Three Simple Ways To Ditch Your “Turkey Neck” Before The New Year

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With 2022 on the horizon, you might be starting to think about the skincare goals you want to bring into the new year. In a recent survey, we found that most American’s would do anything to get rid of their dreaded “turkey neck”.

So, is it possible to lift, firm, and improve the look of your sagging neck? Our experts agree that doing these three things for the next 30 days will help improve the look of your sagging neck right at home!

Change Your Application

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It’s one thing to be using the right products but if you aren’t using the proper technique it can be wasting your time and hurting your results. To get the best results possible, application techniques should be top of mind – especially when it comes to your delicate neck. The skin on your neck is thin and prone to sagging, so if you’re rubbing the products the wrong way, you could be making the problem worse.

When you apply your Neck Firming Cream, always start with a small amount on your hands. Starting at the chest, work your application up to your chin, covering all the skin you can. Working in an upward motion allows you to apply products without tugging at the skin which causes more wrinkles. Applying upwards and gently will get all the firming and lifting ingredients to work quickly and effectively so you can banish turkey neck for good!

Find The Right Peptide

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If you google “anti-aging peptides” you’ll likely end up sorting through millions and millions of results. While most peptides can help your skin in some form, only a few are formulated to deal with turkey neck. Sagging skin requires different kinds of help to lift the skin and if you’re just using a basic peptide, you’ll be selling yourself, and your results, short.

In the last decade, one of the best lifting and firming peptides available is Essenskin. This one-of-a-kind peptide is unlike anything else and has been proven to help tighten, lift, and regenerate sagging neck skin. It works by loading your skin full of calcium and amino acids which the skin needs to repair itself. Stick with it for the next month and the result will be a more lifted, younger-looking neck!

Double Up

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Having one great product is going to help you achieve great results – but what if you could do more? When it comes to fighting stubborn turkey neck, the more help you can get the better. Dry skin is the number one cause of sagging and wrinkles. That’s why we suggest not relying on your neck cream alone for results and following it with a powerful moisturizer packed full of firming ingredients.

For the quickest and best results, we recommend layering your Repair & Release Cream over your neck cream as the final step in your routine. This is going to lock in all the best ingredients for your skin and deliver additional hydration. You’ll notice that not only does your neck look firmer, but your skin is more soft, supple, and touchable thanks to hydrating ingredients in the cream. It’s considered the dream team of firm necks and it will make a world of difference in your results!

*Don’t Forget This Unexpected Wrinkle-Prone Area In Your Skincare Routine!

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Taking care of your skin never goes out of style and focusing on a healthy complexion is an act of self-care. But what happens when you only focus on your face and forget other wrinkle-prone areas of your body?

The most common area to experience wrinkles outside your face is your decollete. This area is comprised of your neck and chest can is very delicate. It’s common to experience sagging, sun damage, and wrinkles just like your face.

If you want to take years off your look with a simple tweak to your skincare routine, use these easy tips to rejuvenate your decollete for younger skin and a more confident look!

Don’t Ignore It

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Some have probably suffered from an aging decollete for years while others may just be starting to notice signs of aging. No matter how bad the problem has gotten, it’s never too early or late to take action and fight back.

While you can apply your daily moisturizer to your neck, it’s not going to provide the same caliber of results as applying a product specially formulated for your decollete. Applying a Neck Firming Cream is going to get to work fighting signs of aging better and faster than any other kind of product.

Packed with essential peptides like Essenskin, it goes deep into the layers of your skin to help restructure how your skin acts. In only a few weeks, you’ll notice your decollete skin is firmer, smoother, and more radiant. Best of all, it’s got a creamy texture that is luxurious and hydrating for all skin types!

Don’t Be Discouraged

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The journey to a lifted and youthful neck is a marathon and not a sprint. Nothing can hurt our confidence more than not seeing the results we want, but it could be as simple as you weren’t using the right products in the right way. 

Even a multipurpose skin cream cannot do for your neck what a specially formulated treatment can. High-quality moisturizers will only hydrate but a Neck Firming Cream can lift, firm, and restructure your cells to look and act more youthful. 

If you haven’t seen results yet, we’re sure you’ll be impressed by the power of a Neck Firming Cream and its ability to give you results and improve your confidence.

Don’t Underestimate

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The best part about including your neck and chest into your skincare routine is that you’ll be amazed at what a difference it makes in how old you look. This area is notorious for giving your age away, so don’t underestimate how much attention your newly rejuvenated decollete will get!

Not only are the peptides and amino acids in your neck cream going to firm and tighten up your skin, but they will also leave it hydrated and glowing. So stop covering up with turtlenecks and scarves and show off that chin and collarbone! After just a few weeks of your new neck and chest routine, you’ll be showing off your skin proudly and the compliments will start pouring in!

