This Is How You Can Get Professional Spa Results Right At Home


When you go to the spa, it allows you to unwind and relax – and can help deliver the best skin of your life. But what if you could get the same kind of results right at home?

It turns out that by following three simple steps, you can achieve “spa skin” from the comfort of your home. If your skin could use some extra glow, follow these easy steps below!

Step 1: Purify

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The best spas in the world will always start your experience off by purifying and cleansing your skin. More specifically, they use the power of oil to wash away dead skin, makeup, and pollution – and they know it will deeply hydrate your skin at the same time. When you start your at-home spa experience, you should also start by cleansing.

When you wash your face with soap, it will leave behind an invisible layer of film that will clog pores and stop your products from working. Instead, purify your skin by cleansing with a mix of lavender, tea tree, and olive oils. This will get your skin cleaner than ever before and make skin more receptive to the next steps – so you get the best results possible!

Step 2: Nourish

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When you leave the spa, your skin is more glowing and hydrated than ever. Part of the reason your skin is so happy after a facial is because it’s plump with moisture from various treatments. When skin is hydrated, it can help mask wrinkles and lines, brighten your complexion, and help revive the health of your skin. Instead of the many products they use in a spa to achieve this, you can get similar results at home with your Repair & Release Cream – thanks to over 10 different hydrating ingredients.

When you apply your Repair & Release Cream, you aren’t just adding hydration to your skin, you’re letting powerful anti-aging ingredients penetrate deep into your skin. While those ingredients get to work reversing signs of aging, others like argan oil and shea butter penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and hydrate your skin even at the deepest levels. Using your cream twice a day will help make your skin glow from the inside out and give you spa results from home!

Step 3: Brighten

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What do models and celebrities have in common about their skin? It always seems to look bright and have a special glow to it. While most women in Hollywood can shell out hundreds without blinking on expensive facials, it’s not something the average person has the time or money for. Thankfully, you can achieve the same brightening results as the spa right at home with a few crucial but simple ingredients.

One of the best ingredients for brighter skin is Vitamin C. It uses powerful acids to fade imperfections like age spots, dark spots, and sun damage. Almost instantly, it goes to work to brighten your skin and provide a healthy glow. If your skin looks tired and is in need of brightening without an expensive visit to the spa, apply our Dark Spot Corrector, made with 5 special kinds of vitamin C to your entire face. Even if you don’t suffer from spots, it will help brighten skin and even out imperfections.

How Can A Self Care Routine Benefit Your Mental Health?

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Even though there has been a bigger focus on mental health lately, it is still one of the less talked about stigmas in America today – and millions of us suffer from it.

Researchers have sent years trying to figure out easy ways to boost your mental health and many of them agree that a self-care routine is a great option to help you feel your best. Here are some of the biggest benefits a self-care routine can contribute to your mental health.


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Have you ever wished you could hear the words “you look amazing!” from friends and family? Positive reinforcement can boost our self-esteem and self-confidence and great skin is one of the easiest ways to start getting those compliments. Skincare isn’t just for other people, it for you too! By taking good care of yourself and your skin, you will feel like you’re caring for your body instead of just living in it.

Ignore products that are trying to change the way you look and opt for ones that want to enhance your natural beauty. Confidence is about feeling like the best version of yourself, not of someone else so focus on highlighting the areas you feel most confident about. Love your eyes? Brighten them and make them more noticeable with an eye serum that brightens dark circles and helps smooth lines. Focusing on one area to make it look the best it can boost your confidence and get you tons of compliments!


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Contentment is a feeling of happiness and satisfaction – something we all deserve to feel. When you are happy with the way you look and feel, contentment is sure to follow. When you make a commitment to yourself, even something as small as committing 5 minutes a day to your skincare routine, it will give you time to yourself but will also make you feel content once you start to see improvements.

In a study of 100 women, over 90% of them said that they would feel content if they could see even the slightest improvement in the look of their skin. On your journey to contentment, peptides are going to be your best friend. These miracle ingredients work diligently to repair skin damage like wrinkles and help to fight future signs of aging. By incorporating products with peptides, you’ll be able to see an improvement when you look in the mirror every day which will lead you to feel beautiful and content!

Mood Boost

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When you are stressed or in a bad mood, your skin reacts negatively. Thankfully, when you’re happy, your skin reacts to that as well and can improve your overall look. Studies have also shown that when you take care of yourself and your skin, the routine helps create positive chemicals in your brain that can improve your mood and make you feel amazing.

