We’re Breaking Down The Science Behind This Game-Changing Peptide

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When you think of powerful skincare, peptides are the number one ingredients that come to mind. Peptides can do lots of wonderful things for your skin, but none seem as powerful as Matrixyl.

What makes this peptide so special? We talked to skincare experts to give you the 411 on this multi-faceted and super effective peptide your skin shouldn’t be without!

It Repairs

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As we get older, our skin starts to slow down its production of collagen. Collagen is the building block of healthy skin and without it, you’re likely to experience wrinkles, dullness, and sagging skin. This damage can be difficult to reverse, but that’s what makes Matirxyl so special! This peptide is excellent for repairing the damage from loss of collagen and plumping your skin back up.

When you apply your Repair & Release Cream formulated with Matrixyl, you’re delivering this powerful peptide to every skin cell on your face. It will go down to the deeper layers of your skin to start repairing your collagen production so you can naturally fight off wrinkles. Best of all, it can also repair pigmentation, sagging, and dull skin thanks to the many benefits of Matrixyl.

It Revives

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When your skin starts aging, it is your body’s way of screaming out for help. All the cells in your body are living and some of them don’t function properly all the time. If your skin isn’t functioning, then it’s creating more signs of aging that you’ll inevitably have to fight off. Instead of suffering from the effects of aging, using Matrixyl can help revive your skin and bring it back to a more youthful state.

Matrixyl works on a cellular level to help revive skin and reverse damage. What it does is go deep into the skin and help increase your production of hyaluronic acid. This is a special compound that keeps skin youthful and plump that you can’t afford to live without. When you apply Matrixyl daily, you’ll notice an improvement in the look of your skin and you’ll admire the glow of revived skin!

It Protects

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Collagen can help keep your skin safe but when you lose it as you get older, how can you stay protected? Thankfully, the main function of Matrixyl is to help your body naturally replenish its collagen so it can keep skin protected long after it is applied. When skin is protected, it going to help reduce your chances of more wrinkles, which should be top of mind when considering your anti-aging goals.

By applying Matirxyl twice daily in your Repair & Release Cream, you’ll be protecting your skin through beneficial peptides and amino acids. This is going to make sure that the same elements that damaged your skin in the first place can’t strike again. Fighting wrinkles may not be easy, but keeping damage at arm’s length can be when your skin is protected with Matirxyl peptides!

This Is What Most Women Wish They Knew Before Getting Botox

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In the last decade, the use of injectables like filler and Botox has become the norm for many women across America. While some prefer to avoid needles and injections, others lined up for botox like it was going out of style, only to end up with regrets.

After chatting with different women about their Botox experiences, here are the things they wish they knew before going under the needle, and what you can do instead to get great results.

It’s Not Forever

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Botox hails itself as one of the best treatments available to fill and plump wrinkles to make you look younger. One fact they often forget to mention is that the effects of Botox are not permanent and can have you shelling out thousands of dollars every few months to keep your winkles filled. While this might be in the budget for some A-List celebrities, it’s not a realistic solution for most people.

Instead of shelling out your money on procedures that don’t give lasting results, opt for ingredients in your skincare routine that will provide long term results you can see and feel. Ingredients like Matrixyl are great for giving you a quick fix, but also delivering the right nutrients to your skin so that the results can last for years to come!

It Doesn’t Erase Wrinkles

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When you picture Botox, you think of a wrinkle-free face on the cover of a magazine that looks years younger than their natural age. A common misconception about Botox is that it erases wrinkles but the reality is that it simply freezes your facial muscles to keep you from contracting your face in ways that deepen wrinkles and lines. It seems a little misleading to us which is why we were happy to discover there are actual ingredients that can help erase wrinkles without freezing your face.

If you haven’t heard of Proage it might be because its one of the newest and most effective ingredients in skincare today. It has an incredible ability to increase the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin so that you can actually help plump your wrinkles and erase them for good. While Botox can provide some fix for wrinkles, it will never match the power of Proage!

Too Much Ages You Faster

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While most Botox doctors and nurses would like you to believe that the more you have, the better you look, having too much Botox does the opposite. Because it freezes your facial muscles, those muscles will weaken over time, and using Botox makes it happen much faster.

Instead of risking the chance of wrinkles getting worse over time from weakened facial muscles, find a high-quality routine that can truly nourish your skin without the risk of it ever making wrinkles worse. The right kind of ingredients will be able to deliver your desired results without causing long term damage to your skin. Look for ingredients that boost collagen and elastin and that can help restructure your skin.

Dr. Ryan Answers Important Questions About Botox + Aging

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Sometimes we’re tempted to go to extremes in the pursuit of youthful, wrinkle-free skin. One of the more drastic options when it comes to anti-aging is Botox and it is one of the most commonly discussed topics with Dr. Ryan Shelton in his practice.

Dr. Shelton knows a thing or two about skin safety and getting results so here’s here to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Botox to help you make the best decision.

Can Botox remove existing wrinkles or is it purely preventative?  

botox, wrinkles, wrinkle care, botox questions, wrinkles, anti-agingRemoving anything from your body is going to be painful and expensive and to really “remove” wrinkles, you’ll be looking for laser treatments or facelifts.

Botox will simply freeze the muscles you inject it to doing two important things. The first is that it will smooth out existing wrinkles to the point where they are much less noticeable.  It will also freeze the muscles that it was injected into, limiting movement and helping to prevent future wrinkles from excessive facial expressions. In short, Botox can’t remove anything but it can help smooth for now and prevent for later.

How does Botox affect the overall health of your skin?

oily skin, botox side effects, botox, botox face, fillers, wrinkles, linesUsing botox can have some seriously harmful effects but most people will experience mild reactions like increased oil production where the injection was done, or redness and itchy skin.

To minimize the downsides of Botox on your skin, switch to an oil-based cleanser to help keep your oil production under control and revive your skin back to a balanced pH level. Using a moisturizer with natural ingredients will also limit the negative side effects you’ll notice from Botox.

Botox isn’t a permanent solution. Does this mean you need to continue getting it?

botox, safety of botox, needles, skincare hacks, anti-agingDespite what some doctors would like you to think, Botox is not a one-time solution that will keep you looking wrinkle-free forever.  Botox, like any skincare endeavor, requires upkeep and effort to maintain results. While Botox can provide you a few months of fewer wrinkles, you will be required to go back for touch-ups every few months which can carry a hefty price tag.

Unless you’ve got thousands of dollars a year to designate to your Botox treatments, I suggest sticking with an effective and proven skincare routine that is going to provide long term results and not just a temporary solution.

While Botox may seem appealing, just remember that it’s going to cost you big bucks and most of the time, you can achieve similar results with your South Beach Skin Lab Routine.