These Ingredients Are Like a Time Machine For Your Skin

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Do you ever look at old photos and reminisce about your younger skin? It was likely firmer, less wrinkled, and more youthful – but what if you could get it back?

Our expert team did a deep analysis of skincare ingredients to find the best ones to help turn back the clock on your skin. If you’re aching for your younger complexion, these ingredients are the only ones that can help you achieve it!

Shea Butter

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As you get older, your skin goes through all kinds of cellular changes. One of the most common is losing hydration and moisture in your skin after the age of 40. When skin is dried out, it will never look as happy or healthy as younger skin – so hydrating it properly should be top of mind. Of all the conditioning and softening skincare ingredients out there, none are as effective as natural Shea Butter.

Shea butter has been used as a skin-soothing ingredient for centuries. Its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids — combined with its easy-to-spread consistency — make it a great product for smoothing, soothing, and conditioning your skin. Not only will it feel dreamy when you apply it to your skin, but it will help deliver hydration and nutrients that will mask wrinkles and help plump your complexion.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E is a very special skincare ingredient. Packed full of fatty acids and antioxidants, it’s one of nature’s most powerful supports for aging skin. As we get older, the skin has a harder time fighting off infections, irritation, and redness which can make you look flushed and add years to your face. Thankfully, you can get ample amounts of vitamin E through ingredients like Argan oil and fight wrinkles easily at home.

Argan oil has been used for centuries in beauty treatments and is packed full of effective vitamin E. Argan has been proven to help fight photoaging – a term used to describe delaying the formation of wrinkles. That means that applying your Repair & Release Cream packed full of vitamin E and Argan oil will allow you to turn back the clock on your skin just by applying your daily moisturizer. It doesn’t get easier than that!


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There are some very powerful ingredients that can help turn back the clock on your skin. One that comes to mind is called Reproage and is very different than the others mentioned above. Reproage is a cosmeceutical peptide, which means it was created with scientific research and can assist you to fight aging at the cellular level.

What makes so so powerful? The peptides of Reproage can actually reprogram and revitalize the cells in the deep layers of your skin to help you look and feel more youthful.  In a trial of just 56 days duration, applying a cream containing Reproage resulted in nearly a 40% reduction in the roughness of the skin and more radiant-looking skin. Thankfully, you can get all the benefits of Reproage in every bottle of Repair & Release Cream!

We’re Breaking Down The Science Behind This Game-Changing Peptide

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When you think of powerful skincare, peptides are the number one ingredients that come to mind. Peptides can do lots of wonderful things for your skin, but none seem as powerful as Matrixyl.

What makes this peptide so special? We talked to skincare experts to give you the 411 on this multi-faceted and super effective peptide your skin shouldn’t be without!

It Repairs

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As we get older, our skin starts to slow down its production of collagen. Collagen is the building block of healthy skin and without it, you’re likely to experience wrinkles, dullness, and sagging skin. This damage can be difficult to reverse, but that’s what makes Matirxyl so special! This peptide is excellent for repairing the damage from loss of collagen and plumping your skin back up.

When you apply your Repair & Release Cream formulated with Matrixyl, you’re delivering this powerful peptide to every skin cell on your face. It will go down to the deeper layers of your skin to start repairing your collagen production so you can naturally fight off wrinkles. Best of all, it can also repair pigmentation, sagging, and dull skin thanks to the many benefits of Matrixyl.

It Revives

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When your skin starts aging, it is your body’s way of screaming out for help. All the cells in your body are living and some of them don’t function properly all the time. If your skin isn’t functioning, then it’s creating more signs of aging that you’ll inevitably have to fight off. Instead of suffering from the effects of aging, using Matrixyl can help revive your skin and bring it back to a more youthful state.

Matrixyl works on a cellular level to help revive skin and reverse damage. What it does is go deep into the skin and help increase your production of hyaluronic acid. This is a special compound that keeps skin youthful and plump that you can’t afford to live without. When you apply Matrixyl daily, you’ll notice an improvement in the look of your skin and you’ll admire the glow of revived skin!

It Protects

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Collagen can help keep your skin safe but when you lose it as you get older, how can you stay protected? Thankfully, the main function of Matrixyl is to help your body naturally replenish its collagen so it can keep skin protected long after it is applied. When skin is protected, it going to help reduce your chances of more wrinkles, which should be top of mind when considering your anti-aging goals.

By applying Matirxyl twice daily in your Repair & Release Cream, you’ll be protecting your skin through beneficial peptides and amino acids. This is going to make sure that the same elements that damaged your skin in the first place can’t strike again. Fighting wrinkles may not be easy, but keeping damage at arm’s length can be when your skin is protected with Matirxyl peptides!

These Ingredients Do Wonders For De-Puffing Your Skin!

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Waking up to a puffy face can leave you feeling insecure and ruin your whole day. It can be caused by diet, habits, or genetics but no matter what triggers it, it’s always unpleasant.

If you want to de-puff your skin, all you need is the power of some impressive ingredients to help fight inflammation. Below are some of the best ones for calming puffy skin and revealing your most beautiful skin!

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5

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While it may seem like a mouthful to say, acetyl tetrapeptide-5 is a powerful peptide designed to help puffy skin. Sadly, many factors of our environment can make our skin puff out and it can make you look heavier than you are. Worse of all, the reaction of your skin being inflamed could cause serious long-term damage to the health of your skin.

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5 is made up of 4 powerful amino acids that work to smooth and de-puff your complexion. By applying it daily as an ingredient in your Repair & Release Cream, it will help limit inflammation in the skin so you can have a more defined look to your face and feel beautiful.

