These Skincare Myths Need To Be Debunked Once And For All

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There is so much information out there about skincare that it’s hard to know what is real and what is fake. With so many lies floating around, we wanted to provide some clarity and set the record straight.

You may have heard these myths before but we’re here to break down what to believe, and what to leave behind in the world of skincare. Trust us, this knowledge is going to help you get better results than ever before!

Myth 1: Don’t Use Oil

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No matter what your skin type is, you’ve likely heard some misinformation about using oil on your face. Some people think it will clog your pores or make your skin more oily but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Using oil on your face is an effective way to nourish it and the best way to do so is during the cleansing phase of your routine.

Oil helps balance your skin so if you’re oily or dry, it will help bring your skin back to normal. If your skin is normal, the oil will be effective at cleaning and shrinking your pores so your skin looks the best it can. Oil cleansing has gained tons of praise for how well it can work for every single skin type so you don’t need to be afraid to use it anymore. In fact, you’ll probably notice your skin gets better after only a few uses!

Myth 2: Use Eye Cream

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It’s wonderful that so many brands offer options for your eye wrinkles. After all, your eye area is so delicate that it’s usually the first area to notice wrinkles. Sadly, many of these companies pedal the myth that you need a super-hydrating cream to help fight wrinkles. Unfortunately, using thick creams can overwhelm your eye area and ever clog your pores. So what can you use instead?

Experts agree that you’ll get far better results from an eye serum instead of eye cream. That’s because serums have smaller molecules that are able to penetrate your eye wrinkles better than thick creams. By using an eye serum twice daily, you’ll be able to provide adequate hydration for your eye skin and deliver peptides that plump and prevent wrinkles with every use.

Myth 3: Don’t Wash In The Morning

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One of the newer skincare myths that have been gaining popularity is that if you wash your face before bed, you don’t need to do it again in the morning. They claim that because your skin has already been cleaned, you can skip this extra step in the morning without consequences. The truth is that this could be the reason your skin looks dull, wrinkled, and old.

No matter what, you always want to start your morning by cleansing your face with cleansing oil. Overnight, dead skin cells build up on your skin and cause wrinkles and dull skin to look worse. By washing that away in the morning, it will make your skin look brighter and your pores look smaller. It will also add a boost of hydration because oil is much more hydrating to your skin than soap so you’ll never have that dry crepey-looking skin ever again!

Is There Any Truth To These Popular Skincare Myths?

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When it comes to skincare, there is so much information out there it can be hard to know what to believe. From old wives’ tales to passing fads, it’s important to know what to believe and what not to.

If you’ve been duped by skincare myths before, we’re here to finally break down the worst skin myths and how you can use this information to help revive your skin!

You Can’t Erase Wrinkles

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As we get older, our skin loses collagen and elastin which results in aging skin. The first signs of aging skin are often wrinkles and they can show up as early as your 20’s. As time passes and you turn 40, you’ll immediately start to notice that wrinkles appear deeper and faster than ever before. Many people will claim that you can’t erase existing wrinkles, but some skincare ingredients have actually been proven to do just that!

When trying to “erase” wrinkles, you first need to understand what causes them. When you lose elastin and collagen, your skin will wrinkle – so replenishing those two things is vital. The fastest and easiest way to produce more collagen naturally is to use a peptide-rich moisturizer designed to boost collagen. In as little as a month, you should notice that the lines of your face look smoother and less noticeable. You’ll prove the myth wrong and enjoy a more youthful-looking complexion – fast!

You’re Stuck With Your Skin Type

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We are all born with a skin type, but did you know that it can change and evolve as you get older? Many people who suffer from oily or dry skin may notice changes in their skin – especially after menopause. It can leave skin feeling dry and flakey or extra oily. To combat this you need to know which ingredients can help balance skin. Some of the best for this are lavender oil, tea tree oil, and olive oil.

These ingredients are excellent for any skin type because they work to help balance pH levels and repair skin damage. By using an oil cleanser, you’ll be able to manage oil, add hydration and avoid redness and irritation. Thanks to calming ingredients and powerful oils, you’ll be able to manage and improve your skin type through consistent use!

You Need Plastic Surgery

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Everyone from politicians to Hollywood celebrities uses Botox and other plastic surgery options to stay ageless. Sadly, they condition the general public to believe this is the only way you can achieve real results. That might have been the case 20 years ago but the advancements in skincare science have come so far – and created an opportunity for you to get similar results from home.

The results you want depend greatly on the kind of ingredients you use. Peptides like Matrixyl have been tested for efficacy and have proven to provide similar results to Botox without the pain or pricetag. Other ingredients that may work as well as surgery include NAD+, Aldavine, and Reproage. All these special peptides have been formulated to mimic the results of procedures but you can use all of them as part of your South Beach Skin Lab routine right at home!

