Here’s How Using Blush Can Make You Look Younger

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Blush can be a powerful ally in your makeup arsenal, especially when your face needs a bit of color or pop to it. We love blush because it gives us that slightly flushed, natural beauty we are all trying to achieve, but did you know that the right blush can make your look and feel years younger?

Here are our top tips for selecting and applying blush to make sure you accentuate your most youthful beauty!

Choose The Right Blush

blush, makeup tips, south beach skin lab, anti-aging, anti-aging makeupLike most makeup, there is no one size fits all solution. Try out both powder blush and cream blush. The different textures provide a totally different look and feel to your cheekbones and can offer different results.

Also, make sure you’re using the right color. Thankfully, experts at Sephora can assist you if you’re not a makeup pro and they will help make sure you’re complimenting your skin tone with the right shade of blush. That can make all the difference!

Apply It To The Right Spots

blush, makeup tutorial, south beach skin lab, makeup tutorialApplying your blush incorrect won’t just make you look silly, it will make you look outdated and older too. Long gone are the days of piling on so much blush your cheeks could stop traffic!

You want to be applying just enough blush that you’re getting a flushed glow and make sure you’re staying along your cheekbones. Some people will apply higher than their cheekbones to give the effect of less sagging, but this can backfire and leave you looking older than you really are.

Compliment It With Matching Lips

blush, anti-aging, anti-aging makeup, makeup tutorial, blush, lipstick,When blush is the only color on your face, it draws the eyes to the cheekbones which can often be one of the first places we experience sagging skin. In an attempt to draw the eye from areas prone to aging, match your blush with a similar color lipstick to draw attention to the mouth instead.

A bright lip that compliments your blush in a brighter shade will take all the attention away from your wost aging areas and also add a pop of color to your face. The result is a playful, flirty look that can take years off your appearance!

What Does Drinking Alcohol Really Do To Your Skin?

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At South Beach Skin Lab, we’re always looking for ways to adjust our lifestyle to provide the most optimal results for our anti-aging journey. Today, we wanted to tackle something that can really hurt your skin if not consumed in moderation…Alcohol.

From margaritas to Miller Light, and everything in between, here is how too much alcohol can disrupt your skin and cause you to age quicker.

It Dehydrates Skin

alcohol, lifestyle, skin care, anti-agingAlcohol doesn’t just dehydrate your body, it dehydrates your skin too. It’s a natural diuretic that forces the water out of our bodies and makes it harder for us to get hydrated again.

To avoid this, limit your alcohol consumption and make sure you’re having a glass of water between cocktails, beer or wine.

You should also be making sure that you’re never skipping your Repair & Release Cream, especially the morning after drinking. This will limit the amount of dehydration you feel in both your body and skin and help keep you looking your best.

It Causes Puffiness

lifestyle choices, skin care, anti-aging, alcoholHave you ever woken up after a night of drinking to a puffy face? That’s because consuming alcohol causes inflammation all over your body and your face is no exception.

To reduce puffiness, limit your alcohol consumption and make sure you’re well hydrated before reaching for your first beverage. If you find that you’ve got inflammation from alcohol, use cold water to wash your face with your Olive Oil Cleanser. It will help de-puff your face and have you looking fresh as a daisy.

Skin Issues Can Flare Up

acne, skin conditions, alcohol, skin care, anti-aging, lifestyle changesAlmost 90% of Americans suffer from some form of skin issue and if you’re one of them,  then you’ll want to steer clear of alcohol to avoid any more trouble.

When you drink alcohol, existing conditions like rosacea and eczema can flare up. What makes matters worse is alcohol can cause new skin issues you’ve never experience before.

Excess alcohol alters blood flow to the skin and leaves an unhealthy appearance that can last for days or even weeks. It also causes small blood vessels in the skin to widen, allowing more blood to flow close to the surface. This can lead to broken capillaries on the face which will make your skin tone look uneven and leaves your face looking older.


These Two Popular Breakfast Foods Are Terrible For Your Skin

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An unhealthy diet can lead to all sorts of lifestyle issues but it can also be causing problems for your skin. As your body’s largest organ, your skin says a lot about how healthy you are just by the way it looks and feels.

