Consider These Important Factors Before Buying Skincare

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If you’re like us, we love purchasing new skincare products and enjoy testing them out. But with so many options on the market, how do you know what’s worth it and what is empty promises?

If you want to make educated decisions before you buy skin products, check out the three factors below you need to consider before spending a cent on skincare!


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There are lots of products out there that have great marketing – but how much of their time and money did they put into research? Many brands throw basic ingredients in a jar and hope you’ll fall for it. Sadly, this will just waste your money and leave you longing for results. Instead, you can improve your routine and your results by purchasing products that have been researched and tested– so you know they’ll give real results.

Before we put a single ingredient into a formulation, it undergoes rigorous research to make sure it’s safe, affordable, and effective. That’s because what you put in your product matters more than the packaging. By using peptides that have been researched and proven to revive and refresh skin, you’ll be spending your money wisely and get to see the results you long for.


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There are ingredients we know are good for skin, but not all of them are created equally. While some companies may boost natural ingredients, it’s also packaged with synthetics and fillers to keep costs down. If you want to see a real difference in your skin and get your glow back, you need to make sure you’re using only the best ingredients that have been proven to work on mature skin.

Some of the best ingredients for reviving skin are peptides. These compounds can help your skin retain more moisture, fight off free radicals, and produce more collagen to help plump wrinkles. That’s why we’ve packed over 10 different peptides into our formulations. This won’t just help you banish wrinkles that already exist, but will help keep future lines away so you can get older without showing it on your face.


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Pretty packaging and endless promises won’t make your skin better. When it comes to choosing your products you need to look for more than just marketing. So many brands will make claims, but how many of them have the before and after photos to back it up?

One thing we take immense pride in is that we’ve got thousands of customers all over America who send in photos of their amazing results after only a few weeks. It’s not just about looking better, but we hear so often that getting control of their aging skin helped them regain their confidence too! Results like the ones from @closetplayimage above are what we love, and you’ll love them too!

These Are The Most Common Reasons That Makeup Is Aging Your Skin

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Nothing can make us feel more confident and glamorous than putting on our makeup and getting dolled up – but is it what’s behind the wrinkles and lines we see on our faces?

There’s always been speculation that makeup can age you faster, but we decided to go to the experts who agreed there is some risk. Here’s what we found out.

Removal Is Crucial

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When speaking to skincare experts about the dangers of makeup, one thing they all agreed on is that your risk can be minimized by making sure to take your makeup off properly. Removing your makeup at the end of the day is essential to healthy skin because otherwise, your pores will get clogged and can lead to breakouts. Even worse, when makeup stays on your skin overnight it can trigger a response of accelerated aging from your skin and begin to produce more wrinkles than ever.

To remove makeup safely and fully, you need to look further than soap. While there are makeup removes you can buy, many of them are made of synthetic oils and can be dangerous to your health. Instead of scrubbing to try and remove makeup, use an oil-based cleanse that will remove all kinds of makeup in one simple step. The oils work to lift and remove the makeup from your skin meaning you’ll spend less time tugging at the skin which leads to sagging.

Prime Your Skin

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We hate adding steps to a routine but priming your skin prior to applying makeup can help you keep skin wrinkle-free and protected. When you apply makeup directly to your skin, it can clog your pores or become cakey in your wrinkles. This is because your skin is drying out because of makeup. To avoid this, you need to prime your skin with an appropriate moisturizer before applying your makeup.

Using your Repair & Release Cream before applying your face makeup will help deliver moisture, protect the skin, and seal up your pores. Your skin will be softer so that you can avoid makeup getting stuck in your wrinkles. Plus, when you prep your skin with peptides and moisturizers like shea butter, it will help plump wrinkles so your makeup looks better every single time!

Be Gentle

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One of the worst things about applying makeup is that if you aren’t careful, your application can cause deeper wrinkles. If you’re applying concealer or eye shadow with a sponge or your finger, you need to make sure. touse a gentle hand. Tugging too hard at the skin while applying (or removing) makeup can cause sagging skin, deeper lines, and unwanted wrinkles.

If you are constantly aware of how delicate your skin is, then you’ll be able to avoid damage from your makeup application. Always make sure you apply your skincare routine with a gentle hand so that you get all the benefits without any side effects. And when applying your makeup, make sure you are gentle and take your time. Taking an extra minute to be careful will provide outstanding results in the long term and will keep damage from makeup at bay!

Three Things You Need To Know About Getting Results From a Skincare Routine

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If we had a skincare genie, we would all ask for the same thing – flawless, wrinkle-free skin that reminds us of our youth. Sadly, wishing for better skin won’t help you get results.