A consistent skincare routine can be one of the easiest routines to implement to improve your everyday mood. If you take the time every day to take care of your skin, the same way you would make your bed daily, it will become a positive habit that contributes to improved mood and self-confidence. Not only will your skin benefit from anti-aging ingredients by being consistent with your routine, but your mood will benefit too. Who knew keeping a smile on your face could be so indulgent!?

Three Ways To Practice Self Care Without Spending A Cent!

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We hear about self-care all the time but often it’s from companies trying to get us to purchase more stuff in an attempt to relax and disconnect. But let’s get real…will a $20 bath bomb really make you feel better?

Self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming and it can actually provide a ton of benefits to your mind, body, and health. Here are some of the quickest and easiest ways to practice self-care right at home without breaking the bank!

Practice Meditation

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Meditation is an amazing practice because it allows you to have a little “me time” while still doing something constructive for your mind and body. Meditation doesn’t need to be some scary intricate thing, it can be as simple as setting a 10-minute timer and finding a comfy spot to focus on your breath. If you get distracted, don’t worry, just work to focus your mind back to your breathing and those 10 minutes will be over before you know it, leaving you with a calm and peaceful feeling.

The best part about meditation is that anyone can do it! It’s not only self-care but emotional, psychological and personal care to be able to check-in with your mind and body completely undistracted by the outside world. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, manage anxiety, and promote self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Best of all, it can help with sleep so that you’re giving your skin some rest every night to keep looking your best!

Create A Gratitude List

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Even on our worst days, we are all so fortunate in so many ways. Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we can forget all the amazing blessings we have in our lives and focus instead on the problems in front of us. By starting or ending every day with a gratitude list, it will help lift your spirits and put your life into perspective.

You can start your daily gratitude lists in a journal and since it’s not a full journal entry and more of point-form notes, it can be done in only a few minutes every single day. You can put important things like family, friends, or even your health, but you can also put in fun things like your new favorite shoes or how you finally fit back into your old skinny jeans! Putting it down on paper is sure to help you realize just how lucky you really are.

Clean Your Space

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Where we live and the environments we spend our time in has a direct relation to how we feel every day. When our homes, offices, or personal spaces are disorganized and dirty, it can leave you feeling anxious and overwhelmed. One of the most simple forms of self-care is to take a day to clean our and organize the spaces you spend the majority of your time in.

When you’re surrounded by cleanliness and organization, it can be a really restorative feeling and have you motivated and energized. The act of cleaning also has some psychological benefits because it gives you a sense of accomplishment and control. So take a tip from Marie Kondo and sort through your clutter to clean and organize the items that bring you the most joy!

Do These 3 Things On Sunday To Start Your Week Off Right!

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Monday can be a very daunting day of the week for most people. Some of us head back to work while others have a whole list of things to tackle for the week and after a relaxing weekend, it’s hard to get back into gear.

Experts agree that the key to a successful week is based on a few small things you can do before the week actually starts. Sunday is a great day to prep and having these few things crossed off the to-do list will make sure your week starts off great!

Write A To-Do List

to do list, sunday skincare, week prep, to do listMaking a list may seem a little old school but it really is the most effective way to plan out your day, week or even month! Making a list allows you to visually see how many tasks you’ve got for the week ahead and gives you the opportunity to prioritize as you list them.

Making the list is one thing but using it is the key to success. Have fun with colored pencils or highlighters to make your to-do list fun. Having a color difference for completed tasks will also help encourage you to get the rest of the list finished before weeks end without getting overwhelmed.

Plan Your Meals

meal prep, plan your week, week planning, de-stressWe’re not suggesting you spend your entire Sunday in the kitchen but it is super helpful to make a list of all the meals you’re going to eat before the week even starts. While some people prefer doing full meal prep, others choose just to have their grocery list ready or have time to research recipes with what they’ve got in the pantry.

Planning your meals does more than just free up your time. Putting thought and effort into what you put into your body will help you stay on track with any fitness or nutritional goals you have set for yourself. Using tactics like meal prep make it easy to eat well (and prepare quickly) no matter how hectic your week is!

Take Time For Self-Care

self care, self care sunday, skincare tips, sheet mask, diy mask, start the week off rightIt’s not selfish to take an hour to yourself on a Sunday, it’s self-care! You work hard all week long and everyone deserves some time to pamper themselves, even if it’s in your own bathroom at home. Ditch electronics and relax with a favorite face mask or try a new nail color that you’ve been swooning over.

If you’re feeling guilty about taking the time for yourself, invite the family to join in on a DIY skincare mask or get them involved somehow. Just taking time to enjoy your routine as a luxury and not a burden will help you feel better about yourself and get you one step closer to starting the week off right!


Here Is Everything You Need To Start Off The Spring Season With The Right Energy!

