Three Signs Your Skin Has Had Enough Of The Summer

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Summer is arguably one of the best times of the year. The sun is shining, you spend more time with friends and family, but you’re also ripe for summer skin damage.

So how do you know if your skin has had enough? Look for these signs of exhausted summer skin, and some easy tips to help revive and repair it!

You’re Breaking Out

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Since we were teens, we’ve all had to deal with breakouts. But have you noticed your breakouts are getting worse recently? That’s because months of sweat, sunscreen, and smog are clogging your pores and causing your skin to break out. No matter how old you are, you aren’t immune to pimples and blackheads, but you can avoid them by taking care of your tired summer skin and keeping it clean.

One of the easiest ways to stop breakouts is by using the right kind of cleanser. Soaps and foam cleansers will dry out the top layer of your skin and rarely clean pores, so opt for an oil cleanser instead. The oil will go deeper into pores to remove debris that causes pimples. Best of all, it will be able to attract even the most stick dirt in your pores like sunscreen and sweat so you can get your glow on without worrying about pimples.

You’re Seeing Spots

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Freckles may be having a “moment” right now but these little spots are actually skin damage and should be avoided at all costs. Not just freckles but sun spots, age spots, and liver spots can appear on your skin as you get older and spend more time outside. These spots were once only removable with painful laser surgery, but advancements in skincare have made them easy to treat at home.

When summer damage starts showing up on your skin, you need to turn to the power of vitamin C to treat and face spots. This powerful ingredient is a staple in our Dark Spot Corrector for good reason. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it can help fade and reverse spots so you can have a clear and healthy complexion. Best of all, you won’t need to resort to painful treatments to see real results. Just make sure you’re also applying your SPF to keep new spots from forming.

You’re Feeling Dry

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Have you noticed your skin starting to look dried out and dull? That’s because humidity, air conditioning, and sunshine all contribute to dehydrated skin. When skin is dehydrated it will show more wrinkles and lines and is a breeding ground for new signs of aging to emerge. If you want to keep your skin healthy and youthful, you need to avoid dry summer skin at all costs.

Since staying inside all day isn’t an option, you can combat dry summer skin by using your Repair & Release Cream daily. Even if your skin feels a little oily, it’s likely from sweat. But the deeper layers of your skin, responsible for forming your wrinkles, are dying of dehydration. By applying your cream twice daily, you’ll be able to fight dry skin and wrinkles in one easy step! Best of all, you’ll be delivering important nutrients and peptides to your skin as you hydrate, which will revive and repair existing damage.

These Are The Easiest Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

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When the warm weather hits, we just want to head straight to the beach and enjoy summer. Sadly, being outside and summer weather can have some harmful effects on your anti-aging routine.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to suffer from the summer skin blues. Here are some easy ways you can protect your skin while you’re off enjoying your sunshine!


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When it comes to warm weather, one of the worst side effects on your skin is dryness. When your skin becomes dry, it’s not able to protect itself from signs of aging. Even worse is that dry skin is likely to make your wrinkles look deeper and worse than they really are. If you want to help your skin this summer and keep it hydrated, it’s as simple as incorporating some of nature’s more hydrating ingredients into your routine.

Some ingredients can hydrate the surface of your skin but only a few go to the deeper layers of your dermis. When it comes to rehydrating skin, opt for top ingredients like shea butter which can penetrate deep and relieve dryness. You can also find dryness relief from using a moisturizer formulated with coconut oil and sea buckthorn which can help reverse dry skin and add radiance to your summer glow.


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When skin looks dull and tired, one of the fastest and easiest ways to repair it is with exfoliation. In the past, exfoliating meant rubbing harsh beads on your face to remove dry skin. Sadly, this can cause microtears on your face and lead to more wrinkles and sagging. Instead of traditional exfoliants, opt for something that is just as effective, but much more gentle.

Oil cleansing is getting rave reviews for being one of the easiest and safest ways to exfoliate your skin. Because it uses oil to attach to dead skin instead of harshly rubbing it away, it can brighten skin without damage. It will also hydrate with every use so your skin will not only feel softer but will have lasting hydration even in the blazing summer heat.


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The best part about summer is days with family and friends spent in the sun. Sadly, prolonged sun exposure can lead to a host of skin problems that can make you age faster. Instead of suffering, you can combat some of these signs of UV damage to keep your skin and complexion looking youthful and healthy.

