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dr ryan shelton, south beach skin lab, instagram, skincare, anti-agingTaking care of your skin requires knowing what your skin actually needs. By keeping up with our social pages, you can expect for us to share the most up-to-date educational info about wrinkles, sagging skin, breakouts and more from our in house doctor, Dr. Ryan Shelton!

Best of all, you’ll educate yourself to make the best decisions for your skin on a regular basis. Knowledge is power and with so much info out there on skincare, this is your one-stop-shop for doctor-recommended tips!

Exclusive Discounts and Sales

dr ryan shelton, south beach skin lab, instagram, skincare, anti-aging, flash sale, sale, exclusive discountFollowing along has it’s perks – like being the first to know about any special discounts or flash sales we offer! Keeping up with our social media pages will mean you never miss a chance to grab your favorite South Beach Skin Lab products at a great deal.

Sales only happen a few times a year so if you’re not super active on social media, you can turn on post notifications for our pages so that you never miss a chance to save!

New Product Launches!

day and night olive oil cleanser, oil cleanser, olive oil cleanser, best oil cleanser, how to oil cleanse, south beach skin labWe’ve been really busy the first half of 2019 as Ryan Shelton works to formulate the easiest and most effective skincare system available for Americans. While right now we offer our 3 core products, Repair & Release Cream, Eye Lift Serum, and Olive Oil Cleanser, who knows what our future holds.

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Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results With Your Current Routine

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Is there anything more frustrating than doing everything you can for your skin only to see any improvement? Everyone has skincare goals they’re trying to achieve but getting down on yourself for lack of results can make you want to give up.

Before you do, you should know there are a few easy tweaks that you can make to see optimal results in your skin. These aren’t drastic or painful measures, just simple tips that experts swear can provide results.

Adding these tweaks to your skincare routine will have you smashing your skincare goals in no time!

Get Some Extra Sleep

sleep, sleep for better skin, skincare tips, skincare hacks, skincare adviceWhat would adding an hour of sleep a night do for your skin? Well, experts agree that it can really transform your skin and kickstart results if you’ve had trouble achieving them in the past. Our bodies do the most healing while we sleep and repairing damage to the skin is no exception.

No matter how amazing your skincare products, you can expect dullness, dryness and exaggerated wrinkles if you’re not getting enough sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try putting electronics away at least an hour before bed and avoid coffee in the afternoons so you can wind down easily at night.

Apply Your Products Correctly

skincare tips, skincare advice, skincare hacks, skincare application, how to apply skincare productsUsing great products will do absolutely nothing for your skin if you’re using them wrong. Like baking a cake, skincare is as much a science as it is a hobby and making sure you apply your products can reduce the time it takes to see results.

In the interest of keeping a simple routine, all you really need are three effective products to protect your skin and reduce wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. Always make sure you’re thoroughly cleansing your skin twice a day minimum, applying peptide-rich moisturizer morning and night, and using a product that’s made specifically for your delicate eye area – which ages twice as fast as the rest of your face.

Make A Lifestyle Change

yoga for skincare, workouts for good skin, great skin, skincare tips, skincare trendsSometimes the lack of results is because your lifestyle is undoing all the good of your routine. If you’re a smoker, heavy drinker, or have a soft spot for greasy fast food, do your best to cut back on these vices. What you put in and around your body can be crucial in seeing results on your journey to wrinkle-free skin.

Lifestyle changes aren’t only about cutting things out, but about adding healthy and beneficial changes to your everyday life. Something as simple as a 30-minute daily walk or yoga can help increase blood flow to the skin, and give it some breathing room in nature. Not only will this help erase wrinkles and keep your skin bright, but it will have overall benefits to your health!

Dr. Ryan Answers Important Questions About Botox + Aging

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Sometimes we’re tempted to go to extremes in the pursuit of youthful, wrinkle-free skin. One of the more drastic options when it comes to anti-aging is Botox and it is one of the most commonly discussed topics with Dr. Ryan Shelton in his practice.

