Chia Seeds Can Give You Fantastic Skin From The Inside Out

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You may remember chia from those adorable little terracotta pots that would grow you a lush, green animal pet, but recently chia has been making headlines as a tasty snack that is also health conscious.

Chia seeds have been around forever, dating as far back as the Aztecs and there are generally a few different kinds of chia seeds you can purchase in stores. Chia seeds are great in salads, baked goods or teas, and are high in calcium, fiber, and antioxidants making them ideal as skin food. Here’s why…

They Are Rich In Omega-3’s

chia seeds, chia, skincare foods, diy skincareWhen you consume chia seeds, you’re also consuming the oil inside them which has amazing benefits for your skin. There are proven to be very high in omega-3 fatty acids which aid skin with inflammation.

Omega-3’s are one of the most powerful anti-inflammatories out there so if you suffer from redness or puffiness, this is sure to help! Consuming the omega-3 fatty acids in chia seeds will also help inhibit the appearance of wrinkles.

Anyone Can Eat Them

chia seeds, diy skincare, skincare foodsIn today’s world, allergies are more present than ever and avoiding foods that trigger them can be difficult. The wonderful thing about chia seeds is that they fit most dietary and allergy restrictions and can be enjoyed by almost anyone!

Chia seeds are a great source of protein but completely plant-based, so if you live a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, these are a great option for you! They are also completely safe to eat if you have a nut allergy and can be substituted into your salads or baked goods for a little extra crunch.

They Are Great For Hydrating Skin

Does your skin look dry and dull? Need an extra boost of moisture? If you need some extra help beyond your normal routine, opt for an easy to use chia seed mask! Chia seeds are well known for how hydrating they can be for skin and work so well for a DIY mask!

One of our favorites is a hydrating mask that you can DIY yourself right at home and use before applying your South Beach Skin Lab routine.

chia diy mask, diy skincare, chia seeds, anti-agingWhat you’ll need:

  • 1/4 cup organic chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup + 2 Tbsp. cold water
  • 1 drop tea tree oil


  1. Blend all ingredients in a blender or food processor
  2. Pour mixture into a glass bowl and refrigerate for 15 minutes.
  3. Apply the mask in even layers, being sure to coat skin thoroughly.
  4. Leave on for 20-25 minutes, then rinse with a clean, warm cloth.

Green Tea Is The Only Ingredient You Need For Summer Skin!

green tea, green tea skincare, ingredients, natural ingredients, skincare ingredients, green tea for skin

Green Tea is a tasty way to start your day, but it also has amazing benefits for your skin! In recent years, this ingredient has been at the top of the list for most products because its affordable to produce and effective at helping your skin look and feel it’s best.

From acne to wrinkles, here are just a few ways that incorporating Green Tea into your skincare routine, or using products like our Repair & Release Cream that use it as a key ingredient can help your journey to perfect skin!

It Fights Wrinkles

eye wrinkles, eye care, skin care, green tea, skincare ingredientsBecause Green Tea is rich in polyphenols, it delivers amazing antioxidant properties to your face. These antioxidants help fight deep wrinkles while smoothing out fine lines for a more youthful look.

While green tea is great for fighting existing wrinkles, it’s also one of the most powerful natural ingredients for preventing and slowing down the rate at which you age and wrinkle.

It Helps With Sun Damage

UV protection, sun damage, green tea, skincare ingredientsAs we move into the warm summer months, sun protection becomes a major concern for those of us trying to avoid UV damage and accelerated aging from the sun. Luckily, research suggests that regular use of green tea for your skin can reduce sun damage.

Green Tea also helps fight free radicals which is another reason why it’s a powerful ally for sun protection.  Just make sure you’re not relying on the powerful effects of green tea alone, and that you’re applying at least SPF 30 every few hours throughout the day on top of your Repair & Release Cream to double up the effects of UV protection with powerful ingredients.