To protect your skin, you need to make sure you’re using a powerful SPF on top of your skincare routine every day. If you’re using South Beach Skin Lab products, we include a lot of ingredients with natural protection from UV rays so in addition to SPF that should help too. Just don’t forget to be washing sunscreen off your face at the end of every day with your Lavender Oil Cleanser. Sunscreen can trap dirt, sweat, and free radicals in your pores which lead to wrinkles. Your oil cleanser will help remove all the buildup in your skin and pores with ease and let you keep skin healthy and protected at the same time.

Three Things Your End-of-Summer Skin Needs To Look Younger!

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It’s been a lovely summer and you’ve likely spent more time outdoors and with family than ever before. With all that time in the sun comes some serious consequences for your skin.

If your skin has taken a beating from tanning, spending time outdoors, or just getting caught without protection in the sun, there are three easy tricks you can use to revive your skin at the end of the summer.

Tackle Damage First

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At the end of the summer, the most common skin complaint is freckles and sunspots as a result of UV rays. While our bodies do need vitamin D which comes from the sun, leaving skin unprotected will leave you with pigmentation issues that can last years and make your skin look much older. If you want to revive your skin at the end of the season, you’ll need to first address the sun damage and use the right ingredients to fight it.

Up until now, the most common treatment for pigmentation has been expensive and dangerous laser treatments. These treatments cost hundreds of dollars and can even leave scars and damage on your face. Instead, look to nature for one of the most powerful dark spot erasers ever – Vitamin C. When an anti-oxidant like vitamin C is included in your skincare routine, it combats oxidative stress, slows the aging process and protects your skin from future damage.

Cleanse Free Radicals

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Free radicals are unstable molecules that can enter your body and disrupt your cells. One of the most common ways free radicals can enter your body is by exposure to the sun. At the end of summer, your body has many more free radicals present that in winter months so you need to work to remove free radicals from your skin to avoid the risk of damage and accelerated aging.

Free radicals make your skin age much faster than it would naturally with age. Instead of letting free radicals destroy all your hard work on your anti-aging goals, using a comprehensive skincare routine can help minimize your chances of premature aging from free radicals. A cosmeceutical skincare routine can also help encourage cell regeneration which can produce new healthy skin cells that can fight free radicals while you go about your day resulting in a happier, healthier complexion.

Replenish Your Skin

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When spending lots of time outside over the summer months, you gradually lose moisture and essential oils from the heat, making your skin appear dry, flaky, and prematurely wrinkled. What’s even worse is that it’s not just for older skin – even in younger people, they will notice dryness as one of the first symptoms of getting too much sun.

While we all look better with a tan, dry skin is going to make you look way older and your skin less healthy. Using a comprehensive skincare routine is the only proven way to replenish moisture to your skin after the summer. Some of the best ingredients for it are shea butter and argan oil which will deliver hydration to the top layer and the deeper layers of your skin. In only a few days, you’ll start to notice an improvement in your skin that you can see and feel!

The Easiest Ways To Prep Your Skin For Summer Weather

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Temperatures are warming up and the sun is finally shining which means transitioning your skincare routine should be top of mind as summer nears closer.

Different seasons require different skin care tips to help make sure you get the most out of your products and look your absolute best. Here are the simplest ways to tweak your routine to make sure your skin stays youthful all summer long!

Step Up Your Cleansing

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When summer comes around and the weather gets warmer, sweating will become inevitable. Sweat can not only ruin your makeup, but it also allows dirt, debris, and pollution to seep into your pores and live in your face causing all kinds of skin issues. As summer nears closer you need to make sure you’ve got a great cleansing routine that can tackle dirt from a sweaty summer.

Sunshine can dry out the skin so if you’re using soap or foam cleansers, your skin is going to start feeling tight after washing, and wrinkles can appear even worse. For summer, switch to an oil cleanser which allows you to fully clean your skin and pores while washing away dead skin cells and sweat. It will give your skin a clean glow while also delivering powerful anti-aging ingredients to help fight lines and wrinkles.