They say you are what you eat, and today we’re going to help you avoid foods that are going to trigger problems for your skin. So grab a pen, and start making edits to your grocery list. Some of these changes might be easier than others, but we promise it will be worth it for your skin!

Low-Fat Yogurt

fat free yogurt, skincare foods, skincare tips, healthy skinLow-fat foods are often hard on your body because it takes many different additives to make up for the lower fat content and still make products look and taste as you expect them to. Sadly, this popular breakfast option could actually be hurting your complexion.

Low-fat yogurt can increase breakouts and redness with a dramatic effect. With high levels of sugar added to make up for the lost fat, low-fat yogurt throws off your sugar levels and leaves your skin and body struggling. Added sugar has been proven to be one of the worst foods to consume if you’re trying to fight signs of aging.


coffee, skin foods, skincare, skincare tipsThis one breaks our heart because just like you, we often need a cup of joe to get us going in the morning. Coffee contains a chemical compound called tannins which can harm the natural levels of moisture in your skin. If you find that your skin bounces between too oily and too dry, this could be the reason.

We understand that giving up coffee for most people is not an option (we live for our lattes!) but being cautious of how much you consume and the symptoms you experience can help. If you’re willing to cut coffee out, there are some amazing herbal teas that can replace your need for that caffeine jolt.

If you can’t imagine life without coffee, just make sure you’re drinking an extra two glasses of water a day to keep your skin clear and hydrated and keeping track of your skins pH levels. Cleansing twice a day with our Olive Oil Cleanser has been proven to restore pH levels and balance extreme oil or dryness for almost every skin type.


What foods do you steer clear of to keep your skin looking great? Share them with us in the comments below!

How To De-Puff Your Eye Area Without Spending A Single Cent!

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We’ve all been there. You wake up feeling great, look in the mirror, and suddenly your self-esteem is deflated… all you can see in the mirror are those horrible, puffy eye bags!

If you’re using anti-inflammatory eye care like our Eye Lift Serum, chances are you’ve seen what the powerful effects of comfrey and witch hazel can do to de-puff, but what about those days when you need a little extra help?

Our question to experts was “How can I take an eye care routine that already works for me, and amplify the results I’m seeing?” and they suggested these cheap and easy tips to help make your eye area look it’s best!

To de-puff even the most tired looking eyes, try these easy tips below!

Tea Bags

tea bags, eye care, puffy eyes, de-puff eyesUsing tea bags to reduce eye puffiness has been used for decades as a quick and easy hack to stunning eyes. Because of the caffeine in tea, it can de-puff but also assist in lightening those unsightly dark circles we all work so hard to avoid.

Since you likely already have tea bags at home, this is a great budget option! To apply, soak two tea bags in warm water, and then chill the bags for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Place one tea bag on each eye for five minutes, and poof! Puffy eyes are gone!


spoons, de-puff eyes, eye care, skincare, eye tipsWho would have thought this common kitchen utensil could be a superhero and de-puffing eyes?! Because of its cold temperature and it’s rounded shape, using cold spoons to de-puff your eyes is easy and only takes a moment or two and chances are, you’ve got plenty lying around your kitchen.

To use spoons to de-puff your eye area, chill them in the fridge for 5-10 minutes in the morning. After they are chilled, place the rounded portion on the eyes until the spoons turn warm. You’ll notice puffiness is reduced almost instantly from this easy trick.

Your Fridge

beauty fridge, skincare, eye care, eye bags, puffy eyesLet’s be clear, do not try to put your fridge on your face BUT we absolutely suggest putting your eye serum in there!

Turns out that just putting your Eye Lift Serum in the fridge for a few moments before applying it can help reduce puffiness even more than using it at room temperature.

Not only does keeping your eye serum cold helps it de-puff better but it will also keep your product fresher for longer. If you’re one of those people who take forever to finish a bottle of serum, you can be sure it won’t expire and ingredients won’t be compromised if stored in a cool place.


Do you have any great tricks for de-puffing your eyes? Share them with us in the comments below!


Are Your Skincare Products Being Ruined On Your Bathroom Shelf?

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Your bathroom is where most of your self-care takes place…your showers, your hair and also your skin routine. The problem is, the bathroom is likely the most humid area in your home and that can spell trouble for products you may have lying around your counters.