Most People Have Fallen For These Three Skincare Myths

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Education is power and sharing knowledge about skincare can often be one of the reasons you can see success in fighting signs of aging. Sadly, there is so much conflicting information out there it’s hard to know what to believe.

Instead of falling for skincare fake news, we decided to bust some of the biggest myths in skincare to help you get the best results with the least amount of effort.

Soap Keeps Skin Clean

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We believe cleansing is one of the most important parts of any skincare routine. It can wash away pollution, clear pores, and even remove makeup – but if you’re using soap, you are doing more harm than good. Soap doesn’t clean your skin but instead, imbalances your natural pH levels and will leave a residue on your face that is invisible to the naked eye. In more ways than one, soap is the worst thing you can put on your face.

You still need an effective way to get your skin clean which is why we highly suggest swapping your soap for cleansing oils. Cleansing oil is taking the skincare world by storm because it’s much more effective and much safer for skin than soap. Best of all, it will clean skin, minimize pores, and remove makeup in one easy step. It will also protect your skin barrier and pH levels so you can have clean, vibrant, and youthful skin after every wash!

You Need Day & Night Routines

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So many mainstream brands offer you options for daytime skincare products and nighttime skincare products – but what’s the difference? Aside from marketing, it turns out not much. Companies have split up your routine into day and night in an attempt to get you to buy more products and trick you into thinking you need to be switching things up to see results.

The reality is that high-quality products will work no matter what time of day it is. Opting for a comprehensive routine that you can use morning and night is going to save you tons of time and money while still helping provide great results. In fact, using the same anti-aging ingredients twice a day may actually help you see results faster than if you’re using a ton of different products at different times of the day.

Cheap Products Work The Same

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Walking into your local drugstore, the shelves are filled with different brands of skincare products. One myth we hear over and over again is that these products can compare to more expensive products. While cost isn’t really an indication of effectiveness, the big difference is in the ingredients. Those products are very cheap because they use cheaper alternatives as ingredients – but they often have no proven results.

If you are going to work hard for your money to pamper your skin, you might as well invest in something that is going to work – and you won’t find that in a drugstore. Opting for products that are doctor-formulated is a great way to know that what your buying has trusted quality behind it. Also look for ingredients that are cosmeceutical, meaning they give medical and cosmetic benefits to your skin. Some examples of cosmeceutical ingredients include peptides, vitamins, and other active natural ingredients that we include in our South Beach Skin Lab products. Opting for those over drugstore synthetics and parabens will help deliver results you can actually see!

What’s The Real Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Skincare?

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When you look at your options for skincare, you can find a range of products from drug stores to Sephora. Price points can be confusing when choosing products, but is there really a difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones?

We did some investigating and found the top differences between cheap skincare products and expensive ones and here’s what we found…


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Drug stores often sell skincare products at a very low price. You may find that some of the drugstore products include ingredients you hear about in more expensive skincare, so what makes them different? The biggest difference, aside from price, is the concentration of those ingredients inside the products themselves. Just because they list the ingredient on the cheaper skincare doesn’t mean it has enough of that ingredient to make a difference in your skin.

High-end skincare, on the other hand, contains ample amounts of important ingredients like shea butter and argan oil, as well as powerful peptides and proteins. The concentration and potency of these ingredients is much higher in professional skincare products which will help you see results much faster.


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Do you know where your drugstore skincare products are coming from? If you knew the ugly truth, most mainstream, lower-cost skincare products come from other countries like China and South Korea. While even some professional-level skincare is made in these countries, you can never be sure of their labs and processes. Many of these other countries also have little or no regulation when it comes to animal testing.

When you manufacture products in the USA, it costs more to produce because of the higher standards and better ingredients. More professional skincare products, like our South Beach Skin Lab collection, are made on American soil and are never tested on animals.


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No matter how cheap or expensive your skincare is, most of the time you can expect to see some kind of result. From less expensive products, you might still feel like your skin is moisturized, or have cleaner skin after washing – but that’s about all. With lower-end skincare products, it can often take much longer to see positive results because they are manufactured to solve an immediate problem, and not to repair prior damage to the skin, or prevent further damage.

With high-end skincare, you can expect some immediate results like increased hydration, but the longer-term benefits they offer make them worth every single penny. When you choose a high-quality skincare routine, it will not only repair any previous damage to your skin like wrinkles, dark spots and lines, but it will work hard at regenerating your skin to prevent future damage and help you look your absolute best!

Is A Silk Pillowcase The Secret To Younger Looking Skin?