It Reduces Puffiness

skincare, skin care, skincare ingredients, green tea, face maskNothing can make our skin look worse than inflammation. It highlights discoloration, makes skin look and feel dehydrated, and can actually cause more wrinkles to form. Experts agree that one of the best defenses against puffiness is Green Tea.

Tannins, which occur naturally in the root and leaves of the green tea plant have amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce puffiness and return your face back to its natural beauty. Say goodbye to puffy skin and hello to your best skin yet!


Comfrey Is The Anti-Aging Ingredient You Need To Know About

comfrey, skincare ingredient, natural skincare

Of all the amazing ingredients mother nature has given us for our skin, Comfrey might just be one of the most powerful. This plant which can be found growing in warm climates during summer months and grows up to 3ft tall.

The Comfrey plant produces beautiful purple flowers that can be used to fight wrinkles but comfrey versatile. Even the stems and leaves of the plant have anti-aging properties, which means the entire plant boasts a ton of benefits for your skin.

If you already use our Eye Lift Serum than you already know how powerful this ingredient can be at erasing wrinkles. If not, we will share with you how it’s one of the best skincare ingredients available!

It Helps Smooth Rough Skin

rough skin, comfrey, skincareComfrey is considered a natural skin conditioner because it can help smooth the texture of your skin almost instantly. When your skin begins to feel rough, dry or flakey, it can be because of built-up dead skill cells or purged free radicals.

Using Comfrey as an ingredient in your skincare will help give you that fresh and soft feel without harming your skin with exfoliants. This is especially helpful for the delicate skin around the eye as it can be too sensitive for exfoliation but can benefit just the same from regular use of Comfrey.

It Reduces Irritation

irritation, skincare, skin issuesOne of the most common skin symptoms in the United States is sensitive, irritated skin. Comfrey has been scientifically proven to reduce irritation, redness, and sensitivity to your face and skin.

Comfrey’s properties make it one of the most effective ingredients when trying to reduce inflammation too which means eye bags are no match for this powerful flower! A little Comfrey is all you need to give your eye area that de-puffed, airbrushed glow.

It Has Anti-Aging Benefits

aging skin, anti aging, wrinkles, comfreyAs if you needed more reasons to love Comfrey, turns out this amazing ingredient also helps reverse signs of aging and keeps your skin looking young!

Comfrey naturally promotes the regrowth of skin cells which is good news to those of us with wrinkles and aging skin! By using eye care that is formulated with Comfrey like our Eye Lift Serum, it’s helping your skin renew more youthful cells which will help soften lines and wrinkles to leave your skin plump and youthful.


Have you tried Comfrey as an ingredient before? Let us know in the comments below!

Phthalates Are One Of The Most Harmful Skin Care Ingredients and Here Is Why

Phthalates, ingredients, skincare

Phthalates (pronounced THA-lates) are chemical ingredients, sometimes called “plasticizers,” because they are usually used to soften plastic thus make it easier to work with. Phthalates are also used in many cosmetics, including skin products, hair products, and some well-known fragrances.

Note: Don’t worry all of South Beach Skin Lab products are Phthalate free including our popular Repair and Release Cream.

More recently, some brands have taken a stand against this scary, harmful ingredient however the FDA still refuses to admit that phthalates can cause harm to the body.

Why Are They Used?

Phthalates, skincare, shampoo, ingredients, skincare ingredientsSo why would anyone want to formulate a product with such a harmful chemical? For starter, they are a cheap way to increase the shelf life of a product and keep it fresh.

They are also used because they help products attach better to a surface. Phthalates in body lotions or skin care creams allow the lotion to cling better to the skin, and in hair products, it allows the product to cling better to the hair.

How Are They Harmful?

Phthalates, skincare, hormones, hormone disruption, hot flashYou might assume that if the FDA allows phthalates in products, it can’t be that bad for you right? WRONG! Very few skin care ingredients are reviewed for safety which makes caring for your skin even more difficult.

Phthalates are known as endocrine disrupting chemicals or EDCs. EDC’s can be very dangerous because when they are absorbed by your body through your pores, they act as forms of estrogen and interfere with your metabolism and your normal hormone function. They can be especially harmful if you are pregnant.

