This Is How You Can Get Professional Spa Results Right At Home


When you go to the spa, it allows you to unwind and relax – and can help deliver the best skin of your life. But what if you could get the same kind of results right at home?

It turns out that by following three simple steps, you can achieve “spa skin” from the comfort of your home. If your skin could use some extra glow, follow these easy steps below!

Step 1: Purify

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The best spas in the world will always start your experience off by purifying and cleansing your skin. More specifically, they use the power of oil to wash away dead skin, makeup, and pollution – and they know it will deeply hydrate your skin at the same time. When you start your at-home spa experience, you should also start by cleansing.

When you wash your face with soap, it will leave behind an invisible layer of film that will clog pores and stop your products from working. Instead, purify your skin by cleansing with a mix of lavender, tea tree, and olive oils. This will get your skin cleaner than ever before and make skin more receptive to the next steps – so you get the best results possible!

Step 2: Nourish

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When you leave the spa, your skin is more glowing and hydrated than ever. Part of the reason your skin is so happy after a facial is because it’s plump with moisture from various treatments. When skin is hydrated, it can help mask wrinkles and lines, brighten your complexion, and help revive the health of your skin. Instead of the many products they use in a spa to achieve this, you can get similar results at home with your Repair & Release Cream – thanks to over 10 different hydrating ingredients.

When you apply your Repair & Release Cream, you aren’t just adding hydration to your skin, you’re letting powerful anti-aging ingredients penetrate deep into your skin. While those ingredients get to work reversing signs of aging, others like argan oil and shea butter penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and hydrate your skin even at the deepest levels. Using your cream twice a day will help make your skin glow from the inside out and give you spa results from home!

Step 3: Brighten

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What do models and celebrities have in common about their skin? It always seems to look bright and have a special glow to it. While most women in Hollywood can shell out hundreds without blinking on expensive facials, it’s not something the average person has the time or money for. Thankfully, you can achieve the same brightening results as the spa right at home with a few crucial but simple ingredients.

One of the best ingredients for brighter skin is Vitamin C. It uses powerful acids to fade imperfections like age spots, dark spots, and sun damage. Almost instantly, it goes to work to brighten your skin and provide a healthy glow. If your skin looks tired and is in need of brightening without an expensive visit to the spa, apply our Dark Spot Corrector, made with 5 special kinds of vitamin C to your entire face. Even if you don’t suffer from spots, it will help brighten skin and even out imperfections.

How Do You Know When It’s Time For A Facial Treatment?

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Nothing feels as good as being pampered at the spa for a day, but sometimes the price tag can be alarming. While we love to splurge on ourselves, there is a balance between taking care of your skin when it needs it and just blowing cold hard cash on excessive treatments.

So how do you know when it’s time to see the esthetician? Your skin speaks to you through different reactions and if you can learn to read those, you’ll know exactly when it’s time for some extra love. Here are a few easy signs that your skin is ready for a trip to the spa!

Your Skin is Dull and Flakey

dull and flakey skin, dull skin, flakey skin, spa treatments for dull skin, mud mask, spa masksNo matter how hydrating and nourishing your skin care routine is, you can accumulate dead skin cells on the surface of your face causing an overall dullness which can make wrinkles look awful.

If this sounds like your skin, perhaps it’s time to sit in for a hydrating facial treatment and some professional exfoliation. This will allow for the dead skin cells and dull skin to be safely cleared from your face and then provide a surge of hydration and brightening to your complexion!

You’ve Got Clogged Pores and Breakouts

clogged pores, extraction facial, acne facial, breakoutsBreakouts can happen at any age and there are so many factors like alcohol, pollution, and diet that can contribute to them. If you are suffering from enlarged pores, it can make those breakouts worse and if they are showing up consistently, it might be time for a facial.

Opt for an extraction facial or one for acne prone skin. The trained professionals will safely extract excess dirt and oil from pores without leaving marks on your face or breaking the skin. They can then treat your skin with oil-controlling products after to make sure your face stays clean and clear.

Your Face Feels Puffy

puffy face, puffy face remedy, facials, spa treatments for puffy skinIf the morning puffiness seems to last all day, perhaps it’s time to head to the spa for some professional help. When your skin appears puffy, there are a number of things that can be causing it and relief can be as easy as a few pressure points and a face massage.

Professional estheticians are highly trained in blockage and drainage points within the face. When puffiness is caused by excess toxins or blockages, they use their hands and specialized massage tools to release the tension from those points and release the toxins through drainage points. This will not only leave your face feeling like it’s had a great workout, but you’ll be amazing at what it can do for your complexion and reducing inflammation!