Shania Twain is 53, Fabulous and Spilling Her Skin Care Secrets!

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Shania Twain first made her way into our hearts and homes with her amazing voice and catchy country music hits. Decades later, she’s still one of the most gorgeous female musicians out there and seems to have figured out the fountain of youth!

Think this celeb spends her time on expensive facials and painful fillers? Think again! Shania’s skin care approach is so easy and low maintenance, anyone can replicate it! Here are just a few of the staples Shania swears by…

She Eats With Her Skin In Mind

shania twain, shania twain skin, celebrity skin care, celebrity skin tipsShania starts her days off by putting healthy and beneficial foods in her stomach starting with breakfast. She’s been honest that she avoids sugar and junk food when she can, and even travels with a blender in her hotel rooms to make smoothies.

Some of her favorite treats are raw coconut water, which she can mix in her smoothies, avocados which are high in fatty acids and great for skin, and lots of blueberries and almonds which help with antioxidants. Drinking her way to perfect skin has definitely worked well for Shania!

She is an SPF Junkie

shania twain, shania twain skin care, celebrity skin care, celebrity anti-agingShania may come from freezing cold Canada, but she understands that no matter what, the sun can age you much faster and protection from UV rays is crucial for great skin.

She has admitted to never leaving the house without proper SPF coverage and if she’s got a long day like filming a music video outside, she is regimented about re-applying to stay safe all day long from UV rays.

She LOVES Olive Oil

shania twain, shania twain skin, celebrity skin care, celebrity skin tips, celebrity tipsTurns out that the queen of country is just as in love with an Olive Oil Cleanser as we are! When asked about her favorite skincare ingredients, she couldn’t stop preaching about the amazing benefits of olive oil.

“Olive oil is everything. I’ll mix olive oil with any lotion for my body. I use olive oil on my face when I’m cleaning. I use olive oil on the ends of my hair when it’s dry. It is the star product in my life” says Twain. I guess the only thing that can impress this superstar is the power of olive oil!


These Easy-Care Houseplants Can Improve Your Skin Drastically

plants, skincare plants, plants for skin, anti-aging plants

Plants have always been an ideal addition to our households. Not only are most plants affordable, low-maintenance and good for your health, they can also have some amazing effects on your skin.

Now we’re not suggesting to ditch your entire South Beach Skin Lab routine for a few cacti, because great skin does require the right tools! That being said, experts have revealed that certain house plants can actually be really great for your skin and here are just a few of their recommendations!

Peace Lilies

peace lily, plants for skincare, skincare, anti-aging, wrinklesThe best plants for your skin are ones that provide a decent amount of humidity to the air, like the Peace Lily. These plants have large canopies and require lots of water so they end up adding that moisture back to the air and keeping skin from drying out.

The peace lily is not only a beautiful addition to any home but will help in both winter and summer to keep your skin looking it’s best. When skin is dry, wrinkles appear deeper and worse making you look older than you should. Adding peace lilies to your home is sure to have your skin feeling a surge of moisture leaving a beautiful glow to your complexion!


lavender, plants for skin, skincare plants, anti-agingYou’ve heard us talk before about the effects of stress and how it can make your skin look tired and wrinkles appear faster. The great news is that growing a little bit of lavender in your home will not only look beautiful but it will help you feel relaxed from its a naturally calming scent.

The stunning purple flowers of Lavender give off an amazing smell and experts have proven it to help people relax and unwind. So grab some lavender and let the relaxing smell fill your home and help you feel centered and grounded!

Aloe Vera

plants, aloe vera, plants for skincareAloe might seem familiar if you’ve ever dealt with a sunburn, but this beautiful plant can actually help your skin in more ways than one and is great to keep around the house!

Aloe Vera is very easy to keep alive so this is a great choice for those who don’t have a green thumb. Growing an Aloe plant is proven to help clean the air in your home, resulting in fewer toxins and free radicals forming. It’s also great to use topically for dry skin or any burns or cuts that happen around the house.

Fun Fact: Aloe incredibly soothing which is why it’s one of our key natural ingredients in our Repair & Release Cream!

What plants do you keep in your home to help with your skin? Share them with us in the comments below!

How Do You Know When It’s Time For A Facial Treatment?

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Nothing feels as good as being pampered at the spa for a day, but sometimes the price tag can be alarming. While we love to splurge on ourselves, there is a balance between taking care of your skin when it needs it and just blowing cold hard cash on excessive treatments.