So what happens when the humidity gets to your skin care products and how can you do your best to prevent it? We’re going to share with you exactly what happens to your products when they’re exposed to the heat and how to prevent them from being ruined.

How do products hold up against heat/humidity?

humidity, skincareThe short answer is not well. While most products are tested in extreme heat and cold (mostly to make sure they can withstand delivery and arrive at your door in any weather conditions) they are not made to last going from hot and humid back to room temperate over and over again.

When you think about the conditions your skincare can live in, think about how you store food. Some items in your fridge would go bad faster if it alternated days on the counter and days in the fridge in different temperatures and the same goes for your products.

What happens to them?

skincare, rotten skincareRepeated exposure to the humidity in your bathroom can cause the breakdown of the active ingredients inside the products leaving them less effective and more likely to go bad before the expiration date.

Humidity causes more moisture to get into your products, even if the lid is on tight. If moisture is present then ingredients begin to dissolve, and they’ll decrease the quality and shelf life of the product and sometimes, you won’t even be able to notice just by looking.

Some signs your products have spoiled from heat are a change in color, consistency or smell.

How can you avoid it

skincare, product storageThe most simple way to make sure your products are safe from heat and humidity and do not spoil is by taking a moment to make sure they’re stored in a safe place. Some products like an eye serum can be stored in the fridge which adds a cooling effect when applying that will help even more with reducing bags and puffiness.

For skin creams and cleansers, make sure you’re keeping them in your vanity with a closed door if you’re keeping them in your bathroom. We also suggest storing them bedside making it easy to apply right before bed and first thing when you wake up after cleansing.

What tricks to do you use to keep your products fresh? Share it with us in the comments below!


Phthalates Are One Of The Most Harmful Skin Care Ingredients and Here Is Why

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Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates) are chemical ingredients, sometimes called “plasticizers,” because they are usually used to soften plastic thus make it easier to work with. Phthalates are also used in many cosmetics, including skin products, hair products, and some well-known fragrances.

Note: Don’t worry all of South Beach Skin Lab products are Phthalate free including our popular Repair and Release Cream.

More recently, some brands have taken a stand against this scary, harmful ingredient however the FDA still refuses to admit that phthalates can cause harm to the body.

Why Are They Used?

Phthalates, skincare, shampoo, ingredients, skincare ingredientsSo why would anyone want to formulate a product with such a harmful chemical? For starter, they are a cheap way to increase the shelf life of a product and keep it fresh.

They are also used because they help products attach better to a surface. Phthalates in body lotions or skin care creams allow the lotion to cling better to the skin, and in hair products, it allows the product to cling better to the hair.

How Are They Harmful?

Phthalates, skincare, hormones, hormone disruption, hot flashYou might assume that if the FDA allows phthalates in products, it can’t be that bad for you right? WRONG! Very few skin care ingredients are reviewed for safety which makes caring for your skin even more difficult.

Phthalates are known as endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs. EDC’s can be very dangerous because when they are absorbed by your body through your pores, they act as forms of estrogen and interfere with your metabolism and your normal hormone function. They can be especially harmful if you are pregnant.

How Can You Avoid Them?

Phthalates, ingredients, skincare ingredients, shampoo ingredients, toxic ingredientsNow that you know more about phthalates, we hope the first step you take the avoiding them is reading the labels of all the personal care products you use. Removing these products from your daily use will decrease your risk of absorbing EDC’s.

Thankfully in recent years, customers like you have become more aware of the dangerous ingredients and have pushed the cosmetic industry to raise their standards. Now, you can find brands that are completely free of phthalates, like our entire like of South Beach Skin Lab products. It may cost more to manufacture products with safer and better quality ingredients, but we think integrity in products is something that should never be compromised!

Here’s How To Bring Your Skin Back To Life After The Holidays

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The holiday season is wonderful for so many reasons…time with family and friends, reflection on the past year, and of course all the delicious food you could dream of!

Sadly our skin doesn’t take as kindly to holiday treats and traditions as well as we do which means after all those mistletoe kisses, your skin needs some extra TLC.

Here are some of the easiest ways to revive your skin after the holidays so you can glow all the way into the new year!

Get Back To Healthy Eating Habits

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We know green juices and smoothies don’t taste as great as your grandma’s Christmas cookies, but we promise they will help reverse the damage of the excessive sugar, carbs, and fat you consumed over the holidays.

