Quick And Easy Ways To De-Stress On Your Day Off!

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Stress can make you exhausted but it can also make you looks and feel older than you really are. While the cause of stress can be anything from work, to family or just personal issues, there are some easy and effective ideas on how to manage it in a healthy way.

Instead of splurging on things you don’t need on Amazon, or sulking at home because of the pressure you’re under, try out these easy to master tips to de-stress and feel that anxiety just melt away!

Have A Glass of OJ!

orange juice, de-stress, how to de-stress, tips for stress, orange juiceIs there anything more refreshing than a nice, fresh, cold glass of orange juice? This tasty drink isn’t just for breakfast, it could be the afternoon pick up you need if you’re feeling stressed out.

Vitamin C which is found in orange juice is known to reduce your blood pressure and your stress hormones. This will literally help you chill from the inside out. Not to mention taking a few minutes away from your desk or the kids to enjoy a glass alone will be enough time for you to collect your thoughts.

Change Your Language

positive affirmations, positive mindset, change your mindset, mantra, mantras for positivity, mindfulnessIt’s so easy for us to fall into a pattern of using negative language to discuss what our day entails or how we’re coping with our to-do list. If you stop and think, how many times a day do you say “I need to” or “I have to”?

Believe it or not, this kind of language can trick your brain into thinking it has got a lot more on its plate than it really does. To stop this, change up your language to “I get to” or “I am lucky to” before adding your daily tasks. This tiny change of mindset can go a long way in helping you relax.

Clean Your Space

clean your space, tips for anxiety, clean space, minimalist decor, clean decorYou might not even notice but the calmness and cleanliness of your surroundings have a massive impact on your brain and eyes being able to calm down and feel at ease. When your desk or home is stacked with piles of papers, unused items, or just plain old clutter, it’s bound to stress you out.

To keep calm, make sure your living and working spaces are kept clean and tidy. If your eyes wake up to the look of chaos, chances are it will trigger chaos in your brain too. Instead, make sure counters and tables are kept clutter-free so the first thing your brain feels in the morning is a sense of organization and calmness, and even add something beautiful for yourself like a fresh bouquet of flowers!

What are your best tips to de-stress? Share them with us in the comments below!

Three Quick And Easy Ways To De-Stress Yourself

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We know stress hurts our bodies and skin but what are some easy ways we can fight it? It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but experts have proven that taking these small steps can help.

The ability to de-stress can not only have benefits to your skin (goodbye wrinkles!) but also amazing effects for your body and mind too. Here are some of the easiest ways you can take a break at home and start your day stress-free!

Start A Relaxing Hobby

anti-aging tips, relax, anti-stress, coloringHobbies are something that you can take time to do for yourself. There are no deadlines, no rules and certainly no rush. If you’re lacking inspiration, you can browse Pinterest for ideas but we suggest activities like calligraphy or coloring to help your mind relax.

Not sure you have the skills? That’s ok, there are tons of resources available to help you master or even just learn a relaxing new hobby. We find YouTube has some great tutorials for getting started, or go abstract and let your creativity flow!

Do A Quick Tidy

tidy up, quick clean, de-stress, Ok, we know cleaning your entire house doesn’t exactly sound like it’s going to make you less stressed, but just tidying up one space of your house can be extremely relaxing. It helps you stay focused and allows for a clean living space where your brain can feel relaxed and clutter free.

Fold up your throw blankets or fluff up your pillows. You can also focus on countertops and desktops which can be messy and cluttered causing you extra stress and you should try to keep surfaces clear of books, computers or junk. When your world is uncluttered, your brain can be too!

Have A Glass Of OJ!

orange juice, oj, vitamin c, skin care tips, oranges for skinDid you know that the vitamin C in orange juice can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and help reduce your blood pressure?! This tasty drink is perfect for mornings you wake up stressed and can be mixed with other fruit juices too!

Don’t want the added sugar that comes with drinking juice? Opting for orange slices is just as effective and has the same relaxing effect! You can also find similar benefits from grapefruit juice and strawberry juice which also help lover your bodies stress hormones.

What tricks do you use to relax and de-stress? Share them with us in the comments below!

5 Everyday Activities That Are Actually Making You Age Faster

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Did you know that on average humans make at least 21 facial expressions a day? With all that movement in your face, you’re bound to get a wrinkle or two but some of the most “harmless” expressions or actions you’re making every day are the reason behind your wrinkles.

Knowledge is power which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things you should STOP doing right away, and take more notice of, to help keep your skin looking young and stop wrinkles in their tracks!

Drinking From A Straw

lines, wrinkles, skincareEvery time you sip on a straw, you pucker your mouth making tiny lines all around your lips. While sipping from a straw on occasion won’t cause too much harm, if you’re drinking your beverages daily with a straw, you can expect those lines to worsen, deepen and become more visible.

Sleeping On Your Side

sleep, wrinkles, lines, skincareSleeping on your side can be comfortable but if you do it often, especially on the same side every night, your chances of forming wrinkles are much higher. This is especially bad for creating sagging skin around the mouth and making the eyes appear more wrinkles and puffy.

You Let Your Skin Get Dry

stress, stress and skincare, dry skinLetting your skin dry out is one of the easiest ways to not only form new wrinkles but to make existing ones look even more noticeable. When skin is dry, cracks, creases, and fine lines appear to be much worse than they are. A hydrating cream like our Repair & Release Creadelivers moisture to your skin all day long, making your face appear hydrated and youthful!

You’re Under Too Much Stress

stress, skin, anti-agingLet’s face it, with the holiday season approaching, who doesn’t feel a little stressed out? But if you’re feeling that on a regular basis, your skin is going to start showing the effects of stress in the form of wrinkles and lines. Using calming practices like meditation or yoga to relax when stress hits are sure to have your skin glowing from the inside out.

You’re Not Wearing Sunglasses

uv protection, squinting, anti-agingIt does not matter if you live in hot weather or cold weather, the sun still shines almost daily and that can cause a lot of squinting if you don’t have proper eye protection. If you’re headed outside, make sure to pack your sunnies because squinting to keep the sun out can cause serious wrinkles to the eyes and forehead. Because squinting is something people do so often without noticing, it can produce some of the deepest and most difficult wrinkles to get rid of.

Breaking bad habits can be hard and take time but the sooner you start, the better your skin will look. The best news we can tell you is that by using your South Beach Skin Lab routine twice a day every day, you’re helping to fight against all these factors that contribute to aging.