and sagging alongside your effective products. You’ll see better results and be able to notice an improvement in your skin just by looking in the mirror!

You’ve Got Unique Damage

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Not all skin damage is the same and if you’re not seeing results, it could be because of extreme skin damage. This kind of damage can be visible or invisible depending on your unique skin. Sometimes you’ll see hints of damage like dark spots or dry flakes, but other signs like dehydration or lack of nourishment can be harder to pin down.

If you suspect your skin is extremely damaged, you will need to add some special treatments to your skin. By special treatments, we mean targeted products to treat exceptional amounts of damage. For extreme sagging, opt for our Neck Firming Cream which despite its name can help reverse sagging skin on all parts of your face. It won’t just help sagging but will work to soften your deepest wrinkles for a younger-looking complexion.

You’re Not Consistent

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Since the beginning of skincare, there have always been “snake oil salesmen”. This refers to a person or company that will say whatever they have to do to sell you a product. They’ll lie about results, the difficulty of use, or claim that you only need it once to see results. The reality is that there is no single product that can repair your wrinkles and skin in a single application.

To see real change and results, it’s important you’re using a comprehensive routine and never, ever skipping an application. Your routine should be applied morning and night daily so your skin is being nourished enough to fix wrinkles. You should also never skip days as it can reverse some of the improvements you’ve seen from your skincare routine. Stick with your products and even if it takes a few extra months because of your level of damage, we promise you’ll see outstanding results if you stick with it!

Does Your Skin Look Tired? These Tips Will Help Revive It!

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and found that your skin looks almost lifeless? This can be from dull skin which happens because of the loss of collagen and elastin as we get older.

If you’re looking for easy ways to brighten your tired-looking skin, a few simple steps in your routine can help make all the difference!

Cleanse First

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No matter what your skincare goals are, the first step should always be to cleanse your skin. Throughout the day, our pores get filled with makeup, pollution, free radicals, and dirt. When your skin spends all its time fighting foreign particles, it only has so much energy left to repair wrinkles and damage and help brighten skin.

Cleansing is the easiest way to help brighten your skin and will work even better with an oil cleanser. When you use an oil cleanser, it not only cleans deep in our pores but it also helps deliver important nutrients and oils that your skin needs. Ingredients like lavender oil will soothe your skin while helping to brighten your complexion with a surge of moisture that you can feel after only one use!

Get Rid Of Pigmentation

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When your skin is exposed to too much sun, it will start to develop small pigmentation spots called dark spots or age spots. Over time, exposure to the sun causes these no matter how careful you are with sun protection. The best and easiest way to help brighter your dull complexion is to even out and brighter your skin tone.

Last year, we created our Dark Spot Corrector which was released to rave reviews! This powerful cream uses the power of 5 different kinds of vitamin C which has been hailed as the most effective ingredient for brightening your skin. Vitamin C is also amazing and helping to brighten and fade dark spots caused by aging and sun exposure. Applying this cream twice a day will have your skin glowing in no time.

Keep It Hydrated!

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Hydrated skin is the key to happy skin. When skin becomes dry, it loses its luster and can cause dullness. Not just that, but dry skin is also known to accentuate wrinkles and lines too! If you want to combat dullness but haven’t had success, it might be time to switch your moisturizer to one packed full of anti-aging ingredients!

You can start to repair dull skin by making sure you moisturize both morning and night every single day. It will help keep your skin hydrated and nourished but also delivers essential oils, nutrients, and fatty acids to your skin to help reverse wrinkles, lines, and dullness. After only 30 days, you should notice an improvement in the tone and texture of your skin which is thanks to ingredients like shea butter, argan oil, and anti-aging peptides. You’re just a few steps

Brighten Tired Skin With These Easy Tips!

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As we age, skin becomes duller no thanks to a loss of collagen, elastin, and vital proteins in the skin. The result is often tired, dull skin but not if you’ve got the right routine to combat it!

Here are some easy tips to brighten skin and leave you with a youthful glow and a whole lot of confidence!

Start With A Wash

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When dead skin cells build up and pores are clogged with dirt and pollution, it’s no wonder your skin can’t shine bright. Cleansing is one of the easiest ways to brighten skin and it will help prepare your skin for what comes next.

When washing your face, make sure to avoid hot water as it will dry out the skin and make dullness worse. Instead, opt for an Oil Cleanser with an ingredient like tea tree oil which will provide a deep clean to the skin while hydrating deep so your skin can shine bright!

Even Your Skin Tone

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The more imperfections and marks on your face, the less bright your skin can look. Throughout the years, it’s normal to accumulate dark spots from sun damage or scars from acne or skin conditions. If you aren’t proactive to reverse these imperfections, then it could lead to dull skin that lacks brightness.

Even skin tones give a look that is bright and healthy, which is why making an even skin tone a priority on your skincare list is important. If you need help to even your skin tone, look no further than our Dark Spot Corrector. Not only is it packed with 5 different forms of vitamin C to boost brightness, but it will help fade imperfections from your face in as little as a month!

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

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We cannot stress enough how important it is for your skin to get proper hydration to your skin if you’re looking to combat dullness and brighten your skin. Top experts agree that a consistent moisturizing routine that includes the right ingredients can help transform your skin to look brighter, younger and happier.

Hydration starts with your oil cleansing routine but it’s also important to never skip your moisturizer, even if your skin feels like it might not need it. The deeper layers of your skin may be dehydrated even if the top layers aren’t and depriving your skin of moisturizer will cause dullness. To keep your skin bright, use your Repair & Release Cream, made with shea butter and argan at least twice a day. Those ingredients will help brighten skin and keep you glowing!