If you want to see real improvement in the look of your fine lines and wrinkles, you need to make sure you’ve got the right information to make the best decisions for your skin. Here’s everything we know about how to get better results from your existing routine.

Pamper After The Shower

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Nothing can start your day off better than a nice, warm shower. It helps jumpstart your body for the day and leaves you feeling clean, accomplished, and ready to take on whatever you need to. It also turns out that applying your skincare right after your shower can help you get even better results from the same products you always use.

When you shower, the steam helps open your pores. That allows for your products to go even deeper into the skin and provide better results. Take your Repair & Release Cream for instance. When your pores are open, it can deliver anti-aging ingredients to the parts of your face that need it most. This will help soften wrinkles, hydrate your skin and protect you from damage. You can get all these benefits just from switching up when you apply your products!

Don’t Rely On One Product

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Think you only need one product to see results? You might want to think again. We used to be fooled by the “miracle product” that can cure all our skin woes but we’re too smart for that in 2021. In order to get the best results from your skincare routine, you need to use products that work in synergy to deliver results. After all, different parts of your face need different care.

When choosing a skincare routine, you want to make sure you’ve got a powerful moisturizer to work as the anchor to your routine. Aside from that, we recommend a specially formulated product for the eyes that can deliver results to that delicate area. The same goes for your neck which can benefit from your moisturizer but will show better results if you’re using a product made specifically to deal with lifting and firming the neck. When you combine products like this that have special functions, you’ll end up with the best results!

Reversing Damage Is Important

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If you’re using skincare hoping to improve your skin, you want to make sure you focus on repairing damage. Some products promise to help reverse signs of aging, but that can’t happen unless you focus on repairing the long-term damage to your skin. This damage is likely what is causing your wrinkles, sagging, and age spots in the first place – so addressing it should be a top priority.

Dark spots, age spots, and pigmentation are some of the top signs of damaged skin. Thankfully, there are products that can help you deal with them. Our Dark Spot Corrector, formulated with 5 types of vitamin C can help fade existing damage so your skin can start repairing. Packed with antioxidants, it won’t just help damaged skin but will work to brighten and even your entire complexion. By focusing on reversing damage, you’ll be able to better protect your skin in the future and notice fewer signs of aging in the long run.

Three Easy Ways To Reset Your Skin For Better Results!

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Even if you have the best anti-aging routine in the world, sometimes your skin needs a reset to be able to reap the full benefits of anti-aging ingredients.

If you haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for, use these three steps to reset your skin so you can see better results and have your skincare routine working to its full potential!

Step 1:

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The first step to re-setting skin is making sure you’ve got a blank canvas to work with that will absorb all the best peptides and proteins for your skin. This starts with a great cleansing routine – but not just any soap will do! These days, more American’s are moving away from soap and discovering the endless benefits of using oil to cleanse their face. For women especially, it’s become so popular because of its amazing ability to clean impurities and remove makeup in one easy step.

Oil cleansing won’t just make your face cleaner on the surface, but it will also dig deep to remove impurities clogging pores to help them look smaller! When you’re trying to reset your skin it’s important to make sure all of the free radicals, pollution, and dirt are removed so that it will help you see even better results when you use your anti-aging products!

Step 2:

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If you stop to think about how much of a beating your skin takes, you’ll truly be amazed by its resiliency. From acne and scars to dark spots and sun damage, so many factors can negatively affect how our skin looks. Sadly, most of these factors add to the speed at which your skin ages and can all lead to you looking older than you are. An important part of re-setting your skin will be helping to fade imperfections and help your skin repair itself.

The most effective skincare ingredient for jump-starting your skin’s healing process is vitamin C. For starters, vitamin C is going to help boost your collagen production to plump and soften wrinkles. It’s also packed with antioxidants that help fade and remove scars, dark spots, and imperfections so you can put your best face forward! It’s no wonder we made it the hero ingredient in our best-selling Dark Spot Corrector!

Step 3:

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Want to know the magic trick to perfect skin?! It’s consistency! One of the most important things you need to do when resetting your skin is to be consistent with your new habits. It’s one thing to use good skincare once in a while but if you aren’t using your products morning and night every single day, you’re never going to see the best effects.

Skincare isn’t about one product but a routine that is formulated to work in synergy. Using products from all different kinds of brands can slow down the results you see because they weren’t formulated to work together. Instead, opt for high-quality products that were made specifically to work together. Including anti-aging peptides, serums, and creams, you’ll be able to get amazing results you’ll be proud to show off! Stick with your skincare reset and you’ll be basking in compliments in no time!

Here Are 3 Secret Uses For Your Eye Serum That You Never Knew!

