These Common Moisturizing Mistakes Will Hurt Your Results

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When we spend time and money on our skin, we expect to see results. Sadly, some people will use their products for months before seeing anything – and we know why it’s not working.

It turns out there is more to results than just using a product. Here are a few of the biggest mistakes people make in their moisturizing routine and how it’s holding your skin back.

It’s “Multipurpose”

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It may be enticing to see a two in one product in stores. While they promise to help your skin in more ways than one, oftentimes these ingredients cancel each other out and you get fewer results from a product that promises more. Take SPF and peptides for instance. When you mix an SPF into a moisturizer with high-quality peptides, it can make the SPF work less and the peptides too. That means you’ll be putting the same amount of effort into your routine but getting less back from it.

If you want to see real results, stop trying to double up steps in your routine and buy products that have one specific function. If you need SPF, apply sunscreen on top of your routine (and don’t forget to re-apply!). If you’re looking to fight wrinkles, finding a high-powered peptide moisturizer will help deliver results without compromising ingredients. So the next time you go to choose a moisturizer, don’t try and find a one-size-fits-all and opt for something that will target wrinkles and lines specifically!

It’s For The Wrong Skin Type

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In an effort to sell you even more products, so many brands these days are dividing products up by skin type and recommending them that way. Sadly, this is nothing more than a marketing ploy as any high-quality product should be suitable for all skin types. Unless you are using synthetic ingredients, parabens, and other harmful agents in your products, there is no reason it shouldn’t work for everyone.

When we formulated our products, we used only the best quality ingredients to ensure that they would never cause dryness, irritation, or greasy skin. That means that no matter what your skin type, you can benefit from the hydration and peptides in every bottle of South Beach Skin Lab. Stop being fooled into buying skin-type specific products and opt for higher quality products that work for everyone!

You’re Applying It Dry

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There is nothing we love more than sharing tips that will make a huge impact on your routine – and this is one of them! When you apply your moisturizer, did you know that it will work even better if it’s applied to damp skin instead of dry? We’ve been taught to apply products to a dry face but recent studies have shown that you’ll get better results and more hydration if you apply your moisturizer right after cleansing.

If you follow your Lavender Oil Cleanser with your Repair & Release Cream, it will allow the product to go deeper into pores and provide hydration to all layers of your skin. It will also help the peptides work even better since they’ve been applied to a clean and damp canvas. This should help you get better results – and much faster than usual! Who knew one little trick could help so much with your results!

These Popular Skincare Products Are Actually Terrible For You

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We hope that any products we purchase in stores will be safe for us and our skin – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It turns out that many popular products are doing more harm than good.

We consulted with experts to divulge the worst common skincare products that are being sold and how can you avoid damage from them. Here’s what you should steer clear of…


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For over 100 years, skincare companies have pushed us to purchase and use soap in our skincare routine. Up until a few years ago, harsh foaming soap was really the only option to help you clean your skin. They trick you into thinking they work because they foam up giving the illusion of cleaning but the truth is, it’s harming your skin and your pH levels.

Washing with soap is going to dry out your skin. The surfactants which make it foam are notorious for disrupting your pH levels and causing redness and irritation. Instead, millions of American’s are finding relief from soap in oil cleansing. Formulated with hydrating and nourishing oils like lavender and tea tree, it helps get skin clean without toxic surfactants. It will also go deeper into pores to clear dirt and free radicals than soap ever could.

Brightening Masks

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There are thousands of skin masks available and many of them promise to help brighten skin. Could it really be that easy? Well, experts have revealed that brightening masks do little to nothing in the long term to help fight dull skin and dark spots. These masks are often a one-time treatment which raises concern for skin doctors. While they may provide temporary relief, they’re really just a waste of money for lasting results.

If you want to brighten your complexion, the best and fastest way to do it with the power of vitamin C. This amazing antioxidant ingredient can brighten your entire complexion as it works to smooth and even your imperfections. By applying products that have ample amounts of vitamin C, you will brighten skin over time and have lasting results. In order for you to cure dullness for good, you can skip pricey masks and opt for a long-term solution that takes less than a minute!

Harsh Exfoliants

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Sugar, coffee, and salt scrubs have been around forever, but if you’re using them on your face, you’re causing extreme damage to your skin. Harsh exfoliants create micro-tears in your skin that can lead to premature aging and even infections. Those scrubs can work wonders for your body but you need to exfoliate the skin with a gentle exfoliant for optimal health and excellent results.

Did you know that oil has the ability to gently exfoliate without tearing your skin? It’s been hailed as the safest way to exfoliate the skin and oil cleansing makes it easier than ever. The best part of all is that it only takes one step in your routine to clean and exfoliate. You’ll save lots of money on additional products and the results will be brighter and healthier skin. You’ll be able to remove dead skin cells and clean your face with ease every single day!