Dr. Shelton knows a thing or two about skin safety and getting results so here’s here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Botox to help you make the best decision.

Can Botox remove existing wrinkles or is it purely preventative?  

botox, wrinkles, wrinkle care, botox questions, wrinkles, anti-agingRemoving anything from your body is going to be painful and expensive and to really “remove” wrinkles, you’ll be looking for laser treatments or facelifts.

Botox will simply freeze the muscles you inject it to doing two important things. The first is that it will smooth out existing wrinkles to the point where they are much less noticeable.  It will also freeze the muscles that it was injected into, limiting movement and helping to prevent future wrinkles from excessive facial expressions. In short, Botox can’t remove anything but it can help smooth for now and prevent for later.

How does Botox affect the overall health of your skin?

oily skin, botox side effects, botox, botox face, fillers, wrinkles, linesUsing botox can have some seriously harmful effects but most people will experience mild reactions like increased oil production where the injection was done, or redness and itchy skin.

To minimize the downsides of Botox on your skin, switch to an oil-based cleanser to help keep your oil production under control and revive your skin back to a balanced pH level. Using a moisturizer with natural ingredients will also limit the negative side effects you’ll notice from Botox.

Botox isn’t a permanent solution. Does this mean you need to continue getting it?

botox, safety of botox, needles, skincare hacks, anti-agingDespite what some doctors would like you to think, Botox is not a one-time solution that will keep you looking wrinkle-free forever.  Botox, like any skincare endeavor, requires upkeep and effort to maintain results. While Botox can provide you a few months of fewer wrinkles, you will be required to go back for touch-ups every few months which can carry a hefty price tag.

Unless you’ve got thousands of dollars a year to designate to your Botox treatments, I suggest sticking with an effective and proven skincare routine that is going to provide long term results and not just a temporary solution.

While Botox may seem appealing, just remember that it’s going to cost you big bucks and most of the time, you can achieve similar results with your South Beach Skin Lab Routine.

Why You Need To Be Using Cruelty-Free Products

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At South Beach Skin Lab, we are avid animal lovers which is why we’ve chosen to never test our products or ingredients on animals. Considering there are so many big brands out there who put profits before the safety of animals, it is one of the things we are most proud of about our brand.

Animal testing can have terrible results for the animals but it can also be very dangerous for you to be using too. Here are just a few reasons why a cruelty-free routine should be as important to you are they are to us.

Cruelty-Free Is Safer

cruelty free, save animals, best cruelty free skincareUsing products not tested on animals doesn’t just help animals, it’s often healthier for you to use as well. Brands that don’t test on animals tend to have safer and more natural-focused ingredients.

If a brand doesn’t care about the health of an animal, chances are they don’t care much about your health either. Choosing cruelty-free brands often means you’re avoiding dangerous ingredients like parabens, synthetic fragrances, and phthalates.

Animal Cruelty is Really, Really Cruel

cruelty free, not tested on animals, best cruelty free skincare brands, cruelty free skincareAnimals that find themselves in testing facilities all over the word are treated so horribly, you would be shocked if you saw it first hand. It’s not simply a slick of lipstick or a bit of moisturizer they’re testing. They are poisoning, hurting and killing innocent animals with zero repercussions.

People often think of animal testing with mice or other rodents but the truth is, cosmetic testing around the world to this day still includes rabbits and even dogs. These are the kind of animals we have in our homes, the kind of pets we consider extended family, and for companies to hurt those animals just to innovate new products is unacceptable.

You Can Be The Solution!

cruelty free, cruelty free skincare, best cruelty free skincare, safe on animals skin careMillions of animals every year are tortured and killed during animal testing and if your choice to buy cruelty-free saves the life of even one animal, it’s worth it. Knowing you’re making safe decisions for you and the creatures you share this planet with will have you feeling better about yourself and your choices.