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There is always something new in the world of skin care and the battle against aging skin. Recently, the most trendy product has been the silk pillowcase,  popping up all over the internet claiming it works wonders for your wrinkles and skin. Having fallen victim to unnecessary products that don’t actually help, we couldn’t help but be a little skeptical.

Although soft and beautiful, silk pillowcases can come with a hefty price tag and before making a big investment, we’re going to break down if changing your pillowcase to silk can make a difference in your skin.

The Silk Pillowcase Claim

silk pillow, silk pillowcase for skin, silk pillow for wrinklesIn recent months, beauty gurus have been hailing the silk pillowcase as the fountain of youth and an easy adjustment to your routine that can provide serious results if you’re trying to fight wrinkles.

The promise behind silk pillowcases is that it will help your skin look and feel younger by providing a softer, less harsh place to rest your face. They seem to believe that your cotton pillowcase is the cause of early signs of aging because of how harsh it can feel on the face as you move in your sleep. They believe using silk allows your face to glide across the pillow with less pulling and therefore, fewer wrinkles.

The Facts

silk pillow, silk pillow for wrinkles, anti-aging, silk pillow for skinThe science behind the claims of using a silk pillowcase can be difficult to back up. Unlike skincare products with scientific evidence that they reverse wrinkles, there is very little information or literature from legitimate sources on the benefits of splurging on a silk pillowcase to fight wrinkles.

While experts believe that there isn’t any real harm to switching pillows to silk, they also don’t believe there is any benefit that can even come close to using a comprehensive anti-aging skincare routine. In fact, most doctors say your hard earned money is much better spent on quality products than unproven frills like silk pillowcases.

The Verdict

pillow wrinkles, silk pillow, silk pillowcase, anti-aging skincareWhen it comes to your skin, you need to trust your gut and do what feels best for you. Despite not having scientific evidence to back up the claims of a silk pillowcase, if you find that your skin is improving after the switch, there is no harm in continuing to use it.

If you’re on a tight budget, stick to splurging on products vs. fads like the silk pillow. Skincare experts agree that regardless if you jump on this trend or not, a pillowcase will never be a suitable replacement for a peptide-rich skincare routine that will nourish and heal your skin directly on contact.


Would you try the silk pillowcase trend? Let us know in the comments below!

We Are Debunking Some Of Skinare’s Biggest Myths and Lies!

When it comes to your skincare there are stories and then there is science. While we are flooded with information from television, magazines and online  articles about all the things we should or shouldn’t do to our skin, the reality is that most of this information hasn’t been proven.

After doing some research on tips from the top scientists and dermatologists in the country, we’ve compiled a list of some of skincare’s biggest myths, and we’re here to debunk them!

Myth: Drinking Water Will Give You Perfect Skin

drinking water, skincareStaying hydrated and drinking enough water is important for your overall health but what it won’t do is drastically change your skin by itself.

When your body functions at optimal levels, so does your skin. While there is no harm in keeping hydrated to make sure skin looks great, it won’t be the one step in your routine to revolutionize how you look. Staying hydrated is one of many steps in keeping your body functioning but make sure you’re also using a proper skincare routine.

What will make more of a direct impact on how your skin appears is maintaining a proper moisture barrier in your skin by using products such as hyaluronic acid or Shea butter like is found in the Repair and Release Cream.

This will make sure that all the water you are drinking is staying where it belongs, and not being evaporated off into the environment!

Myth: You Don’t Need Sunscreen On A Cloudy Day

sunscree, skincare, sun care, spfSPF protection is one of the simplest ways to protect your skin from future damage. Elements like UV rays and pollution can wreak havoc on your skin giving free radicals the power to age you with wrinkles  and cause dark spots.

UV rays have been proven over and over again to be able to penetrate clouds so even when it’s overcast, those rays are still reaching your skin and causing harm. Not only should you be wearing sunscreen every single day, but you should also be re-applying it as the day goes on to make sure your skin is always protected.

Myth: Don’t Ever Pop Your Pimples

whiteheads, pimples, skincareWe’re told time and time again not to pick at zits or pop your pimples but that message isn’t always true. While you never want to aggravate a pimple that isn’t ready, you actually should pop your pimple if they have a white head on them.

Note: The best way to make sure you don’t get white heads in the first place is wash your face day and night with an anti-oxidant cleanser like the Olive Oil Day and Night Cleanser from South Beach Skin Lab

The white head represents that the puss inside needs to be evacuated from your pore and that it’s ready to go without causing damage to your skin. If you are going to attempt to remove your pimple, make sure you have clean hands, make sure it is definitely white-headed and use a warm towel to expand the skin. Don’t forget to pop it gently!