Fight Sun Spots

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When your skin is exposed to powerful UV rays, it causes all sorts of reactions in your skin. It can lead to the production of free radicals which are linked to aging faster, but it can also cause melanin production. Melanin is the darker pigment in your skin responsible for freckles, age spots, and sunspots. As we age, your risk of sunspots gets higher from UV exposure and it can leave you looking years older than you really are.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your skin tone even and have your face looking youthful, you need to be prepared to battle sunspots that are a natural side effect of being out in the summertime. Using a Dark Spot Corrector regularly will help manage pigmentation issues and leave you with a brighter and more even complexion. When your skin tone is even and free of sunspots and dark spots, it will help your skin look even better and help take a few years off the look of your face.

Stick With Moisturizer

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When the weather warms up and you start to get humid air, your skin may trick you into thinking it doesn’t need hydration. The truth is that no matter how hot and humid it can be in the summer, the deeper layers of your skin still need hydration and nourishment to be able to look and feel its best.

One big mistake a lot of people make in the summer is cutting down using their moisturizer because the skin doesn’t look or feel dry on the surface. If you are skipping moisturizer, your skin will suffer by lacking moisture in the deeper layers of skin and not being able to get the proper anti-aging nutrients that using a moisturizing cream and provide. To keep skin looking its best all summer, make sure you’re still using your daily moisturizer at least twice a day…. and don’t forget SUNSCREEN!

Here’s How To Give Your Tired Summer Skin A Boost!

With humid temperatures, the drying sun, and the air conditioner blasting, it’s totally natural for your skin to take a beating over the summer months. This can be one of the hardest times of the year for your skin but with a little extra love at the end of the season, you can undo a lot of the damage from home.

Banishing dark spots, hydrating dried-out skin, and brightening dullness have never been easier! Now that it’s finally September, this is the best time to give your face an end of summer boost that will change your skin!


exfoliation, summer skin, end of summer skincare, fall skincare routineIf your skin is rough and covered with dead skin cells, free radicals, and buildup then your products will never penetrate well enough to give you the results you desire. In order for your products to be able to work their best, you need to clear away the clutter on your skin and start with a soft, exfoliate canvas.

Exfoliating doesn’t just get rid of buildup on the surface of your skin, it helps circulate blood and allow oxygen to reach your skin cells. This will help the skin look brighter and feel softer. Plus it will allow for the active peptides in your Repair & Release Cream to penetrate deep into wrinkles and lines to banish them for good!


hydration, repair and release cream, south beach skin lab, end of summer skin, fall skincare routineNothing makes your skin feel drier than months of sun exposure. Even if you have been diligent about your SPF all summer, the rays of the sun go deep into the skin and can dry out even your deepest layers of your dermis. If you aren’t using your moisturizer at least twice a day, you could be doing some serious harm to your skin.

Dry skin will make your wrinkles look deeper and your skin look dull, both of which will age your face beyond your years. Instead, turning to a moisturizer with shea butter, argan oil, and cocoa butter will take years off the look of your wrinkles and delivery maximum hydration to bring your skin back to life after a long, hard summer.

Be Consistent

consistent skincare routine, skincare good habits, summer skincare, fall skincare rotuineThis is the time of year where building good routines and habits for your skin can go a long way. In the summer, it’s easy to get off schedule with your self-care and that can have you skipping days of moisturizer or not cleansing properly before bed. All of these factors can be reduced when you stay diligent with your routine.

Studies have shown that using your routine in a consistent way can help reduce wrinkles by up to 60% more! Applying your cleanser properly, or using your Repair & Release Cream morning and night are some of the easiest ways to maximize results. If you think your skin can thrive without a great anti-aging routine, think again!

These Three Products Will Change Your Summer Beauty Routine

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Summer is one of the best times of year but it can take its toll on your skin, hair, and body. Switching up your products by season is not only suggested, its recommended by doctors and skincare experts across America.

Instead of switching up your products by season, it’s easier and more cost-effective to add a few small tweaks to your current routine instead of fully overhauling it. Here are a few easy changes to make to your self-care routine to get the most out of summer!

Dry Shampoo

dry shampoo, summer beauty hacks, summer hair hacks, hair hackIf you haven’t already tried using dry shampoo, you need to start now. Think of it as your hair’s secret weapon against sweat, grease and of course, getting a few extra days out of your hair wash. It works on thin hair, think hair, and hair of any length making it an easy addition to anyone’s routine!