So how do you know when it’s time to see the esthetician? Your skin speaks to you through different reactions and if you can learn to read those, you’ll know exactly when it’s time for some extra love. Here are a few easy signs that your skin is ready for a trip to the spa!

Your Skin is Dull and Flakey

dull and flakey skin, dull skin, flakey skin, spa treatments for dull skin, mud mask, spa masksNo matter how hydrating and nourishing your skin care routine is, you can accumulate dead skin cells on the surface of your face causing an overall dullness which can make wrinkles look awful.

If this sounds like your skin, perhaps it’s time to sit in for a hydrating facial treatment and some professional exfoliation. This will allow for the dead skin cells and dull skin to be safely cleared from your face and then provide a surge of hydration and brightening to your complexion!

You’ve Got Clogged Pores and Breakouts

clogged pores, extraction facial, acne facial, breakoutsBreakouts can happen at any age and there are so many factors like alcohol, pollution, and diet that can contribute to them. If you are suffering from enlarged pores, it can make those breakouts worse and if they are showing up consistently, it might be time for a facial.

Opt for an extraction facial or one for acne prone skin. The trained professionals will safely extract excess dirt and oil from pores without leaving marks on your face or breaking the skin. They can then treat your skin with oil-controlling products after to make sure your face stays clean and clear.

Your Face Feels Puffy

puffy face, puffy face remedy, facials, spa treatments for puffy skinIf the morning puffiness seems to last all day, perhaps it’s time to head to the spa for some professional help. When your skin appears puffy, there are a number of things that can be causing it and relief can be as easy as a few pressure points and a face massage.

Professional estheticians are highly trained in blockage and drainage points within the face. When puffiness is caused by excess toxins or blockages, they use their hands and specialized massage tools to release the tension from those points and release the toxins through drainage points. This will not only leave your face feeling like it’s had a great workout, but you’ll be amazing at what it can do for your complexion and reducing inflammation!

These Are The Sun Protection Staples You Need This Summer!

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Did you know that even on an overcast day, 80% of the suns UV rays are able to reach your skin? That means as the overcast skies clear and summer begins in full swing that we need to be making sure we’ve got our bases covered when it comes to sun protection.

Sunscreen is great but with the sun getting stronger each passing year, it’s time to take your sun protection game to the next level. These are a few tried and trusted staples to include in your summer outings to make sure you’re keeping your skin safe of UV rays and free radical damage.

A Chic Sun Hat

sun protection, uv protection, sun hat, skincareThank the fashion gods, a sturdy straw hat is a hot trend for summer 2019! There are tons of different sizes and styles to choose from and they are absolutely the safest way to keep your face safe from the sun, even if you are tanning your body.

Opt for a hat that covers not just your face but as much of your neck, chest and even shoulders if possible. The wider the brim of the hat, the more it will cover and protect. Aging and wrinkles from sun damage don’t just happen on your face, the can impact your neck and chest too.

Tip: If the weather is hot and your hat touches your forehead, make sure you’re thoroughly cleansing the area with your Olive Oil Cleanser to avoid clogged pores and breakouts from sweat.

Self Tanner

self tanner, uv protection, sun protection, sun and anti-agingFeeling like Casper the friendly ghost without a few hours tanning in the sun? We totally understand that your skin tone and tan can affect your confidence so that’s why we suggest getting your glow the non-traditional way.

With all the research that links skin cancer with sun exposure, there are more and more ways to spray tan or self-tan, and options for every budget. If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks, opt for a spray tan which will cover your whole body and is usually done by a professional. If you feel more confident, opts for a gradual tanning lotion from the drugstore to use on arms and legs to keep that vacation glow.

There are even tanning drops which you can add to a moisturizer like your Repair & Release Cream to add color to the face, but we suggest doing your research to find the best self-tanning option for yourself!

Have Two Sunscreens

sunblock, sunscreen, anti-aging, sun protection, uv protectionHaving one sunscreen probably won’t cut it if you’re looking for some serious sun protection. For your body, we suggest using a cream sunscreen over a spray as it’s harder to miss spots with the cream and won’t leave you with a patchy sunburn if you forget to reapply.

Make sure you’re using an alternative sunscreen for your face, and preferably one that is oil-free to avoid clogging pores. There are lots of brands that have a solid face stick that you can use over makeup so it can be re-applied throughout the day.