The South Beach Skin Lab – Neck Firming Cream is our secret weapon to get a beautiful looking decollete!

Here’s How To Gift Skincare For Mother’s Day!

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there is no better gift you can give to Mom than glowing skin. It will make her feel beautiful, and also help her build good habits in her skin routine.

So what exactly is Mom hoping to get this Mother’s Day? Here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for every kind of Mom!

The Picky Mom

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Some Moms are easy to please while others have very high standards. Why not surprise Mom with something that you’re sure will impress her?! If your Mom is on the picky side, we suggest gifting her our best-selling Repair & Release Cream to show her how much you love her. This amazing cream is going to be a hit with Mom and win you some points as the favorite in the family.

This cream is formulated for all skin types so even if your Mom has sensitive skin, this is sure to work well for her. It also doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients or strong fragrances so it’s sure to delight her senses. Best of all, she can use it morning, night, or both for amazing anti-aging results. This product is a best-seller for a reason and we’re sure Mom will absolutely love it!

For The Mom Who Has Everything

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Is your Mom a skincare junkie? If she is, we’re sure she’s got cabinets full of facial products – but is she doing anything to protect her neck and chest from premature aging? Wrinkles and sagging can happen to more than just your face and your Mom will appreciate you paying attention to this special aging-prone area.

If your Mom is stocked on skincare we bet she would LOVE our Neck Firming Cream. This luxurious formula works to restructure and tighten the skin on your decollete for a more youthful look. Best of all, it will complement and not compete with the rest of her skincare routine. This area is one of the more unexpected areas of aging and Mom will be thrilled you thought of it for her!

The Sun Worshiping Mom

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Does your mother love to catch rays in the sunshine? Is she a beach bum or the kind of woman who loves spending the day in the garden? If so, she’s going to be delighted to get our Dark Spot Corrector this Mother’s Day! Formulated with 5 different kinds of vitamin C antioxidants, it’s going to help your Mom’s complexion stay perfect even in the sun.

Sun exposure can cause pigmentation problems and dark spots, so getting her some help before summer hits will make you her favorite child for sure! This powerful formula is going to help brighten and even her skin tone while she soaks in her time at the beach. After all, she deserves the time in the sun for being such a great mama!

The Truth About How To Tighten Skin and Prevent Sagging

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Signs of aging can be frustrating, but sagging skin is by far the worst. Sagging can happen on your face, your chin, or your neck – but no matter where it happens, you can bet it’s going to get worse without help.

Short of facelifts and expensive and dangerous procedures, you never had many options to deal with sagging skin – until now. If you want to stop sagging for good, it can be as easy as incorporating these three simple tips!

Limit Sun Exposure

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Keeping your skin protected from the sun is one of the fundamental rules for healthy and youthful skin. Although vitamin D can be good for our bodies, UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause serious damage to your skin. From free radicals to dark spots and sagging, spending too long in the sun unprotected will be no help in keeping skin firm and lifted.

If you’ve noticed your skin starting to sag, make sure you’re limiting your time in the sun every day. Wearing SPF or a hat when you’re outside will help keep sagging and sun damage away. Speaking of sun damage – treat sunspots with potent and stabilized vitamin C which has been proven to help fade them! The combo of keeping safe from the sun and tackling existing sun damage will leave you with brighter and firmer skin in no time!

Know Your Peptides

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Peptides are a skincare buzzword you probably hear a lot – but few people understand how different peptides have different effects on your skin. All peptides can help you increase your collagen production or fight off unwanted acne and breakouts, but only the highest quality peptides are designed to help lift, firm and tighten your skin. Meet the Essenskin peptide!

Essenskin is a very special peptide because it’s been scientifically formulated to help mimic the results of a facelift! In your journey to banish sagging, Essenskin will help restructure and fortify the skin that is prone to sagging so it can stay lifted and firm, no matter your age! If sagging skin is a burden to you, it’s time to include the Essenskin peptide in your routine ASAP!

Embrace Antioxidants

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Antioxidant ingredients come with countless benefits, and helping to firm and lift sagging skin is definitely one of them! Antioxidants are compounds that naturally occur in our bodies but as we age, we need more help to replenish them. By using skincare that includes high amounts of antioxidant ingredients, you’ll be directly helping your skin stay firm and lifted.

Antioxidants work to repair damaged skin cells and keep the culprits of sagging skin at bay. When you apply antioxidants daily as part of your comprehensive skincare routine, you’ll be helping your cells fight the signs of aging that lead to sagging and will give the appearance of firmer-looking skin. Not only will your skin look lifted, but the antioxidants will also help brighten and revive your complexion too!

Include This Forgotten Wrinkle-Prone Area In Your 2021 Skincare Routine!