At South Beach Skin Lab, we feel that by choosing to exclude animal-tested products from our business, we are doing what we can to help the problem and encourage you to do the same. Shop cruelty-free on our website now!

Here Are The Most Common Sunscreen Mistakes You’re Making

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If there is anything you’ve learned from us about skincare, we hope it’s that SPF is one of the most important parts of your routine and the best preventative measure when it comes to wrinkles, dark spots, and sagging skin.

Using sunscreen can make a big difference in the health of your skin but most American’s are actually making some huge mistakes when it comes to sun protection. We’ve rounded up the most common sun care mistakes and provide easy solutions on how to fix them!

You’re Using 2-in-1 Protection

sunscreen, sun care, sun protection, spf, uv rays, skincareDoes the idea of one step for skin health and sun protection sound too good to be true? Chances are, it is. In recent years, it’s become common for brands to include SPF in their makeup and skincare products however this is a very dangerous practice because mixing SPF with other chemicals can actually make it way less effective.

Any proper chemist knows that it’s not a great idea to mix anti-aging ingredients with SPF because it will hurt the effectiveness of all ingredients, not just the ones protecting you from the sun. That’s why we chose to formulate our Repair & Release Cream without SPF, so you can apply and re-layer your sun protection without worrying about if it’s working properly.

You’re Not Re-Applying

sunscreen, sun care, sun protection, spf, uv rays, skincareDid you know that even the strongest sunscreen only works for a few hours? That means that if you’re not re-applying your SPF at least every 2-3 hours throughout the day, your skin is still at major risk of sun damage.

To keep applying sunscreen top of mind, keep a small bottle in your car, on your desk, and in your purse, making it easy to re-apply on the go and keep skin safe. One application of SPF a day, especially if you are outside, will have little or no benefit to your skin.

You’re Not Washing Old Sunscreen Off

sunscreen, sun care, sun protection, spf, uv rays, skincareYou also don’t want to compromise the health of your skin by clogging up pores and sleeping with leftover sunscreen on your face. Washing off your sunscreen from the day with your Olive Oil Cleanser will make sure you’ve removed all the dirt and product from your face, but will also battle any free radicals that made their way to your skin.

If you’re sleeping in your sun care products, you can expect dull, flakey skin, breakouts, clogged pores, and excess oil production. All these bad side effects are easily avoided with a quick cleansing routine and can make a work of difference in your journey to younger looking skin.

Natural Isn’t Always Safe… These Are The Ingredients to Avoid.

peppermint, bad natural ingredients, natural ingredients for skincare, bad skincare ingredients, natural skincare

When you hear the word “natural” in regards to a product, it’s often assumed to be safe and harmless. After all, how could something dangerous come from nature? The reality is there are lots of unsafe ingredients that you’re using in your daily routine that are natural but still very harmful for your skin and body.

To help keep you safe and educated, we’ve listed a few of the most harmful “natural ingredients” that can be found in common self-care products and break down why they’re awful for your skin.


peppermint, bad natural ingredients, natural ingredients for skincare, bad skincare ingredientsPeppermint can be added to products as an essential oil and is generally used to mask an unpleasant scent with a light, minty one that is more desirable to use. Sadly, adding peppermint may make your products smell great but it’s going to make your skin a mess!

Peppermint can irritate the skin, especially if you’ve got a sensitive skin type. You can expect redness, itchy skin and even a rash if your dermis doesn’t agree with powerful peppermint. To avoid triggering skin sensitivity, stay away from this ingredient.


peppermint, bad natural ingredients, natural ingredients for skincare, bad skincare ingredients, walnutsWalnuts are a tasty treat but you’ll want to steer clear of using them on your skin, and especially your face. Since banning plastic beads in exfoliators, many brands have looked to Walnut to provide an abrasive exfoliation from a natural source.