Three Easy Ways To Reset Your Skin For Better Results!

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Even if you have the best anti-aging routine in the world, sometimes your skin needs a reset to be able to reap the full benefits of anti-aging ingredients.

If you haven’t seen the results you’ve been hoping for, use these three steps to reset your skin so you can see better results and have your skincare routine working to its full potential!

Step 1:

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The first step to re-setting skin is making sure you’ve got a blank canvas to work with that will absorb all the best peptides and proteins for your skin. This starts with a great cleansing routine – but not just any soap will do! These days, more American’s are moving away from soap and discovering the endless benefits of using oil to cleanse their face. For women especially, it’s become so popular because of its amazing ability to clean impurities and remove makeup in one easy step.

Oil cleansing won’t just make your face cleaner on the surface, but it will also dig deep to remove impurities clogging pores to help them look smaller! When you’re trying to reset your skin it’s important to make sure all of the free radicals, pollution, and dirt are removed so that it will help you see even better results when you use your anti-aging products!

Step 2:

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If you stop to think about how much of a beating your skin takes, you’ll truly be amazed by its resiliency. From acne and scars to dark spots and sun damage, so many factors can negatively affect how our skin looks. Sadly, most of these factors add to the speed at which your skin ages and can all lead to you looking older than you are. An important part of re-setting your skin will be helping to fade imperfections and help your skin repair itself.

The most effective skincare ingredient for jump-starting your skin’s healing process is vitamin C. For starters, vitamin C is going to help boost your collagen production to plump and soften wrinkles. It’s also packed with antioxidants that help fade and remove scars, dark spots, and imperfections so you can put your best face forward! It’s no wonder we made it the hero ingredient in our best-selling Dark Spot Corrector!

Step 3:

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Want to know the magic trick to perfect skin?! It’s consistency! One of the most important things you need to do when resetting your skin is to be consistent with your new habits. It’s one thing to use good skincare once in a while but if you aren’t using your products morning and night every single day, you’re never going to see the best effects.

Skincare isn’t about one product but a routine that is formulated to work in synergy. Using products from all different kinds of brands can slow down the results you see because they weren’t formulated to work together. Instead, opt for high-quality products that were made specifically to work together. Including anti-aging peptides, serums, and creams, you’ll be able to get amazing results you’ll be proud to show off! Stick with your skincare reset and you’ll be basking in compliments in no time!

Is There A Reason Some People Age Much Faster Than Others?

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Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt like you look older than your friends and peers? You may think you’re going crazy but in fact – you might be right.

There are so many factors that go into how we age and how quickly we do it, but is there any real science behind it? Our team decided to investigate what makes you age faster or slower than others!


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Before we are even born, our genetics begin to develop and traits about our bodies are already being designed. So much of how you look and feel can be because of your genetics but there can be other factors too. When it comes to how quickly you age, your genetics can play a large role but thankfully there are options to slow it down if your genetics are working against you and not with you.

If you noticed you started going grey or getting wrinkles before your friends and family, it could be because of your genetics. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer based on the genetic hand you were dealt. Opting for an anti-aging routine that focuses on repairing damage is a great way to fight back against wrinkles and genetics. It will also help control the depth and speed at which new wrinkles appear so you can keep your face look young and beautiful even if your genetics planned otherwise.


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Dirt, pollution, UV rays – it can sometimes feel like everything about the environment is trying to make you age faster. Where you live and the air that surrounds you can play a vital role in how quickly you age- but it doesn’t mean you have to suffer. If you spend ample time in the sun or live near a big city with lots of pollution, the wrinkles you see can be attributed to those factors.

Since packing up your life or living under a sun umbrella aren’t realistic, there are some easy ways you can reverse and protect your skin from environmental factors. Using a powerful cleanser to wash away dirt and free radicals that cause aging is going to be one of your best defenses against wrinkles. You’ll also want to protect your skin daily by wearing a moisturizing cream like our Repair & Release Cream that forms a barrier over pores so that your skin is protected from factors like pollution that will make wrinkles look so much worse!


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Good habits can improve our lives greatly, but bad habits can sometimes affect your life and your skin. Your nightly glass of pinot, your “social” cigarette, or your guilty habit of fast-food drive-thurs could all be silently contributing to your wrinkles and accelerated aging. No one is perfect and we aren’t say to give up all your bad habits, but if you want to keep them around without aging faster and looking older, you need some good habits to combat them!

One of the best habits you can get into is a solid skincare routine. Not just one product, but at least three steps every morning and night that help you protect your skin and repair wrinkles for good. This will also give you a few moments of peace every day so that you can practice self-care without guilt. Using a skincare routine won’t totally undo the damage from your bad habits, but it’s going to make a world of difference in how quickly your skin ages, and help keep you looking younger for longer!