How Can You Avoid Them?

Phthalates, ingredients, skincare ingredients, shampoo ingredients, toxic ingredientsNow that you know more about phthalates, we hope the first step you take the avoiding them is reading the labels of all the personal care products you use. Removing these products from your daily use will decrease your risk of absorbing EDC’s.

Thankfully in recent years, customers like you have become more aware of the dangerous ingredients and have pushed the cosmetic industry to raise their standards. Now, you can find brands that are completely free of phthalates, like our entire like of South Beach Skin Lab products. It may cost more to manufacture products with safer and better quality ingredients, but we think integrity in products is something that should never be compromised!

This Is The Biggest Reason Your Skin Needs Antioxidants To Protect Itself

pollution, skincare, anti-aging, free radicals

Skincare if full of buzzwords that are thrown around often be rarely explained. One of the most common of those words is “free radicals”. We hear about them on commercials, websites and from our doctors but does anyone actually know what a free radical is?

Today we’re going to break down what free radicals are, how they affect your skin, and how to avoid them to create healthy, youthful and grime-free skin!

What Are Free Radicals?

free radicals, skincare, anti-agingFree radicals are an unstable molecule that exists both in your body and in the air around us. Factors like pollution, sun exposure, and poor diet all contribute to the production of free radicals, and they’re slowly destroying your skin.

Because they’re an unstable molecule, they are living inside your body looking for a healthy molecule to attach to. Free radicals work like a magnet to attract the healthy molecule and attack it for survival. Once it finds one, it begins slowing killing off healthy molecules in your body to stabilize itself.

What Kind of Damage Do Free Radicals Cause?

free radicals, skin damage, dark spots, wrinklesThink about an apple left out on the counter for a week. What was once a shiny, red apple will slowly turn brown and begin to wither, and rot. That’s kind of like how a free radical works on your skin too.

Because they are naked to the human eye, it’s impossible to see the damage free radicals cause before it’s too late. Like the apple, your skin will experience more unwanted effects the longer it sits unprotected on the counter.

Free radicals contribute to wrinkles, lines, dark spots, and dullness. All of those side effects are some of the most difficult to reverse on your skin if you’re not properly caring for your face with a proper antioxidant routine.

How Can I Prevent Damage From Free Radicals?

The best news we can tell you about free radical damage is that it’s completely manageable. Almost every person on earth battles some form of free radical daily and simple changes to your routine can help control and reverse signs of aging.

free radicals, antioxidants, antioxidant skincare, anti-agingThe most important part of removing free radicals is cleansing. Your skin is exposed all day and night so it’s important to cleanse at least twice a day. In addition, you want to defend yourself against free radicals with the use of high-quality, antioxidant ingredients.

Although your body naturally produces antioxidants, applying them topically has been proven to speed up the reversal of wrinkles and protect skin. Using a moisturizing cream like our Repair & Release cream that is packed with antioxidants, like green tea and Vitamin E, can help keep free radicals under control and take years off the look of your skin!


How do you avoid free radical damage in your skincare routine? Share it with us in the comments below!

3 Skin Care Ingredients That You Should Avoid At All Costs

While we wish it was all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes the cosmetic industry can be a scary place. Thankfully since the start of the internet, and of course blogs like ours, there is tons of new information available to consumers to make smart, safe choices when it comes to what they put in and on their bodies.

skincare ingredients, ingredients to avoid, cosmetic ingredients

Today we’re diving into 3 commonly used skin care ingredients that you should absolutely avoid at all costs. These ingredients have been researched and scientists have found some scary side effects to them. While some of these ingredients are still being tested and researched as we speak, we’ve done our best to compile the most accurate and up to date information out there.

Retinyl Palmitate

sun damage, skincareRetinyl Palmitate is also known by the name Vitamin A Palmitate and is hidden in tons of products you already use like skin creams and sunscreen.  Don’t let the “vitamin” name fool you, this tricky ingredient.