No matter what kind of sunscreen you’re using, make sure it has a minimum of SPF 30 protection and apply it after your Repair & Release Cream daily. If you’re spending your day outside in direct sunlight, you should re-apply at least every 80 minutes.


What are your tricks for keeping your skin safe from UV rays? Share them with us in the comments below!

Sharon Stone’s Best Advice For Eternally Youthful Skin

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How do you keep skin looking soft, vibrant and wrinkle-free at 61? Just ask Hollywood legend Sharon Stone since she seems to be the poster woman for skin that defies the laws of aging.

Through her many decades as a massive A-List star, Sharon Stone has tried pretty much every skincare trend there is but has fine-tuned her routine to a few easy steps that she never, ever skips.

Sharon Loves Natural Ingredients

sharon stone, celebrity skin care, anti-agingWhen she’s looking for a new product to try, she’s always checking labels and ingredients. Her lifestyle is very health-focused, and she has mentioned in interviews before that she doesn’t even eat processed foods or drink alcohol so it’s no surprise she’s after healthy ingredients.

Sharon opts for ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, and grape seed oil, all of which you can find in our best selling Repair & Release Cream. These types of ingredients are not only super effective at smoothing skin and erasing wrinkles, but they are very hydrating too.

She Is A Moisturizing Addict

celebrity skin care, sharon stone, anti-aging, skincareAlthough she admits that she isn’t brand loyal when it comes to a moisturizer, she has mentioned many times that it’s the one part of her routine she absolutely never skips. Sharon knows that a moisturizer that is formulated with powerful peptides is the best way to stay hydrated, but also prevents future wrinkles.

On top of her moisturizer, she never steps foot outside without slathering on a hydrating SPF to make sure her skin is safe from the negative effects of the sun. As we know, sun exposure is a major cause of accelerated aging and if we can look like Sharon, we would be happy to stay in the shade!

She Never Beats Herself Up Over Wrinkles

sharon stone, anti-aging, skincare, celebrity skin careSharon is proud of the signs of aging she does have and never gets too hard on herself about it. In a recent interview, she was asked what makes her feel sexiest and she responded that it was her wrinkles!

“I love a line around the eye or your mouth because it tells [someone] you’ve laughed and you’re going to laugh and be forgiving and embracing”. We love how she wears the few wrinkles she has like a badge of honor.

Sometimes it’s about learning to love what you have and using the right tools to fix what you can. Looking and feeling flawless will ALWAYS start from the inside out!

Green Tea Is The Only Ingredient You Need For Summer Skin!

green tea, green tea skincare, ingredients, natural ingredients, skincare ingredients, green tea for skin

Green Tea is a tasty way to start your day, but it also has amazing benefits for your skin! In recent years, this ingredient has been at the top of the list for most products because its affordable to produce and effective at helping your skin look and feel it’s best.

From acne to wrinkles, here are just a few ways that incorporating Green Tea into your skincare routine, or using products like our Repair & Release Cream that use it as a key ingredient can help your journey to perfect skin!

It Fights Wrinkles

eye wrinkles, eye care, skin care, green tea, skincare ingredientsBecause Green Tea is rich in polyphenols, it delivers amazing antioxidant properties to your face. These antioxidants help fight deep wrinkles while smoothing out fine lines for a more youthful look.

While green tea is great for fighting existing wrinkles, it’s also one of the most powerful natural ingredients for preventing and slowing down the rate at which you age and wrinkle.

It Helps With Sun Damage

UV protection, sun damage, green tea, skincare ingredientsAs we move into the warm summer months, sun protection becomes a major concern for those of us trying to avoid UV damage and accelerated aging from the sun. Luckily, research suggests that regular use of green tea for your skin can reduce sun damage.

Green Tea also helps fight free radicals which is another reason why it’s a powerful ally for sun protection.  Just make sure you’re not relying on the powerful effects of green tea alone, and that you’re applying at least SPF 30 every few hours throughout the day on top of your Repair & Release Cream to double up the effects of UV protection with powerful ingredients.

It Reduces Puffiness

skincare, skin care, skincare ingredients, green tea, face maskNothing can make our skin look worse than inflammation. It highlights discoloration, makes skin look and feel dehydrated, and can actually cause more wrinkles to form. Experts agree that one of the best defenses against puffiness is Green Tea.

