How To Protect Your Skin From These 3 Types of Sun Damage

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We’re in the middle of summer and there is no better time of year to head outside and catch some rays. While you may slather on SPF before heading out, there are a few unexpected ways the sun could be hurting your skin.

If you suffer from any of the sun-related skin issues below, learn how you can help reduce damage from UV rays while taking years off your look!


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When you think of summer you think sweaty and sticky – but the summer heat and sun can dry out your skin. You may not see or feel it on the surface, but the damage is happening in the deeper layers of your skin and drying them out. When skin is dry, wrinkles and lines look worse, so keeping skin hydrated while spending time outside is crucial to seeing more youthful results.

When fighting dryness in the summer, you need to treat it differently than in winter. Opt for a lightweight but powerful moisturizer packed with peptides instead of applying thick moisturizers that can clog pores. This will deliver hydration not just to the top layer of your skin but will penetrate deep to help prevent and reverse wrinkles. You’ll be able to sit outside in the sun without worrying that your wrinkles are getting or looking worse!

Free Radicals

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Free radicals get talked about a lot in the skincare world and it’s for good reason. Free radicals can live on our skin but are completely invisible. They are the main cause of loss of collagen which leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots, and a whole other host of anti-aging problems. So how do you fight something that you can’t see in the mirror? By making sure you’re washing them away every morning and night.

Free radicals living in your skin will cause more damage the longer they are there. Instead of taking your chances and letting them destroy your skin, opt for a cleanser that removes 100% of free radicals. Oil cleansers work better than any other type of cleanser because they go deeper into pores to remove more dirt and free radicals. Just by washing your face, you’ll be protecting your skin from one of the top predators of accelerated aging.


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Spending time outdoors is lovely until the next morning when you wake up with new spots all over your face. These are called sunspots and then can disrupt a clean and even complexion at any age. Sunspots are tiny signs of damage from the sun’s UV rays. When these rays hit your skin, it disrupts your pigmentation and can leave you feeling insecure and blotchy.

Some sunspots will go away on their own but others will stay permanently. Since you won’t know which is which, it’s best to treat all sunspots right away with a powerful blend of vitamin C. Skincare tools like our Dark Spot Corrector allow you to use it as a spot treatment or on your entire face. It won’t just help fight your sunspots but will brighten tired and dull skin that has been outside all day.

These Are The Easiest Ways To Protect Your Skin This Summer

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When the warm weather hits, we just want to head straight to the beach and enjoy summer. Sadly, being outside and summer weather can have some harmful effects on your anti-aging routine.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to suffer from the summer skin blues. Here are some easy ways you can protect your skin while you’re off enjoying your sunshine!


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When it comes to warm weather, one of the worst side effects on your skin is dryness. When your skin becomes dry, it’s not able to protect itself from signs of aging. Even worse is that dry skin is likely to make your wrinkles look deeper and worse than they really are. If you want to help your skin this summer and keep it hydrated, it’s as simple as incorporating some of nature’s more hydrating ingredients into your routine.

Some ingredients can hydrate the surface of your skin but only a few go to the deeper layers of your dermis. When it comes to rehydrating skin, opt for top ingredients like shea butter which can penetrate deep and relieve dryness. You can also find dryness relief from using a moisturizer formulated with coconut oil and sea buckthorn which can help reverse dry skin and add radiance to your summer glow.


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When skin looks dull and tired, one of the fastest and easiest ways to repair it is with exfoliation. In the past, exfoliating meant rubbing harsh beads on your face to remove dry skin. Sadly, this can cause microtears on your face and lead to more wrinkles and sagging. Instead of traditional exfoliants, opt for something that is just as effective, but much more gentle.

Oil cleansing is getting rave reviews for being one of the easiest and safest ways to exfoliate your skin. Because it uses oil to attach to dead skin instead of harshly rubbing it away, it can brighten skin without damage. It will also hydrate with every use so your skin will not only feel softer but will have lasting hydration even in the blazing summer heat.


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The best part about summer is days with family and friends spent in the sun. Sadly, prolonged sun exposure can lead to a host of skin problems that can make you age faster. Instead of suffering, you can combat some of these signs of UV damage to keep your skin and complexion looking youthful and healthy.

To protect your skin, you need to make sure you’re using a powerful SPF on top of your skincare routine every day. If you’re using South Beach Skin Lab products, we include a lot of ingredients with natural protection from UV rays so in addition to SPF that should help too. Just don’t forget to be washing sunscreen off your face at the end of every day with your Lavender Oil Cleanser. Sunscreen can trap dirt, sweat, and free radicals in your pores which lead to wrinkles. Your oil cleanser will help remove all the buildup in your skin and pores with ease and let you keep skin healthy and protected at the same time.