The problem is, walnuts can actually cause tiny tears in our skin leading to dryness, flakey skin, and even broken capillaries all over your face so to avoid damage, stick with a daily oil cleanser and only exfoliate once a month. Walnuts are simply too abrasive on the skin and will cause more wrinkles and skin distress in the long run.


lemons, bad skincare ingredients, natural ingredients to avoid, natural skincareLemon is one of the most dangerous natural ingredients to put on your skin because it can cause permanent damage to your face. Lemon is highly acidic and can alter the pH levels of your face. If you suffer from skin conditions, lemon is likely to make it worse.

Side effects from putting lemon on your skin can include skin irritation, hyperpigmentation, and sensitivity to the sun. The worst and most serious side effect of lemon juice is a chemical burn which can happen simply by putting undiluted lemon directly on the skin. It will leave skin feeling so dry and damaged, you’ll be slathering on Repair & Release Cream just to get your skin back to normal.


What are some ingredients you avoid? Share them with us in the comments below!

Is Following Skin Care Trends A Good Idea?

skin care trends, skincare trends, dangerous skin care, celebrity skin care

Now more than ever, there are so many new innovations and trends happening in the skincare, but with all these exciting new products come a lack of research, customer education, and most importantly, results.

From peel-off masks to Retin-A, companies are dangling these shiny new products in front of your faces promising the fountain of youth. The big problem is that following skin care trends can actually hurt your skin more than it helps. We break down everything you need to know below!

What Are Skin Care Trends?

snail skincare, skincare trends, trendy skincare productsHave you ever noticed that the “must need” skin care products always come in waves? You hear about something new for the first time and then all of a sudden, drugstore shelves are stocked with strange, new products that often have crazy claims attached to them.

One of the most recent trends in skin care is charcoal masks, used to peel off dirt and grime from your pores and leave your face clean and soft. If you’re active on social media, beauty tools like jade rollers and face massagers are everywhere, claiming to take years off the look of your skin, even snail mucus is a growing trend right now!

How Are They Hurting My Skin?

hurting your skin, skincare treatments, skincare trends, bad skincare trendsKeeping up with trends doesn’t necessarily mean its bad for your skin, but there are some red flags to be aware of if you’re always testing the latest craze in skin care. Many of the trendy new products that pop up haven’t been tested for prolonged use and therefore cannot be deemed safe. What’s even worse is they sell one-size fits all solutions without knowing your skin or your skin type.

Anything you put on your face daily should be formulated for your specific skin type. Your DNA determines how you need to care best for your skin and if you want to see results, you need to do your research on products and make sure their suit your skin.

How Can I Keep My Skin Safe?

full beach bag, south beach skin lab routine, south beach skin lab, skin health,Following a simple routine is the easiest and safest way for you to be able to keep your skin safe from trendy products that can cause sensitivity or skin reactions. A routine up to five products is totally fine but any more than that can be blogging pores and overwhelming yours skin.

Scientifically, it’s been proven that fewer products made of high quality and more effective ingredients can out-perform even 10 or 12 lower quality “trendy” products. For best results for your skin and anti-aging results, you can actually see and feel, skip the bandwagon of latest trends and reach for your trusty South Beach Skin Lab routine!

This Unexpected Area Is Aging You Twice As Fast!

decolletage, decolletage anti-aging, decolletage wrinkles, anti-aging, skin tips, anti-aging tips, south beach skin lab

When it comes to skin care and anti-aging, we spend so much time worrying about our faces that we can forget about other visible areas that are giving away our age and making us look older than we should.

When it comes to using cleansers, creams, and serums, the most forgotten and neglected area is your decolletage, also known as the area of your neck and chest. If you’re like most of us, you probably care for your decolletage the same way you do the rest of your body, but that’s causing dark spots and wrinkles.

Here is everything you need to know about caring for your decolletage and how you can improve the look and texture of your skin with a few small routine changes.