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Eye serums are used to help curb dark circles, remove puffy eye bags, and help reduce wrinkles – but did you know that there are other places you can use it than your eyes that will yield big results?

Eye serums aren’t just for eyes anymore! Here are a few sneaky ways and places you can use your eye serum to help perfect your skin and keep you looking your best!

The Tops of Your Hands

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We spend so much time trying to make our faces look younger that we sometimes forget obvious places that can show our true age. When you get older, your face skin won’t be the only place with dark spots and wrinkles. Because we use our hands for so much, and they are often left exposed to the sun and other elements that the tops of your hands can give away your age almost instantly.

The cool thing about this trick is you don’t need to use any extra product to see results, you just need to change your application technique. When you use your Eye Recovery Serum, apply it to the tops of your hands, and use your fingers to apply it to your eyes. Once finished, rub the tops of your hands together to absorb the leftover serum. This will help smooth the look of wrinkles on your hands and make them look younger. It will also help with any sun damage or age spots on your hand by brightening them away thanks to antioxidant ingredients that repair the damage.

Your Lips

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One of the most active parts of your face is your mouth as it makes many different repeated patterns daily that can lead to jowls, wrinkles, and lines. Lip lines are especially common among Americans over 50 and are visible when you pucker your lips together. Lip lines are normal but can be accelerated by smoking or other bad habits. If you are suffering from lip lines, your eye serum may be able to help!

Applying a little bit of your eye serum around your lips is going to help plump lip lines and give you more youthful-looking lips. Thanks to ingredients like NAD+™ and Aldavine™ it will be much more effective at helping to remove lip wrinkles than any lip scrubs on the market. This isn’t a new trick, in fact, celebrity facialists have always recommended this trick to celebrities before red carpets or big events to help their lipstick look even better!

Your Glabella

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You might be thinking “what the heck is my glabella?!” but we promise you’ve noticed wrinkles there before. Your glabella is the skin on your forehead, between your eyebrows, and above your nose that often wrinkles with expressions. Over time, these wrinkles can become really deep and stay visible even when your face isn’t making an expression. Your eye serum is the perfect weapon to fix this tricky area!

Because the wrinkles here are from repeated movement, you need something extra strong to help tackle these wrinkles and plump them out of sight. Applying a bit of your eye serum to your glabella will help soften the lines and give you a more youthful complexion. Best of all, if you keep using your eye serum there as part of your daily routine, it will help prevent deeper lines from forming which can help slow down the aging process in your glabella for years to come!

Three Reasons You’re Not Seeing Results With Your Current Routine

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Is there anything more frustrating than doing everything you can for your skin only to see any improvement? Everyone has skincare goals they’re trying to achieve but getting down on yourself for lack of results can make you want to give up.

Before you do, you should know there are a few easy tweaks that you can make to see optimal results in your skin. These aren’t drastic or painful measures, just simple tips that experts swear can provide results.

Adding these tweaks to your skincare routine will have you smashing your skincare goals in no time!

Get Some Extra Sleep

sleep, sleep for better skin, skincare tips, skincare hacks, skincare adviceWhat would adding an hour of sleep a night do for your skin? Well, experts agree that it can really transform your skin and kickstart results if you’ve had trouble achieving them in the past. Our bodies do the most healing while we sleep and repairing damage to the skin is no exception.

No matter how amazing your skincare products, you can expect dullness, dryness and exaggerated wrinkles if you’re not getting enough sleep. If you have trouble falling asleep, try putting electronics away at least an hour before bed and avoid coffee in the afternoons so you can wind down easily at night.

Apply Your Products Correctly

skincare tips, skincare advice, skincare hacks, skincare application, how to apply skincare productsUsing great products will do absolutely nothing for your skin if you’re using them wrong. Like baking a cake, skincare is as much a science as it is a hobby and making sure you apply your products can reduce the time it takes to see results.

In the interest of keeping a simple routine, all you really need are three effective products to protect your skin and reduce wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. Always make sure you’re thoroughly cleansing your skin twice a day minimum, applying peptide-rich moisturizer morning and night, and using a product that’s made specifically for your delicate eye area – which ages twice as fast as the rest of your face.

Make A Lifestyle Change

yoga for skincare, workouts for good skin, great skin, skincare tips, skincare trendsSometimes the lack of results is because your lifestyle is undoing all the good of your routine. If you’re a smoker, heavy drinker, or have a soft spot for greasy fast food, do your best to cut back on these vices. What you put in and around your body can be crucial in seeing results on your journey to wrinkle-free skin.