Tannins, which occur naturally in the root and leaves of the green tea plant have amazing anti-inflammatory properties which help reduce puffiness and return your face back to its natural beauty. Say goodbye to puffy skin and hello to your best skin yet!


Is Micellar Water As Good At Cleansing As We Think?

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In the last few years, Micellar water has popped up on beauty shelves everywhere claiming to be the newest and most gentle way to remove dirt and makeup from your face.

Think it sounds too good to be true? So did we! That’s why we put Micellar water to the test to see if it could hold up against our Olive Oil Cleanser. Before we break down our results, we wanted to explain a bit more about what micellar water is and what it claims to do.

What Is Micellar Water?

cleansing, oil cleanser, micellar water, skin care, best practices for skinMicellar water is a clear liquid that is usually odorless and colorless and has a similar texture to water. Micellar water claims to have many benefits, like being great for sensitive skin. Many of the micellar waters we found also boasted about the fact that they are free of soaps and detergents, but we found that was sort of misleading, considering they have different types of chemicals in them that act the same way as a soap would.

How We Tried It

micellar water, skin care, cleansing, oil cleanser, skin care tipsWe followed directions to apply micellar water to a cotton pad and use that to wash our face at the end of the day. Throughout the day, we had used makeup, sunscreen and had been outside where pollution and dirt could have entered our pores.

After wiping our faces down with the cotton pad, we could see some makeup and dirt had been wiped away but we couldn’t help but feel that our skin wasn’t completely clean.

The Verdict

cleansing, south beach skin lab, oilve oil cleanser, skin careWe couldn’t get over the feeling our skin wasn’t clean so we actually took some of our very own Olive Oil Cleanser and used it on the cotton pad to wipe down our face again.

To our surprise, there was even more dirt and oil on the second cotton pad (check out the photo above!) meaning that the micellar water didn’t live up to the promise to completely cleanse your skin of makeup and grime.

Because micellar water lacks some of the components needed to really dig deep into pores and cleanse, don’t go throwing your cleansers out just yet…

Could this be an easy quick fix before the gym or while traveling? Sure! But we absolutely would not recommend it as your only cleansing option for the entire day. Based on our test, it leaves dirt and oil still trapped in pores and if left there, it can lead to breakouts, enlarged pores, and deeper wrinkles so stick with your Olive Oil Cleanser to make sure your face is as clean as can be!

Three Places Your Face Is Secretly Getting Sun Damaged

skin care, anti aging, sun care, spf, skin protection, spf protection

Sun Damage is one of the worst environmental factors for your skin. Not only is it the leading cause of skin cancer, but it is also responsible for making you age years faster than you should be.

We all slather on SPF for a day at the beach, but it turns out most of the damage is done in places you would never expect. This is why it’s important to use UV protection at all times throughout the day, no matter what time of year.

Here are some surprising places you’re most susceptible to sun damage…

At Work

sun damage, uv damage, uva, uvb, skincare, anti-agingThink you got lucky with the window seat in the office? Think again! Not only can it do damage to your eyes if it’s very bright, but it is also hurting your skin and causing you to age faster.

Most office windows may be tinted to keep sunlight out, but they aren’t able to keep UV rays out. That means even if you’re inside all day, you’re still suffering the negative effects of sun damage.

The good news is many makeup brands include SPF now in foundations so you’re able to get some coverage from that. Just make sure that you re-apply with a regular SPF throughout the day and wash your face thoroughly at night with an Olive Oil Cleanser to remove all the leftover makeup and sunscreen to avoid clogging pores.

In The Car

sun damage, uv damage, uva, uvb, skincare, anti-agingIf you’re not slathering on the SPF for your commute to work or home, you might want to rethink that. When you’re driving, UV rays are penetrating your skin through car windows and sunroof. In fact, people often have more sun exposure on the left side of their face due to exposure from UVA rays shining through their car’s driver’s side window.

To avoid any damage to your skin from the sunshine in the car, keep a bottle of SPF in your glove compartment or center console. That way, you can create a healthy habit of re-applying sunscreen every time you get in the car for a commute or a road trip.

Cloudy Weather

sun protection, uv protection, uva, uvb, skincare, anti-agingJust because the sun isn’t shining doesn’t mean that UV rays are not there. In fact, experts say that most people suffer the worst sun damage on overcast days because they wrongly assume the sun isn’t strong enough to cause them harm.

