Three Cardinal Rules of Skincare You Can’t Afford To Break

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We’re all guilty of skipping a skincare step or not doing our full routine once in a while – and chances are it won’t hurt your results. What will hurt your skin is ignoring some of the most important and basic rules of skincare.

If you are bothered by new wrinkles or sagging skin, or the results you want are taking too long, make sure you’re following these skincare rules so you can get the most out of your routine!

Don’t Sleep With Makeup

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When it comes to skincare rules, no one is more common than don’t sleep with your makeup on – but do you know why? Your skin gets covered with dirt, dead skin, and all kinds of pollutants throughout the day which just pile on top of makeup. By not scrubbing this outer layer of makeup and gunk away, you effectively prevent your skin from repairing itself and producing newer, healthier cells – which is how you can reverse wrinkles and damage.

To help keep skin healthy and safe, wash thoroughly every single night before bed. This is going to wash away all this dangerous and skin-disrupting gunk off your face so it can effectively fight wrinkles while you sleep. It will also deliver peptides, nutrients, and amino acids to your skin to help fight signs of aging as you clean.

Start At Your Neck

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One of the best pieces of skincare advice any expert will tell you is to start your skincare at your neck. We often spend so much time worrying about our faces that our necks are left to sag, wrinkle, and dry out before our eyes. Not only does a wrinkled neck make you look way older, but it’s one more wrinkle you don’t need to deal with. Instead of suffering every time you look in the mirror, make sure you’re applying your products to your neck.

Some brands will simply tell you to use your face cream, but nothing works better than a specialized treatment designed specifically for your neck skin. That’s what encouraged us to formulate a Neck Firming Cream that could help visibly reduce the look of wrinkles and sagging on your neck. Formulated with some of the best peptides in America, it’s one skincare step you should never skip.

Eyes Need Peptides

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From green tea to banana, there have been all sorts of ingredients that claim they do wonders for your eye area. While there may be some benefit to using them, experts all agree the only thing that can help reverse and prevent eye wrinkles are peptides. Peptides are a special group of skincare ingredients that work at the cellular level of your skin to repair and protect against damage. The good news is that they’re very effective, but the bad news is that only some of them are good for your delicate eye area.

When treating eye wrinkles, you want to look for peptides that are proven to work on thin, delicate skin. Some of the most effective peptides for the eyes have been founded in modern skincare and are only available to a limited number of brands. Thankfully at South Beach Skin Lab, we have access to these amazing peptides like NAD+ and Aldavine and pack every bottle of our Eye Recovery Serum full of them! That means you’re only a few weeks away from a brighter, less-wrinkled eye area!

Live By These 3 Rules To Help Stop The Formation of New Wrinkles

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In the world of skincare, there are some holy grail secrets and some important rules to live by if you want to see real results in the way your skin and wrinkles look.

If you are already on your journey to repairing existing wrinkles but want to learn how to prevent new ones from forming, look no further. These tips below can help stop new wrinkles from showing up on your face!

Stop Pulling At Skin

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In every single step of your skincare routine, you are applying product and pressure to your skin that can be causing wrinkles. As we get older, we start to lose more and more collagen and elastin. If you are not careful to avoid tugging at your skin during your skincare routine, the combination of pulling and the lack of collagen can create new, deep wrinkles on your face.

It’s natural to think the harder you rub a product in the better it will work but that couldn’t be more wrong when it comes to skincare. You always want to apply your products with a gentle hand to avoid tugging at your skin and causing more wrinkles. When applying your moisturizer, the proven peptides in it can work much harder if they are highly applied to the skin and left to absorb. The same goes for your eye serum which should be gently applied with your fingertips to fight eye wrinkles, brighten dark circles, and destroy puffy eye bags.

Avoid Soap

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No other step is quite as important for your skin as cleansing but you should never, ever be doing it with soap. While soap works wonders on your body in the shower, it can be extremely drying for your skin and can make wrinkles look deeper and bigger. Soap is not meant to be used on the delicate skin of your face and will cause more harm than good in the long run.

If you are using soap to wash your face, we suggest stopping that immediately. Not only is it drying your skin out but it is altering the pH levels of your skin which will lead to accelerated aging. Switch up your cleanser to a trusted cleansing oil that will hydrate skin, remove makeup, and cleanse impurities in one easy step. It will also help you rebuild your collagen so it can help your skin appear firmer!

Focus On The Future

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Some products will promise immediate results and while you’ve probably been fooled by this before, they forget to mention the importance of preventative skincare. Keeping skin looking young is more than just addressing what you see, but having a strong focus and an effective routine to help avoid skin damage and wrinkles in the future.

Experts agree that preventative skincare is just as important and suggest including ingredients that help prevent wrinkles as well are repair them. A comprehensive skincare routine formulated with high-quality ingredients is the best-proven way to prevent future damage and keep skin looking great. If you aren’t seeing results yet, not having a proper routine could be the problem.