These Are The Easiest Ways To Protect Your Skin From Technology

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Technology is a blessing, especially when we are far away from friends, family, and loved ones. Sadly, using some technology can have negative effects on your skin.

If you’ve noticed your skin isn’t looking it’s best lately, your tech could be to blame. Here are some common tech-related skin issues and the easiest way to avoid them!

Stop Squinting

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When you get a text or email to your cellphone, do you have to squint at it to be able to read the tiny text? It turns out that since the invention of smartphones, more and more people are suffering from eye wrinkles as a result of straining their face to read their phones. Since not being connected isn’t an option for most of us, you need to use some creativity to combat squinting at your screens.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to adjust the settings on your phone or computer so that the text appears larger. Not only will it make it easier for you to see what you’re reading, but it will help you stop squinting at your device daily which can lead to fewer eye wrinkles. You’ll also want to make sure you’re using an eye serum that helps with fine lines and wrinkles so you can reverse the damage that has already been done.

Don’t Stay On Too Long

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Catching up with friends and family shouldn’t be something you rush through, but you also want to make sure you’re not spending too much time with the phone against your face. Cell phones and smartphones contain batteries that can get hot when the product is in use for too long. When your phone heats up against your face, it can create some unexpected skin damage.

Having a hot cellphone on your face has recently been studied and linked to an increase in melanin production on your face. Melanin is the darker pigments in your skin responsible for dark spots and age spots. If you prefer to keep chatting instead of cutting your conversations short, make sure you’re using a Dark Spot Corrector that uses vitamin C to banish any dark spots that can result from having your hot phone up against your face for long periods of time.

Don’t Hurt Your Face

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Sometimes when we are on the phone, we try to multitask by doing things around the house with our phones pressed up against our cheeks. Research shows that not only is your phone one of the dirtiest surfaces in your house but pressing it against your skin can form wrinkles and jowls that can be hard to get rid of later.

Instead of trying to multitask with your phone against your face, opt for headphones which can allow you to chat with friends without comprising your skin health. If you do already have skin damage from pressing your phone to your face, you can reverse the jowls and sagging skin with peptides like the award-winning patented Essenskin™ peptide we used to formulate our Neck Firming Cream. It will help restructure the skin and improve firmness while helping reverse the existing damage on your face.

Is Your Smartphone Actually Doing Damage To Your Skin?

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Your smartphone may be helpful and convenient, but it is not your skin’s best friend. Since we started using smartphones on a regular basis, there have been all sorts of negative health effects linked to them ranging from bad posture to eye issues from the bright light of the screen. What you may not realize is that your smartphone is also causing some serious problems for your skin.

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There’s no denying it: Keyboards are filthy. In the era of touch screens, it makes the problem even worse. While you may wash your hands often and think clean hands equal clean phone, you might be wrong.

Keep Your Phone Away From Your Face

Even the natural oils your hands produce can cause pimples, clogged pores, and wrinkles! When you hold your phone up to your face to talk on it, all the bacteria and dirt living on your screen is right up against your face and enters your pores to disrupt your skin.

acne, cellphone, dirt, bacteria, skincareIf you’re sticking your phone up against your face all the time and pushing it into your cheek, it can irritate and clog pores. The pressure from your phone up against your cheek encourages oil glands to create more oil and also forces bacteria, dirt, and makeup into pores, where they get trapped and cause breakouts.

Clean Your Phone!

To avoid doing further harm to your skin, make sure you are cleaning your phone screen often and using it with clean hands. You can also minimize the contact your phone has with your face by using your headphones and microphone to make calls or even use the speakerphone option.

cellphone, skin, bacteria, skin tipsWhile there is no perfect way to avoid the bacteria and dirt that is covering your phone, being conscious of the negative effects it can have can play a key role in improving the health of your skin.

TIP: To make sure you’re clearing any dirt and bacteria from your face to your skin as healthy and youthful as possible. You can use an oil cleanser like the South Beach Skin Lab – Olive Oil Cleanser twice a day which is proven to remove more free radicals from your skin than traditional foaming cleansers.

How often do you clean your phone from dirt and bacteria? Let us know in the comments below!