Last year, the FDA conducted a study which indicated that retinyl palmitate, when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, may speed the development of skin tumors and lesions. As if the sun didn’t pose enough problems for your skin, the addition of this ingredient in your products can have some serious side effects.


triclosan, skincare ingredients, toxic ingredientsTriclosan is an ingredient you’ll find in your body washes, makeup, soaps, and even toothpaste. The main function of Triclosan is to prevent bacteria from forming and growing inside your products while they live in your bathroom or vanity. What’s so upsetting about the use of this ingredient is that there are so many safer options that do the same job, but because if its cheap cost many brands still include Triclosan.

What makes Triclosan so dangerous is that it’s been linked to so many different wide-ranging illnesses. Studies have shown that it can cause problems with your hormones and thyroid, or even weaken your immune system.


fragrance, skincare ingredients, toxic ingredientsSome love it, some hate it but despite how you feel about it, synthetic fragrances are in almost every self-care product you buy. It’s important to note that not all fragrance is bad for you. If it’s naturally derived or an essential oil fragrance, you don’t need to worry about it being harmful as they’ve been proved safe time and time again.

Synthetic fragrance, on the other hand, is a completely different kind of ingredient. Synthetic fragrance in skincare is easily one of the most irritating and allergy-causing factors for your skin and side effects range from red bumps to dryness.

What makes this ingredient particularly scary to be using on your skin is that you might not see the damage it’s causing on skin’s surface, but it can be silently occurring every day, causing minor problems for your skin in the short term and worse problems in the long term.

Note: Remember the whole line of South Beach Skin Lab products is 100% free from all the above mentioned ingredients, as well as being paraben free, silicone free, and bpa free. So you can feel confident when you put it on your skin!

What Are Parabens And Why Are They So Bad For My Skin?

paraben, skincare ingredients, paraben free

In recent years, Parabens have become a skin care buzzword synonymous with bad health. Now more than ever, consumers are steering clear of paraben filled products and moving towards a more natural, safe product that is paraben-free. To understand why Parabens are so bad, you need to understand what they are and how they can affect your skin…

What Is A Paraben?

paraben, toxic ingredients, skincare ingredientsParabens are a kind of preservative that has been found in all kinds of self-care products over the last 60 years. They are often used in products to help stop the growth of mold and bacteria as well as extending the shelf life of products. Sometimes, Parabens are even hiding in your products with sneaky names like butylparaben, methylparaben, and propylparaben.

Why Are They Bad For You?

parabens, skincare, toxic ingredientsThe presence of Parabens in your products has little to do with your actual skin and more to do with your body as a whole. Because they are often used in products you’re either applying to your skin or you’re ingesting meaning that these parabens are finding their way into your bloodstream.

Parabens have been found in some scary places within the body, like in the tissue of breast cancer. While there has yet to be a direct link between the two, parabens can interfere with your body’s hormones, most notably estrogen. As a result, scientists have studied the chemical’s possible links to breast cancers, developmental disorders, fertility issues, and chronic diseases and find that parabens can attach themselves to healthy tissues. The damage the parabens caused to the tissue is still unknown to some extent.

So What Should You Do?

toxic skincare, parabens, skincare ingredientsBecause the links between Parabens and illness are still new and not fully backed, don’t go running to your bathroom to toss your products. You want to take note of where in the ingredients list the Paraben is because that will indicate how much of it is actually in the product itself and small amounts should be safe to use.

Our motto is better safe than sorry so we recommend using shampoo, body lotion, and skincare that is paraben free.

Note: All South Beach Skin Lab products are 100% Paraben Free. So you can feel safe using all our products daily to achieve amazing results!

In general, try to avoid this ingredient where you can and make sure to talk to your doctor about the risks of using parabens as part of your daily routine. Make sure you’re reading labels and if your products are containing one or more forms of parabens, you might want to steer clear just to be safe.

Have you switched to a Paraben-Free lifestyle? Tell us about it in the comments below!