Dry shampoo is easy to use and adds a nice freshness to hair. If you have thinner hair, it can also help to make hair look and feel thicker than it really is. If it’s an extra humid day or you just need a touch up after a visit to the beach, give your hair a few sprays of dry shampoo and rub it in with your fingertips. You’ll notice an instant difference after applying it!


oil cleanser, olive oil cleanser, cleansing routine, oil cleanser texture, oil cleanser how to useWhen the heat turns up and you’re spending half your day trying not to sweat, a great cleansing routine becomes more important than ever! If you’re not being diligent with your cleansing in the summer, expect breakouts, clogged pores, dullness, and even excess oil. Foaming cleansers can take off surface impurities but they don’t dig deep enough in summer months to properly clear your pores.

An oil cleanser is going to not only dig deep and clear out your pores to avoid pimples, but it is going to nourish your skin with grape seed and olive oil. It’s also going to pull double duty in clearing free radicals that can come from pollution or sun and lead to wrinkles and dark spots in the future. A great oil cleanser is a summer must-have, no exceptions!


sunscreen, spf, spf protection, sun protection, summer beauty routineWhile we suggest wearing SPF protection all year round, it is especially important to make sure your summer routine includes a little more sunscreen than usual. Not only do you want to increase the SPF protection level to last least a minimum of SPF 30 in summer months, but you also need to increase the number of times you’re re-applying throughout the day.

The easiest way to make sure you never skip SPF is to keep travel-sized bottles anywhere you’re likely to come in contact with the sun. Throw one in your purse, one in your car, and even one in your desk drawer if you sit near a window in the office. These tiny bottles will be the only reminder you need to re-apply and stay protected from sun damage and free radicals.

What Are Changing Seasons Doing To Your Skin?

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Living in beautiful South Beach, we are lucky that we don’t have to experience full season changes that can wreak havoc on our skin. For most of our amazing customers, you live in a full four seasons and changes in the weather could be a factor for why you’re aging as quickly as you are.

With May starting and summer just around the corner, we did some research on how seasons impact your skin and how you can do your best to avoid damage. Stick to these tips and you’ll have younger looking, glowing skin in no time!

It Can Make Your Skin Feel Tight

skincare, seasonal skin care, spring skincare, winter skincare, summer skincareIn winter months, skin gets dry which can give the illusion that your face feels tight. This is also really common in spring and early summer months when temperatures bounce between warmer and cooler without notice. Bursts of humidity mixed with cooler spring winds can have skin looking dry and wrinkles looking huge.

To combat this, make sure you’re using a moisturizer like our Repair & Release Cream that uses ingredients like grape seed, vitamin e, and shea butter to hydrate skin without making it oily. Not only will a hydrated face help to mask wrinkles, but keeping your skin hydrated can help stop new wrinkles forming.

You Risk Additional Sun Damage

skin care, sun damage, seasonal skincare, If you’re not paying attention to the change in season, you’re far more likely to suffer unexpected sun damage to your skin which causes wrinkles, dark spots, and free radicals. This is especially true in the spring and summer when the sun is getting progressively stronger without drastic changes to temperature.

If the sun is getting stronger and you’re not adjusting your routine, the excess exposure to UV rays can set your skin care efforts back. Once temperatures start to warm up in May, you’ll want to increase your SPF protection and make re-application a priority. Using a sunscreen, wearing a hat, and staying in the shade are some of the easiest ways to avoid sun damage no matter what season.

Your Skin Type Can Change

skin care, skincare, skin type, skin typesWe are all born with DNA that is responsible for what kind of “skin type” we end up with in life. While the most common skin types are normal, oily, dry and combination, some people notice that their skin type changes as the seasons do. Don’t be alarmed, this is totally normal and just means you may need to adjust your skin care routine to suit your new skin type.

Don’t freak out if your skin suddenly goes from normal to oily or dry while the seasons change, it’s totally normal! Humidity, sun, wind, and precipitation can all play a role in how your skin looks for feels so make sure you stay consistent with your routine. Opt for products that are suitable for all skin types like our Full Beach Bag, so you’re not wasting extra cash on products you may only need for a few weeks a year.


Have you experienced skin issues when the seasons change? Share it with us in the comments below!