Here’s How To Gift Skincare For Mother’s Day!

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there is no better gift you can give to Mom than glowing skin. It will make her feel beautiful, and also help her build good habits in her skin routine.

So what exactly is Mom hoping to get this Mother’s Day? Here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for every kind of Mom!

The Picky Mom

mothers day, mothers day gift ideas, gifts for mom, skincare as a gift, gifting skincare

Some Moms are easy to please while others have very high standards. Why not surprise Mom with something that you’re sure will impress her?! If your Mom is on the picky side, we suggest gifting her our best-selling Repair & Release Cream to show her how much you love her. This amazing cream is going to be a hit with Mom and win you some points as the favorite in the family.

This cream is formulated for all skin types so even if your Mom has sensitive skin, this is sure to work well for her. It also doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients or strong fragrances so it’s sure to delight her senses. Best of all, she can use it morning, night, or both for amazing anti-aging results. This product is a best-seller for a reason and we’re sure Mom will absolutely love it!

For The Mom Who Has Everything

mothers day, mothers day gift ideas, gifts for mom, skincare as a gift, gifting skincare

Is your Mom a skincare junkie? If she is, we’re sure she’s got cabinets full of facial products – but is she doing anything to protect her neck and chest from premature aging? Wrinkles and sagging can happen to more than just your face and your Mom will appreciate you paying attention to this special aging-prone area.

If your Mom is stocked on skincare we bet she would LOVE our Neck Firming Cream. This luxurious formula works to restructure and tighten the skin on your decollete for a more youthful look. Best of all, it will complement and not compete with the rest of her skincare routine. This area is one of the more unexpected areas of aging and Mom will be thrilled you thought of it for her!

The Sun Worshiping Mom

mothers day, mothers day gift ideas, gifts for mom, skincare as a gift, gifting skincare

Does your mother love to catch rays in the sunshine? Is she a beach bum or the kind of woman who loves spending the day in the garden? If so, she’s going to be delighted to get our Dark Spot Corrector this Mother’s Day! Formulated with 5 different kinds of vitamin C antioxidants, it’s going to help your Mom’s complexion stay perfect even in the sun.

Sun exposure can cause pigmentation problems and dark spots, so getting her some help before summer hits will make you her favorite child for sure! This powerful formula is going to help brighten and even her skin tone while she soaks in her time at the beach. After all, she deserves the time in the sun for being such a great mama!

The Top Reasons Your Skin Feels So Dry And How To Fix It

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We’re into the last stretch of winter and even if you live in a warmer climate, you can probably feel the effects that the winter weather has on your skin.

Here are a few of the reasons your skin is feeling extra dry and some expert tips to help fix it!

You’ve Got The Wrong Cleanser

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We cannot stress this enough – your foaming cleanser is hurting your skin. Traditional cleansers mess with your skin’s pH levels and strip skin of natural oils it needs to stay healthy and hydrated. If you are using a foaming or cream cleanser, you are likely causing extra dryness to your skin. Thankfully the damage you are doing isn’t permanent and can be fixed with a skincare swap.

Trade your foam cleanser for an oil cleanser ASAP! Oil cleansers help protect your pH balance and they deliver some much-needed moisture to your dry and dehydrated skin. Oil cleansers dig deep into pores to wash away dirt and debris while also leaving skin soft to the touch. Just one was with an oil-based cleanser and you’ll be able to see and feel a difference in the hydration of your skin.

Your Showers Are Too Hot

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It is so tempting to turn up the heat when in the shower or washing your face when the weather gets cold. It feels steamy and relaxing in the moment, but using water that is too hot in the shower can backfire and have serious consequences for your skin.

Experts all agree that using warm water instead of hot will help protect your skin from damage. When your shower is extremely hot, it will dry your skin out and cause flakes and accentuate wrinkles. As soon as you’re out of the shower, slather on some Repair & Release Cream while your pores are still open and it will allow peptides to penetrate deeper to help erase wrinkles.

You’re Only Moisturizing Sometimes

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Are you guilty of only using your moisturizer once a day, or not even that often? Research shows most people choose to only apply their cream either at night or in the morning and often skip days. The truth is when winter skin strikes its super important to be using it at least twice a day.

Even when your skin doesn’t feel try, it’s working through its natural oils and can feel dry on the deeper layers of skin that you can’t see or feel. Keeping up with your moisturizer routine will be super important for repairing damage and helping to maintain youthful-looking skin. If you aren’t using your Repair & Release Cream at least twice a day, you could be setting your skin up for failure and have trouble seeing the results you’re looking for.

Here’s Why Skincare Is The Best Gift You Can Give For Valentines Day

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With Valentines Day around the corner, you’re probably wondering what to get your significant other for the special day (or perhaps you want to treat yourself).  Chances are, your partner is expecting something cliche like flowers or chocolate but this year, why not surprise them with something that’s a little more outside the box…like skincare!

Self-care products are gaining huge popularity as a great gift for Valentine’s day and here at South Beach Skin Lab, we have the perfect skin care gift for any kind of valentine!

For The Skincare Newbie

cleanser, olive oil cleanser, south beach skin labIf your valentine is not a skincare enthusiast, what better time to indulge them with a great self-care product! For skincare newbies, we suggest gifting our Olive Oil Cleanser which is packed with moisturizing ingredients like olive oil, witch hazel and comfrey extract.

This is the ideal gift for people less experienced with skincare because cleansing is a really simple step to add to your day even if you’re not used to using products before. Suitable for all skin types, it’s a thoughtful gift that they will use and feel softer, more supple skin right away!

For The Skincare Junkie

full beach bag, south beach skin lab, south beach skin lab reviews, skincare, anti-aging skincare, valentines day gift guide, valentines gifts for herDoes your significant other LOVE skincare?! If your partner’s bathroom vanity is overflowing with products, chances are they just haven’t found something they love. That’s where we come in! We suggest splurging to get them the Full Beach Bag so they have a chance to test out our entire range of products!

Being the skincare expert that they are, they likely understand the importance of a full skincare routine and using products that work in synergy together. They’ll be blown away by the results they’ll see and fall in love with their new products that we are confident can out-perform most luxury skincare brands available today!

For The Minimal Skincare User

south beach skin lab, repair and release cream, skincare, anti-aging skincareThis partner understands that skincare is important but wants to use the least amount of product for the maximum amount of result which makes our Repair & Release Cream the ideal Valentines day gift!

This cream is packed full of nutrients and proteins like Vitamin E and Matrixyl 3000 which have been scientifically proven to erase wrinkles and prevent further signs of aging. Applying this cream twice a day is a simple one-step approach to fight wrinkles, dark spots and sagging skin for good!


We hope no matter what your plans, you have a Valentine’s day filled with love!