What’s The Real Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Skincare?

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When you look at your options for skincare, you can find a range of products from drug stores to Sephora. Price points can be confusing when choosing products, but is there really a difference between the cheap ones and the expensive ones?

We did some investigating and found the top differences between cheap skincare products and expensive ones and here’s what we found…


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Drug stores often sell skincare products at a very low price. You may find that some of the drugstore products include ingredients you hear about in more expensive skincare, so what makes them different? The biggest difference, aside from price, is the concentration of those ingredients inside the products themselves. Just because they list the ingredient on the cheaper skincare doesn’t mean it has enough of that ingredient to make a difference in your skin.

High-end skincare, on the other hand, contains ample amounts of important ingredients like shea butter and argan oil, as well as powerful peptides and proteins. The concentration and potency of these ingredients is much higher in professional skincare products which will help you see results much faster.


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Do you know where your drugstore skincare products are coming from? If you knew the ugly truth, most mainstream, lower-cost skincare products come from other countries like China and South Korea. While even some professional-level skincare is made in these countries, you can never be sure of their labs and processes. Many of these other countries also have little or no regulation when it comes to animal testing.

When you manufacture products in the USA, it costs more to produce because of the higher standards and better ingredients. More professional skincare products, like our South Beach Skin Lab collection, are made on American soil and are never tested on animals.


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No matter how cheap or expensive your skincare is, most of the time you can expect to see some kind of result. From less expensive products, you might still feel like your skin is moisturized, or have cleaner skin after washing – but that’s about all. With lower-end skincare products, it can often take much longer to see positive results because they are manufactured to solve an immediate problem, and not to repair prior damage to the skin, or prevent further damage.

With high-end skincare, you can expect some immediate results like increased hydration, but the longer-term benefits they offer make them worth every single penny. When you choose a high-quality skincare routine, it will not only repair any previous damage to your skin like wrinkles, dark spots and lines, but it will work hard at regenerating your skin to prevent future damage and help you look your absolute best!

You Can’t Achieve Healthy Skin Without These Three Things…

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For your skin to flourish, it needs the help of ingredients that support it. With so many different skincare options available today, it’s important to know what your skin really needs and which ingredients will deliver it.

Years of studies have shown that there are a few things that your skin needs before you can start seeing any difference in your skin. We’ve compiled the most important ones to help you see the results you’re looking for.


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Antioxidants are present in all aspects of life from the foods you eat to the products you put on your skin. Without question, antioxidants are one of the most important things your skin needs. Applying antioxidants in your products should help you see the most noticeable results to your skin. They will also help deliver the support your skin needs to heal and clear itself of free radicals.

Antioxidants can come from lots of different places like pomegranate extracts, grape seeds, and even soy but one kind of antioxidant rules them all….vitamin C! Vitamin C has long been hailed the master of antioxidants and that’s exactly why it’s a key ingredient in our Dark Spot Corrector. Dark spots are often a sign of skin damage and the powerful antioxidants in vitamin C will help correct your dark spots and even skin tone.

Skin Replenishing Ingredients

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In order for the skin to feel smooth and appear free of wrinkles and lines, it requires certain skin-replenishing ingredients to help. These ingredients work to support the natural mechanisms of your skin and help to preserve the ideal moisture levels in your skin.

Some of the top skin-replenishing ingredients include ceramides, fatty acids, peptides, and glycerin. With consistent use, these replenishing ingredients can help your skin retain moisture, make skin feel smoother, and work to improve the overall texture of your skin. It’s no surprise that many of the ingredients listed above are some of the most powerful and effective ones that we’ve used in our Repair & Release Cream formulations. In fact, improvements in moisture and skin texture are some of the top feedback we’ve had from customers about their experience with our products!

An Effective Cleansing Routine

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If you aren’t washing your skin properly, you’re practically throwing out all the hard work you do for the rest of your routine. Without a clean face, the nutrients and peptides in your skin routine won’t be able to penetrate the skin properly and therefore, won’t deliver the results you were promised.

A cleansing routine isn’t just as simple as washing your face. In fact, most people require a makeup removal step as well as washing with a traditional cleanser. An effective cleansing routine however only needs one powerful product to be able to help achieve both. With our Lavender Oil Cleanser, it was specially formulated to help remove makeup and dirt with one easy step, while also delivering anti-aging ingredients to your skin and leaving it with a soft texture. It leaves skin prepped and ready to deliver the beneficial ingredients of your skincare routine to the layers of skin that matters most.

These Tips Will Help Banish Sagging Jowls For Good!