By cutting down on sugar and consuming lots of fish, veggies, and fruits, you’ll be sure that your skin will appear less dull and your overall complexion will brighten. It will also keep breakouts at bay and help your skin get back to naturally hydrating itself after all those tasty treats and bad habits have dried it out.

Use Antioxidant Skin Products

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Antioxidants in skin care are the holy grail. For decades, dermatologists have experts have preached the powerful effects of antioxidant ingredients like Vitamin E, Grape Seed Oil, and Green Tea.

Note: South beach skin lab Repair and Release Cream contains all these great anti-oxidants. You can try it by clicking here…

These antioxidants will help revive your skin to their pre-holiday glory and leave you with a glowing complexion. Don’t forget that these ingredients don’t just help after holidays, but are fantastic at helping diminish dark spots, wrinkles, and lines if used on a regular basis.

Give Yourself A Quick Face Massage

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When your body is sore and tired, nothing helps it feel better than a great back massage at the spa. Well, it turns out the same is true for your face! Giving yourself a quick 10-minute face massage will not only feel great, its got lots of scientific benefits too!

Massage has been proven to stimulate the lymphatic system, increase circulation, relieve inflamed skin and helps diminish wrinkles. For an added benefit, apply a peptide-rich cream like our Repair & Release cream before your face massage to add some extra anti-wrinkle power and make your face massage feel even better!

Using a cream will also help decrease the risk of tugging at your skin causing damage. Make sure to rub gently and in an upward motion including your jawlines, cheeks, and forehead.

What are your favorite post-holiday skincare tips? Share them with us in the comments below!

These Are The Three Skincare Resolutions You Should Make For 2019

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2019 gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and set intentions for the new year ahead. Most of the time, resolutions include topics like eating better or getting more exercise but most people often overlook positive changes they can make for their skin.

This year, there are three simple resolutions you can make for your skin that are going to help you look and feel your best. If you follow these three resolutions, you can expect to breeze into the new year with a youthful, stunning glow!

#1: Make SPF your BFF

sunscreen, spf, sun protection, skincareWe can’t tell you enough how important using sunscreen is. UV rays can damage the DNA of your skin cells leaving unwanted pigmentation issues and lots and lots of wrinkles.

Make using sunscreen your top resolution for 2019 and slather on at least an SPF 30 daily. Luckily, more and more makeup brands are including SPF in their foundation but make sure that you’ve got a lightweight backup to reapply throughout the day.

Remember, if you’re not reapplying your sunscreen at least two or three times a day, you might as well not be wearing any so an important part of this resolution is the re-application!

#2: Wash Your Face Twice A Day

cleansing, oil cleansing, skincareWe get it, cleansing can be daunting but it’s so important for your skin that we cannot emphasize enough how much of an effect it will have on your skin. Cleansing twice a day doesn’t just remove dirt, grime, and makeup but it also helps remove toxins and free radicals from being absorbed into your skin.

For 2019, ditch your traditional foaming cleanser which can dry out your skin and leave lots of the invisible dirt on your face. Instead, opt for a powerful oil-based cleanser like our Olive Oil Cleanser. The oil works like a magnet to attract everything that is deep inside your pores after a long day or night and leaves your skin so soft, you won’t believe it until you try it!

#3: Practice Self Care At Least Once A Week

face scrub, sheet mask, self care, skincareIf you’re a skincare addict like we are, then you know the pure joy of self-care. Whether it’s a quick sheet mask, an at-home facial or even a DIY scrub, taking time to relax and pamper yourself can really show on your face.

This year, make it a resolution to take at least one hour a week to yourself to focus on going above and beyond for your skin.

Use your Repair and Release cream morning and night, check out Pinterest for easy to make masks and scrubs or go splurge on some from your favorite brands but no matter what, we promise you will see the positive effects.

It’s been proven that stress can add to wrinkles and lines and the small practice of taking time to care about yourself and your skin can drastically improve the texture of your skin and help reduce your chances of more wrinkles.

What are your skincare resolutions for 2019? Share them with us in the comments below!

These Are The Foods To Start Eating in 2019 For Your Best Year of Skin Ever!

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We truly believe that no matter what time of year it is, there is always an opportunity for self-improvement and better habits. It should come as no surprise that for most people, the start of a new year is the most popular time to make changes to their diet, routines or life.