The Skin Is Different Than Your Face

decolletage care, decolletage anti aging, neck wrinkles, chest wrinkles, anti-agingThe skin on your decolletage is often much thinner than the rest of your body or face – similar to your eye area. When it comes to taking care of this area on your body, you need to treat it with extra care.

Don’t just slather products on, gently apply them to make sure you’re not tugging at the skin and making wrinkles worse when applying your products! You also need to be extra cautious of SPF protection in this area because of the thin skin, which can lead to dark spots much faster than you’d expect.

The Area Is Prone To Dehydration

decolletage, decolletage care, anti-aging, skincare, dry skinYour decolletage is likely to feel drier than other parts of your body because it doesn’t retain as much moisture as your face. Because it’s usually not top of mind in your daily skincare routine, you need to be extra careful to provide it the hydration it needs.

Using a drugstore body cream won’t hurt your decolletage but it’s not really doing much. If you’re going to spend the time hydrating your neck and chest you should at least be using a moisturizer that is providing anti-aging help with peptides and nutrients like our Repair & Release Cream. This will help with reversing signs of aging from the chest while also keeping skin nourished to prevent more damage. The result is healthy and youthful decolletage!

Washing It With Soap Isn’t Helping!

south beach skin lab, olive oil cleanser, oil cleansing, anti-aging, skincare routine, It is so easy to assume that like the rest of your body, you can use a basic soap or body wash to cleanse the area, but it’s the complete opposite! Your decolletage should be treated like an extension of your face and not an extension of your torso.

To care for the decolletage properly, use your Olive Oil Cleanser like you would on your face to make sure the area is being cleaned of dead skin cells, sunscreen, and pollution. It will also leave the area feeling soft to the touch thanks to the incredible hydrating abilities of our main ingredient, olive oil!



Why Do We Manufacture South Beach Skin Lab In America?

made in the usa, made in the us, america, usa, south beach skin lab

When Dr. Ryan Shelton founded South Beach Skin Lab, there were lots of questions. How would he select the best ingredients? How could he get these amazing products into the hands of people all across the USA? How could he build a business that he was proud of?

One question that never needed discussing was where we were going to formulate the products. Seeing as South Beach is one of the most iconic American landmarks, we couldn’t think of a better place to create our products than right here in the USA! Here are just a few reasons why it’s important for us to make products in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Better Ingredients

ingredients, skincare ingredients, skin care, made in the usa, usa made skincareProducing our South Beach Skin Lab products here in the United States allows us to control and produce the most effective ingredients available in skincare today.

Ingredients sourced outside of America can come with some scary consequences. Not only are you not always fully aware of what the ingredients are, but the quality of them can leave a lot to be desired. America has some of the best technology in skincare and we’re honored to share it with you through our products.

Local Jobs

south beach skin lab, jobs in the usa, Not only do we formulated our products here in the USA, but we also ship them from a facility located here as well. That allows us to extend our good fortune to the wonderful communities around us and provide a happy and safe working space for everyone at our company.

Creating local jobs was important to us. It also helps us deliver our promise of the best possible experience to our customers. American’s working with South Beach Skin Lab provider faster shipping times, seamless customer service and a community-oriented approach to business.

No Animal Testing

cruelty free skincare, cruelty free, no animal testingWe are proud to announce none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. We love our furry friends at South Beach Skin Lab and would never want to cause any living creature hard.

Some countries require testing on animals to be able to manufacture and sell your products there. By producing and shipping all products from the USA, we are able to stay honest to our values and avoid evil practices we don’t believe in. We will never, ever test on animals!

It Turns Out That Sarah Jessica Parker’s Skin Care Secrets Aren’t Secrets At All

Sarah Jessica Parker looking flawless in her 50s. How Does She Do It?

Sarah Jessica Parker is sort of like every woman’s fashion fairy godmother. Not only does her iconic style resonate with women across America, but she’s also known as one of the most gracefully aging celebrities of our time. When she decides to dish on her favourite, let’s just say we’re all ears.

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