These Three Ingredients Can Help Reverse “Turkey Neck”

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We spend so much time worrying about our faces that we often forget it’s not the only place to give our age away. The biggest culprit – your neck.

Dubbed “turkey neck”, it’s one of the most annoying signs of aging and can leave you looking old and feeling insecure. Thankfully, there are some powerful ingredients that have been proven to fight turkey neck while they lift and firm skin.

Rye Extract

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Rye seeds can be used in all sorts of food and beverages, but did you know that including them in your skincare routine can help make skin stronger? Rye extract is a natural ingredient but tests have revealed that thanks to its organic compounds, it can help heal, lift and revitalize skin if used daily.

Using Rye in your neck firming cream will help to firm and smooth your skin tissue to tighten the skin and increase its tone. That means that while you’re busy running errands and living life, this impressive ingredient will repair your sagging turkey neck with ease. In as little as a month, you’ll be able to see your neck and chin looking more lifted and youthful.

Sodium Hyaluronate

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Part of the reason your neck skin looks so wrinkled and saggy is that its lacking moisture. If you think about it, you apply moisturizer to your face every day, but most people often skip their necks. Because of this, wrinkles and sagging look more pronounced simply because they lack moisture and hydration.

Instead of learning to live with unwanted sagging, opt for a Neck Firming Cream that uses the power of Sodium Hyaluronate, or SH as we call it. SH is amazing at drawing moisture to a specific area- so when you apply it to your neck, it will help soften the look of lines and sagging almost instantly! With long-term use, you’ll notice your neck is softer and more supple with far less sagging than before.


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When you’ve come to your wit’s end with sagging neck skin, you might be tempted to look into a facelift, but extreme measures aren’t necessary to see extreme results. A facelift can leave you bedridden for weeks and can lead to infections or unwanted results. Instead of risking your health and emptying your bank account in the name of youthful skin, opt for peptides that have been tested and proven to work just as well.

The standout peptide in the tests was a special one called Essenskin. This peptide outperformed every other one when it came to lifting and firming delicate neck skin. Thanks to its ability to increase your collagen and elastin production, just using a Neck Firming Cream formulated with Essenskin peptides can take years off your look right from home. Best of all, it’s far less expensive and invasive than surgery and can give you results in as little as a month!

The Truth About How To Tighten Skin and Prevent Sagging

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Signs of aging can be frustrating, but sagging skin is by far the worst. Sagging can happen on your face, your chin, or your neck – but no matter where it happens, you can bet it’s going to get worse without help.

Short of facelifts and expensive and dangerous procedures, you never had many options to deal with sagging skin – until now. If you want to stop sagging for good, it can be as easy as incorporating these three simple tips!

Limit Sun Exposure

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Keeping your skin protected from the sun is one of the fundamental rules for healthy and youthful skin. Although vitamin D can be good for our bodies, UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. From free radicals to dark spots and sagging, spending too long in the sun unprotected will be no help in keeping skin firm and lifted.

If you’ve noticed your skin starting to sag, make sure you’re limiting your time in the sun every day. Wearing SPF or a hat when you’re outside will help keep sagging and sun damage away. Speaking of sun damage – treat sunspots with potent and stabilized vitamin C which has been proven to help fade them! The combo of keeping safe from the sun and tackling existing sun damage will leave you with brighter and firmer skin in no time!

Know Your Peptides

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Peptides are a skincare buzzword you probably hear a lot – but few people understand how different peptides have different effects on your skin. All peptides can help you increase your collagen production or fight off unwanted acne and breakouts, but only the highest quality peptides are designed to help lift, firm and tighten your skin. Meet the Essenskin peptide!

Essenskin is a very special peptide because it’s been scientifically formulated to help mimic the results of a facelift! In your journey to banish sagging, Essenskin will help restructure and fortify the skin that is prone to sagging so it can stay lifted and firm, no matter your age! If sagging skin is a burden to you, it’s time to include the Essenskin peptide in your routine ASAP!

Embrace Antioxidants

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Antioxidant ingredients come with countless benefits, and helping to firm and lift sagging skin is definitely one of them! Antioxidants are compounds that naturally occur in our bodies but as we age, we need more help to replenish them. By using skincare that includes high amounts of antioxidant ingredients, you’ll be directly helping your skin stay firm and lifted.

Antioxidants work to repair damaged skin cells and keep the culprits of sagging skin at bay. When you apply antioxidants daily as part of your comprehensive skincare routine, you’ll be helping your cells fight the signs of aging that lead to sagging and will give the appearance of firmer-looking skin. Not only will your skin look lifted, but the antioxidants will also help brighten and revive your complexion too!

This Can Help Cure Your Sagging Neck Skin Without Surgery!

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After the age of 40, new areas of your skin start to lose elasticity and begin sagging. One of the most unpopular places for this to happen is on your neck and jowls, adding years to the look of your face.

If you’ve suffered from sagging neck or “turkey neck” you may have thought about surgery more than once. Thankfully, there are some less extreme ways to cure your sagging neck that are safer and cheaper than going under the knife!

Change Your Application

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One of the most common misconceptions about skincare is that it is exclusively for your face. The average person will apply their anti-aging routine to their face and perhaps their neck, but experts agree that skincare should go from your hairline to your decollete if you want to stay looking youthful. The skin close to your face will age, wrinkle and sag much like your facial skin will so making sure you’re treating these areas with an anti-aging regimen is crucial.

When you cleanse your skin, make sure you are cleansing your neck too. If that area of skin isn’t being cleansed from pollution, makeup, and free radicals, it could be causing it to sag and age faster. Cleansing your neck and chest will also allow you to deliver supple softness to the area thanks to a blend of hydrating essential oils that will plump and soften your skin.

Use Anti-Aging Ingredients

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Not all products are created equal and while you may be using something hydrating on your neck, it might not have the anti-aging ingredients it needs to deliver results. Anti-aging ingredients are special because they are structured to provide real results on your skin.

Some of the best anti-aging ingredients are cosmeceutical ingredients like Matrixyl Synthe 6™ and Proage™ that boost your ability to produce collagen and elastin so that your skin wrinkles and sags less. These are the same types of ingredients you can use for your face but they provide great results for your neck and decollete too!

Be Specific About The Problem

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Any anti-aging product will help you slow down sagging and wrinkling of your skin but you can actually find products that specifically are designed for your sagging neck. These products are different from most because they are specifically formulated for the DNA of your neck skin to provide the best results possible.

When choosing a neck lifting cream, you want to look for a product that helps firm, tighten and lift the delicate skin on your neck. The top-rated ingredient for this would be the award-winning patented Essenskin™ peptide which is exclusive to our Neck Firming Cream. This rich cream fortifies and restructures thin and fragile skin by restoring skin cells with an abundance of calcium and amino acids that leave skin feeling tight and lifted. If you’re looking to get a neck lift without the dangers and costs of surgery, reach for a neck cream with Essenskin and you’ll be able to see a difference in the mirror!