With 2019 in full swing, we wanted to chat about what you’re putting into your body and how it will affect your skin for the next 12 months.

When you combine effective and powerful skincare products with a healthy and skin-focused diet, you can expect to be blown away by the results you notice! Here are a few of our top suggestions to help your skin glow from the inside out.

Pumpkin Seeds

pumpkin seeds, skin foodThese tasty seeds are a high source of antioxidants, magnesium, zinc and fatty acids which don’t just keep your body healthy, they make your skin shines too! They’re super easy to cook with and include in your diet and can be used for everything from homemade soups to salad ingredients.

The omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 in pumpkin seeds will reduce inflammation and keep skin healthy and strong. The high levels of zinc protect your cell membranes, helps maintain collagen, and promotes skin renewal which leads to younger and healthier skin.


avocados, skincare foodsEver look in the mirror and wonder why your skin looks dry, flaky and dull? Chances are it’s because it’s having a difficult time retaining moisture. Avocados have a very high source of Vitamin E, which is actually a nutrient that helps your skin and body retain moisture giving it a dewy glow.

Vitamin E from avocados is also a really powerful antioxidant which helps your skin deal with free radical damage that can be caused by sun exposure, pollution or other harmful factors of the environment. It doesn’t hurt either that they are super delicious and can be prepared in so many different ways!


dark chocolate, skincare foodsEat more chocolate? No need to twist my arm! Who would have thought that such a tasty treat could actually be good for you!? You’ve probably heard the opposite of this before, like chocolate causes breakouts, but the key to mention is that not all chocolate will help your skin glow, but dark chocolate absolutely will!

Dark Chocolate contains antioxidants called flavonoids, which soften any rough skin and protect against sun damage by increasing resistance to UV rays. This will decrease wrinkles, dark spots and free radical damage over time so while you’re slathering on your SPF for the day, a few bites of dark chocolate will not only taste great but help your skin big time!



Beauty Sleep Is A Real Thing And Here Is How It’s Going To Transform Your Skin!

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Eight hours of sleep is generally the goal, but stressful work days, busy lives and kids can all make getting proper rest difficult. Nowadays, you’re available 24/7 through your cell phone but you still need to make sure you unplug and get enough rest.

Sleep is like food for your brain, your body, and your skin. By making sure you’re getting enough rest, you’re feeding your body the time it needs to rest, regenerate and heal.

Lack of sleep isn’t good for anyone, so we’re here to share with you all the amazing things that happen to your skin when you catching up on those much needed ZZZ’s!

Your Skin Is Getting A Break From Stress

beauty sleep, stress, skincare, anti agingWhen you’re awake and stressed out from work or life, your body produces extra amounts of a hormone called cortisol. Science has also proven that when you don’t get enough sleep, your body has a similar reaction to stress and begins to produce extra amounts of the cortisol hormone.

Signs of increased cortisol from lack of sleep include a sunken look to your skin, dullness, puffiness, and inflammation. By getting your eight hours of sleep a night, you’re helping keep cortisol levels at bay and wake up looking younger and more refreshed!

Your Cells Regenerate

sleep, skincare, anti agingSleep has the ability to help repair your body but few know that it’s actually helping repair your skin too. During the night hours, your skin experiences “cell mitosis” which separates your skin cells and regenerates new ones leaving you with renewed skin when you wake up.

Experts believe the best time for cell mitosis is between 11pm and midnight so when you tuck in for your 8 hours, try to do it before then! During cell mitosis, your skin needs those extra nutrients and a good nights rest is the only thing that can provide it.

Your Anti-Aging Products Are Working Overtime

skin cream, sleep, anti agingWhen you sleep, your skin is renewing and that is the optimal time for them to absorb all the benefits from your anti-aging products. The best part? You simply need to apply these products before bed and you can wake up with glowing skin!

Even if you’re using quality skin care products, they will always be more likely to provide results from night time use. During the day when your skin is exposed to sun and UV rays, it can break down your products active ingredients, making night time the perfect chance to heal your skin while you snooze!  So slather on your Repair and Release cream before you go to bed and let the peptides do the rest of the work!


How many hours of sleep a night do you need to wake up feeling refreshed? Share it with us in the comments below!