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Self-care is important all the time, but when the seasons start to change is the perfect time to take stock of your mental and physical wellbeing and build some healthy new habits!

We always encourage you to look at your South Beach Skin Lab routine as a time to take for yourself to unwind and appreciate your own beauty, but sometimes you need a little extra help to set great intentions for a new season.

We wanted to share with you a few simple and easy ways to give yourself a kick start this spring and take on the season with the best version of you!

Start A Journal

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Writing things down is a great way to reflect, set goals and encourage yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you’re recapping your spring break travels, jotting down big goals for work, or planning your summer vacation, putting a pen to paper is the fastest way to encourage you to be your best self.

It doesn’t have to be your cheesy teenage diary either, there are all sorts of cool new journaling techniques coming out all the time like bullet journals or mindfulness journals which allow you to quickly jot down thoughts and aspirations.

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

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Now don’t go calling the reno guys just yet, we mean this in a not so literal way. Turns out, there are tons of tiny tweaks you can do to your bathroom to make it the most relaxing place in your home and the perfect setting to recharge for spring.

While we highly encourage taking time to relax and have a bath. For extra indulgence, add aromatherapy candles, bath salts, and bubble baths. Opt for a lavender scent which has been proven to have calming effects and throw a few drops of essential oil into the tub. Voila! Your energy is going to be happy, relaxed, and squeaky clean as you spring into the season!

Give Your Skin Some Extra Attention

skincare, fall skin tipsWeather changes can be responsible for a lot of different problems with your skin. From breakouts to dry patches, your skin is doing its best to fight off all the elements of change, but it can’t do it without you putting in an extra bit of attention.

For your face, make sure you’re cutting down on exfoliation as the temperature warms up and your skin is staying more hydrated. Getting your skin into a good routine of at least cleansing and moisturizing twice daily will help keep your skin balanced.

Not sure what you need for a spring skincare routine? Using an oil-based cleanser will help keep skin hydrated without clogging pores and a water-based moisturizer won’t cause your skin to go from too dry to too oily as the temperature and humidity climb.

Now throw on those gardening gloves and get out in the sunshine…Summer is almost here!



These Are The Three Skincare Resolutions You Should Make For 2019

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2019 gives us the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and set intentions for the new year ahead. Most of the time, resolutions include topics like eating better or getting more exercise but most people often overlook positive changes they can make for their skin.

This year, there are three simple resolutions you can make for your skin that are going to help you look and feel your best. If you follow these three resolutions, you can expect to breeze into the new year with a youthful, stunning glow!

#1: Make SPF your BFF

sunscreen, spf, sun protection, skincareWe can’t tell you enough how important using sunscreen is. UV rays can damage the DNA of your skin cells leaving unwanted pigmentation issues and lots and lots of wrinkles.

Make using sunscreen your top resolution for 2019 and slather on at least an SPF 30 daily. Luckily, more and more makeup brands are including SPF in their foundation but make sure that you’ve got a lightweight backup to reapply throughout the day.

Remember, if you’re not reapplying your sunscreen at least two or three times a day, you might as well not be wearing any so an important part of this resolution is the re-application!

#2: Wash Your Face Twice A Day

cleansing, oil cleansing, skincareWe get it, cleansing can be daunting but it’s so important for your skin that we cannot emphasize enough how much of an effect it will have on your skin. Cleansing twice a day doesn’t just remove dirt, grime, and makeup but it also helps remove toxins and free radicals from being absorbed into your skin.

For 2019, ditch your traditional foaming cleanser which can dry out your skin and leave lots of the invisible dirt on your face. Instead, opt for a powerful oil-based cleanser like our Olive Oil Cleanser. The oil works like a magnet to attract everything that is deep inside your pores after a long day or night and leaves your skin so soft, you won’t believe it until you try it!

#3: Practice Self Care At Least Once A Week

face scrub, sheet mask, self care, skincareIf you’re a skincare addict like we are, then you know the pure joy of self-care. Whether it’s a quick sheet mask, an at-home facial or even a DIY scrub, taking time to relax and pamper yourself can really show on your face.

This year, make it a resolution to take at least one hour a week to yourself to focus on going above and beyond for your skin.

Use your Repair and Release cream morning and night, check out Pinterest for easy to make masks and scrubs or go splurge on some from your favorite brands but no matter what, we promise you will see the positive effects.

It’s been proven that stress can add to wrinkles and lines and the small practice of taking time to care about yourself and your skin can drastically improve the texture of your skin and help reduce your chances of more wrinkles.

What are your skincare resolutions for 2019? Share them with us in the comments below!