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The first morning you look in the mirror and notice them can be one of the most alarming days of your life. If you’re over the age of 40, chances are you’ve developed sagging jowls and need something powerful to help them disappear.

Here are some of our most effective tricks and tips for not only stopping jowls from getting worse but reversing them too!

Sleep on your back

As we age, our levels of collagen and elastin drop dramatically, especially after your 30’s. Most people notice this by a loss of elasticity in the skin which produces jowls. It will happen when you apply repeated pressure to your face, like sleeping on your side or stomach, and it will pull at the skin and breakdown even more collagen and elastin than you’d normally use.

The best way to avoid this is by sleeping on your back. We know that it can be difficult to get used to, especially if you’re a side sleeper, but the benefits for your skin will be endless! Not only will it help stop jowls from getting worse, but it will help with eye wrinkles, inflammation and even moisture levels in your skin. It’s also been proven that sleeping on your back results in less clogged pores and dullness thanks to your face avoiding the dirt and irritation of your pillow.

Use The Right Kind of Products

Peptide-rich moisturizers are usually the number one choice for fighting jowls but your skin may need something a little stronger. If you suffer from existing jowls, a moisturizer alone will not be able to reverse the damage as drastically as a product that is specifically made to deal with sagging skin as well as the loss of collagen and elastin. The perfect answer is our Neck Firming Cream.

Formulated with shea butter, sunflower oil, and caffeine, it will work to not only reduce the chances of making jowls worse, it will completely reverse the damage you already see, no matter how deep your jowls are already. It’s also powered by the award-winning patented Essenskin™ peptide which fortifies and restructures your skin with an abundance of calcium and amino acids. The result is skin that feels tight, lifted, and looks visibly younger!

Be Consistent

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What will make the biggest difference in the results you’re looking for? Consistency is the key! By being consistent and keeping healthy skin habits top of mind, you’ll be able to get results faster and have them last longer than if you fall back to your old habits. Consistency isn’t just using one product, it’s taking care of your skin from every angle.

From proper cleansing to deep and lasting hydration, your skin will thrive from routine. When you combine an easy to use routine with effective ingredients, that’s when you’ll start to notice out of this world results. Instead of depending on just one thing to change your skin and repair sagging and jowls, keep in mind that a consistent routine that provides nutrients and peptides will outperform any other efforts of reversing jowls and stopping them from getting worse.

You Probably Didn’t Realize These Everyday Things Are Aging You

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We have so much to worry about every single day that it’s easy to forget about some of our “harmless” bad habits. No one is perfect, and we’re not asking you to be, but these easy and avoidable things are likely the cause of your skin woes.

We’re finally ready to pull the curtain back and share with you the worst everyday habits that you never even knew were aging your skin.

Inflammatory Foods

processed foods, skincare foods, good skin foods, food for great skinYou are what you eat and as your largest organ, your skin can tell what’s going into your body and reacts accordingly. If you’re feeding your body lots of vegetable oils, margarine, red meats or processed bread and sugars, you’re not doing your skin or anti-aging routine any favors.

Ingredients like the ones we’ve listed above have been shown to break down collagen and elastin which will have your skin stressed out and wrinkling worse than ever before. To help reverse the negative effects, including lots of fish oils, omega 3’s and veggies. These will help rebuild the lost collagen in the skin as well as fight free radicals to keep further damage at bay.

Happy Hour

happy hour, alcohol and skin, skincare tips, drinking and skin health, skin health, anti-aging routineWhen you drink alcohol, there are tons of effects it has on the body, both good and bad. While many people experience dehydration as a result of drinking, your skin can get dehydrated too making wrinkles, lines, and breakouts much worse than they should be. We’re not suggesting you give up alcoholic drinks, but a few small gestures to your skin can go a long way.

For starters, if you’re drinking then you need to make sure you pay extra attention to nourishing your skin both before and after your evening of cocktails. Using a hydrating moisturizer and a creamy oil cleanser will help rebalance the natural oils in your skin and refine the look of wrinkles up to 50%. Also, eat a healthy meal before heading our for drinks and drink water between cocktails to keep away dehydration!

Air Pollution

pollution and skin, pollution and skin aging, pollution, skincare, anti-agingAir quality in big cities can be poor, but even if you’re out in the country it doesn’t mean you aren’t under the effects of pollution interacting with your skin. In recent years, research has shown that smog and other pollution can infest your skin with more free radicals than any amount of sun exposure and as we know, free radicals = deep wrinkles.

Protecting your skin from pollution is super important and one of the easiest ways to do that is cleansing your face thoroughly with an oil cleanser that digs deep into pores. Once a day isn’t enough to fight off the effects of smog so make sure you’re using your oil cleanser both morning and night just to not just clean pores but create a barrier to defend your skin.