Lifestyle changes aren’t only about cutting things out, but about adding healthy and beneficial changes to your everyday life. Something as simple as a 30-minute daily walk or yoga can help increase blood flow to the skin, and give it some breathing room in nature. Not only will this help erase wrinkles and keep your skin bright, but it will have overall benefits to your health!

Here’s How You Can Re-Purpose Your Empty Skin Care Bottles

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Skincare brands have a knack for producing some of the most beautiful bottles and jars to house their products. When we finish our favorite cream or serum, we usually just chuck the empty packaging into the trash, causing lots and lots of waste.

Thanks to some fun research, we’ve come up with a few of the best ways to create less waste from your skincare routine and re-purpose your product containers!

Keep Them For Travel

skincare hacks, skincare tips, recycle skin care products, diy skincareOver the last 10 years, airports have become much stricter with the size and amount of liquid or gel you can carry on an airplane. The rule is that you can bring anything under 3.4 oz and enough 3.4 oz containers to fill a large clear ziplock bag.

If you find that any of your empties fall under 3.4 oz, set them aside with your travel items to re-fill before a big flight. Instead of throwing them in the trash, give them a good rinse and let them dry before putting in any new product you’d like to bring for travel. Even skin cream containers can be good to store hair products or makeup when traveling.

Make A Vase

diy skincare, skincare tips, recycle skin care, Most skincare packaging is so pretty, you’d be happy to see sitting out every day, but most also have easy to remove labels. If you find you’ve got leftover cleanser jars, give new life to them by turning them from trash into treasure and creating a beautiful flower vase.

Once your bottle has been cleaned and emptied, add a bit of room temperature water to it and add your flowers. You can also look for fun design DIY’s for the outside of the bottle on Pinterest or Google to match it to any decor you already have!

Save Them For Your Next DIY Skincare Project

skincare hacks, skincare tips, recycle skincare, skincare diy, diy skincareDIY skincare can be a super fun activity to do alone or even with the family! There are millions of search results online for make-at-home skincare and everyone can find one that works for them – with ingredients they already have! Most of these DIY’s are super easy and fun to make.

The whole point of DIY is to reduce, reuse and recycle so save your empties for your next skincare project! The empty bottles and containers from your skin care routine can serve as a new storage solution for your homemade creation! Just make sure to wash the containers well and mark the date you put the products in it so you know when they’ve soiled or gone bad!

Is A Silk Pillowcase The Secret To Younger Looking Skin?

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There is always something new in the world of skin care and the battle against aging skin. Recently, the most trendy product has been the silk pillowcase,  popping up all over the internet claiming it works wonders for your wrinkles and skin. Having fallen victim to unnecessary products that don’t actually help, we couldn’t help but be a little skeptical.

Although soft and beautiful, silk pillowcases can come with a hefty price tag and before making a big investment, we’re going to break down if changing your pillowcase to silk can make a difference in your skin.

The Silk Pillowcase Claim

silk pillow, silk pillowcase for skin, silk pillow for wrinklesIn recent months, beauty gurus have been hailing the silk pillowcase as the fountain of youth and an easy adjustment to your routine that can provide serious results if you’re trying to fight wrinkles.

The promise behind silk pillowcases is that it will help your skin look and feel younger by providing a softer, less harsh place to rest your face. They seem to believe that your cotton pillowcase is the cause of early signs of aging because of how harsh it can feel on the face as you move in your sleep. They believe using silk allows your face to glide across the pillow with less pulling and therefore, fewer wrinkles.

The Facts

silk pillow, silk pillow for wrinkles, anti-aging, silk pillow for skinThe science behind the claims of using a silk pillowcase can be difficult to back up. Unlike skincare products with scientific evidence that they reverse wrinkles, there is very little information or literature from legitimate sources on the benefits of splurging on a silk pillowcase to fight wrinkles.

While experts believe that there isn’t any real harm to switching pillows to silk, they also don’t believe there is any benefit that can even come close to using a comprehensive anti-aging skincare routine. In fact, most doctors say your hard earned money is much better spent on quality products than unproven frills like silk pillowcases.

The Verdict

pillow wrinkles, silk pillow, silk pillowcase, anti-aging skincareWhen it comes to your skin, you need to trust your gut and do what feels best for you. Despite not having scientific evidence to back up the claims of a silk pillowcase, if you find that your skin is improving after the switch, there is no harm in continuing to use it.

If you’re on a tight budget, stick to splurging on products vs. fads like the silk pillow. Skincare experts agree that regardless if you jump on this trend or not, a pillowcase will never be a suitable replacement for a peptide-rich skincare routine that will nourish and heal your skin directly on contact.


Would you try the silk pillowcase trend? Let us know in the comments below!