Coconut Oil

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You can use it to cook, make a hair mask, and even moisturize your body! It turns out that the wonders of coconut oil can also help improve puffiness in your face! We love that coconut oil is 100% natural and makes a great addition to our Repair & Release Cream ingredients. We don’t just use any coconut oil – every drop of it in our products is cold-pressed and of the highest quality.

Since this ingredient has gained so much hype, there are tons of studies that have proven its effectiveness. Plant oils like coconut oil tend to have ample antioxidants that can help thicken skin and increase cell turnover. It also has amazing de-puffing properties to help calm inflammation and bring down puffy skin. You’ll feel confident and beautiful with the help of coconut oil!

Sea Buckthorn

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This unique ingredient comes from nature and is finally gaining the recognition it deserves in the skincare world. Sometimes referred to as the holy fruit of the Himalayas, sea buckthorn can be applied to the skin for amazing anti-inflammatory results. It’s also so safe that you can even eat it in berry form!

Sea buckthorn is packed with antioxidants making it a wonderful tool to de-puff skin. As one of the key ingredients in our Repair & Release Cream, the power of sea buckthorn can help de-puff, fight redness and soothe skin. As an added bonus, the natural properties of sea buckthorn help protect your skin from harmful UV rays so it will work double duty to heal and protect your skin in one easy step!

These Are The Easiest Ways To Stimulate More Collagen Production

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All of our bodies naturally produce collagen but after the age of thirty, our production of it slows down dramatically – leading to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Helping your skin produce more collagen is an important part of a youthful and healthy complexion. If you suffer from signs of aging but want to see improvements in the looks of skin, use these easy suggestions below to increase your collagen for a more youthful look!


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Antioxidant ingredients are very important for your skin because they help protect your cells and fight free radicals. While antioxidants have been used in all kinds of personal care products, they are not all made with the same quality and anti-aging abilities. If you are looking to improve the look of aging skin, you’ll want to make sure you’re incorporating the highest quality antioxidant ingredients into your skincare routine.

Antioxidants in your skincare can go to work almost instantly helping to revive skin and repair damage that causes accelerated aging. These antioxidants will help your body naturally increase collagen production which will help fade wrinkles and lift sagging skin. While these antioxidant ingredients won’t provide instant results, over time it has been shown to give amazing results by working to improve your production of collagen and focusing cell turnover for your face to reveal a glowing complexion!

Vitamin C

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If there was a queen of skincare ingredients, it would be vitamin C. This powerhouse ingredient can help your skin in so many ways that it is an essential ingredient in any skincare routine. Vitamin C can help brighten your skin and fade dark spots quickly, but it is also an amazing ingredient for helping boost your natural collagen production.

Vitamin C has a very scientific way of help your skin. The ingredient itself is essential for building collagen and without it, your body can’t produce more. By applying vitamin C to your skin daily, it is going to help boost your collagen production and make sure all the other ingredients in your routine are working their hardest. Because collagen production is linked to firmer and most lifted skin, including vitamin C in your daily routine will be sure to give you the lifted look to your skin you’ve been working so hard for!


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Most of the skincare research in the last few decades has been centered around one very important type of ingredient – peptides. Peptides can work wonders for your skin and depending on the type of peptides, they can help with everything from firming, lifting, brighten, and healing your skin. While there are many peptides available, we exclusively use cosmeceutical peptides in all our formulations which have been rigorously tested and proven by science.

Collagen is actually made up of polypeptides which are a form of peptides. That means that the more peptides you add to your skincare routine, the more collagen your skin will produce. When your collagen production goes up, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how your wrinkles and lines soften. Your skin will also benefit from the lifting and firming benefits of peptides and you’ll be hearing “what is your secret?!” from friends and family in as little as a month!

You Can’t Age Gracefully Without These Three Peptides!

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Peptides are a gift from the skincare world. They can help fade wrinkles, smooth your skin, and help your body work overtime at fighting signs of aging.

If one of your 2021 goals is to improve the look of your wrinkles and have your skin glow, then you can’t do it without help! These are the three best peptides to include in your routine if you want to see real results!


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We love a peptide that goes above and beyond to help fix skin and erase wrinkles and lines. Thankfully, the skincare gods blessed us with Essenskin, a patented peptide that works hard to repair wrinkles and damage. This peptide is super helpful at softening wrinkles, but it also works wonders at helping to tighten skin and lift sagging skin.

As we age, we lose tons of collagen and elastin and our natural production of it comes to an end. That makes it even more important to use peptides to help fight this! Applying the Essenskin peptide to delicate areas that sag, like your neck or chest, will help restructure how your skin functions and boost your collagen production for youthful and plump skin!


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You may have heard us mention this peptide before but we cannot stress how helpful it is to fight aging skin! Matrixyl is a very special peptide and was researched and proven for years before it was released. Included in our best-selling Repair & Release Cream, it’s been a standout ingredient for so many American’s who didn’t have any luck fighting wrinkles before. Thanks to Matrixyl, they’re finally seeing the results they worked so hard for!

Matrixyl is one of the few ingredients that experts say can rival the effects of Botox. That means that you can get amazing results for softening and plumping wrinkles without the price tag or pain of injections. Best of all, if you apply it daily it won’t just fight existing wrinkles but will help prevent future signs of aging from creeping up when you least expect it.


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Reproage gets its name from the word reprogram because that’s exactly what it does to your skin! This magical peptide which is a star in our Repair & Release Cream formulation will help reprogram your skin to look and act younger than it is. Not only does it promote reprogramming of your skin cells, but it helps them regenerate to reveal younger-looking skin.

What we love about Reproage is that there are so many other benefits too! Using Reproage daily as part of your skincare routine will help brighten your skin and add more radiance so you look more rested and youthful. Best of all, if you suffer from rough, stubborn skin, it will help smooth and soften the texture of your skin for that silky smooth complexion you’ve been dreaming of!