UV rays can penetrate, even when it’s dark and cloudy so no matter what the weather outside, you still need to apply your sunscreen! We suggest applying an SPF of at least 30 on top of your Repair & Release Cream every morning and re-applying every few hours throughout the day.

Three Quick And Easy Ways To De-Stress Yourself

stress, stress relief, stress and skincare

We know stress hurts our bodies and skin but what are some easy ways we can fight it? It’s not always as easy as it sounds, but experts have proven that taking these small steps can help.

The ability to de-stress can not only have benefits to your skin (goodbye wrinkles!) but also amazing effects for your body and mind too. Here are some of the easiest ways you can take a break at home and start your day stress-free!

Start A Relaxing Hobby

anti-aging tips, relax, anti-stress, coloringHobbies are something that you can take time to do for yourself. There are no deadlines, no rules and certainly no rush. If you’re lacking inspiration, you can browse Pinterest for ideas but we suggest activities like calligraphy or coloring to help your mind relax.

Not sure you have the skills? That’s ok, there are tons of resources available to help you master or even just learn a relaxing new hobby. We find YouTube has some great tutorials for getting started, or go abstract and let your creativity flow!

Do A Quick Tidy

tidy up, quick clean, de-stress, Ok, we know cleaning your entire house doesn’t exactly sound like it’s going to make you less stressed, but just tidying up one space of your house can be extremely relaxing. It helps you stay focused and allows for a clean living space where your brain can feel relaxed and clutter free.

Fold up your throw blankets or fluff up your pillows. You can also focus on countertops and desktops which can be messy and cluttered causing you extra stress and you should try to keep surfaces clear of books, computers or junk. When your world is uncluttered, your brain can be too!

Have A Glass Of OJ!

orange juice, oj, vitamin c, skin care tips, oranges for skinDid you know that the vitamin C in orange juice can reduce the stress hormone cortisol and help reduce your blood pressure?! This tasty drink is perfect for mornings you wake up stressed and can be mixed with other fruit juices too!

Don’t want the added sugar that comes with drinking juice? Opting for orange slices is just as effective and has the same relaxing effect! You can also find similar benefits from grapefruit juice and strawberry juice which also help lover your bodies stress hormones.

What tricks do you use to relax and de-stress? Share them with us in the comments below!

We’re Busting One Of The Biggest Myths About Moisturizers

skincare, skin care, antiaging, anti aging, skin care myths, myths about skincare

There is so much information available about skincare that it’s hard to know what to believe. For us at South Beach Skin Lab, our mission is to not only provide you the results you’ve dreamed of but to also educate you to make the best decisions for your skin.

Since knowledge is power, we’ve decided to bust one of the biggest myths in skincare to make sure you’re armed with the most accurate and up to date information when it comes to your personal routine.

Myth: You Skin Can Get Addicted To Moisturizer

skincare, skin care, anti-aging, skin care myths

Truth: Skin cannot become physically or psychologically addicted to moisturizer in the way a person can form an addiction to a substance.

In order for your skin to keep looking as vibrant as it did when you were younger, your skin needs hydration.  Getting older means your skin naturally dries out and most of the time, it’s your brain convincing you that you NEED cream instead of letting you acknowledge that your skin simply thrives when properly hydrated.

What happens is your brain becomes accustomed to seeing you a certain way. Your skin looks visibly healthier and younger when you’re taking care of it properly and you are likely just noticing the difference on days you skip your routine.

What some people will assume is an “addiction” to their moisturizer is really just a dependence. When your skin is accustomed to a quality routine, it knows when it’s lacking nutrients and it reacts by accentuating wrinkles and dark spots.

Looking to cut out using a daily moisturizer? While we don’t advise it unless you’ve got an extremely oily skin type. If that’s the case, apply your cream only in the mornings and make sure you’re still cleansing twice a day with a nourishing cleanser like our Day & Night Olive Oil Cleanser.

moisturizer, hydration, repair and release cream, skincare, healthy skin

If you’re looking for a long moisturizer, you want to make sure it’s as powerful for anti-aging as it is for hydration, so you can get the most out of a single application.

A day and night option like our Repair & Release Cream uses peptides like Matrixyl 3000 to erase wrinkles while you sleep and ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter help keep skin nourished and glowing all day long.


What is the craziest skin care myth you’ve ever heard? Share it with us in the comments below!