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Taking care of your skin never goes out of style but only worrying about your face is so 2020. This year, we want to focus on an often overlooked area that is as prone to wrinkles as your face – your neck and chest!

If you’ve noticed a double chin, sagging skin, or crepey wrinkles on your chest, follow these easy tips to help rejuvenate your neck and chest and take years off your look!

Don’t Ignore It

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You may be noticing neck and chest wrinkles for the first time or you could have been suffering from them for years. No matter how bad it’s gotten, it’s important to not ignore these wrinkles and take action as soon as you can. The sooner you start treating this wrinkly and sagging area with the right ingredients, it’s going to make a world of difference in your results and help take years off your look.

Start by applying a Neck Firming Cream as soon as you can. Packed with the Essenskin peptide, it goes deeper than just the top layer of skin to restructure how your skin acts. In only a few weeks, it can help firm up existing aging skin so you can get repairing right away! The creamy and soft texture of the cream is going to feel so luxurious – but it’s also so effective too!

Don’t Be Discouraged

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Maybe you’ve tried applying anti-aging creams to this area before but you’re still seeing wrinkles and sagging – but it’s important to not lose hope. Nothing hurts our egos more than not seeing the results we want but it could be because you weren’t using a product made specifically for the neck area.

We love multi-use products but when it comes to your neck and chest, the skin is different than that on your face. That’s why it’s so important to have a product in your routine dedicated to dealing with this specific kind of neck skin. While anti-aging ingredients in your moisturizer are high-quality, they won’t have the ability to lift and firm neck skin the way a neck cream will. Once you’ve started using your neck cream, it should only take a few weeks before you start to notice an improvement!

Don’t Underestimate

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The best part about including your neck and chest in your skincare routine for 2021 is that you will be shocked by what a difference it makes to how old you look. This area is often what gives your real age away, no matter how great your face looks, so don’t underestimate just how much attention your newly rejuvenated decollete will get!

Not only are the peptides and amino acids in your neck cream going to firm and tighten up your skin, but it will also leave it hydrated and glowing. So stop covering up with turtlenecks and scarves and show off that chin and collar bone! After just a few weeks of your new neck and chest routine, you’ll be showing off your skin proudly and the compliments will start pouring in!

These Simple Tips Will Have Your Skin Looking Perky In No Time!


What is the main difference between your skin in your 30’s and your skin over 50? As we age, skin starts to sag making it lose the perkiness that once made us look youthful.

If you’ve noticed your skin isn’t quite as perky as it used to be, try out these simple tips to revive your skin and help get it back to its youthful glory!

Exfoliate Dead Skin


When skin loses its pep, the first thing you may notice is that your ‘glow’ is gone. Glowing skin requires a clean surface free of dirt, dead skin cells, and other debris. If you aren’t exfoliating your dead skin away, your skin could be dealing with the consequences, making you look much older than you are.

Perky skin is reliant on healthy skin and the best way to keep skin healthy is by cleansing away dead skin with a gentle exfoliate. Some exfoliators have harsh particles that scrub the skin off, but not oil cleansers. This unique way of washing your face allows you to exfoliate without hurting your skin. Blends of lavender and tea tree oils work to gently exfoliate skin and are safe enough for even the most sensitive skin types. You’ll be able to feel the difference in the softness in your skin and it will add a perky glow back to your face!

Go Below The Chin

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We spend so much time worrying about sagging skin on our face that we often forget about one of the worst and more notorious places for your skin to lose its perkiness – your neck. Neck skin is very delicate and sadly, gets a beating over time from gravity. It can cause your neck skin to sag causing what some people have dubbed “turkey neck”. There is nothing perky about a sagging neck, but there are options to deal with it outside of expensive and dangerous neck lift surgeries.

Years ago, skincare scientists discovered the award-winning Essenskin peptide. The results were out of this work, with this special peptide fortifying and restructuring the skin to lift and firm it. While these results might be similar to a traditional neck lift, this ingredient can help provide those types of results but without surgery. That’s why its the key ingredient in our Neck Firming Cream!

Eyes On The Prize

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When you meet someone, the first thing they will notice about you is your eyes. They say the eyes are the window to your soul and if your eyes look tired and old, there is no way the rest of your face can look youthful. Some people will try getting more sleep or old tricks like cucumbers or tea bags on their eyes, but nothing can quite help perk up your skin like a powerful eye serum that will brighten and help remove wrinkles all at the same time!

Using an eye serum is one of the easiest and fastest ways to perk up your skin. Using a serum is much more effective than an eye cream because it is able to absorb deeper to help provide even better results. Look for an eye cream that is formulated with peptides because that will de-puff, brighten, and smooth your eye wrinkles all in one step. Some of the best peptides for your eyes are NAD+ and Aldavine which experts say can help take years off the look of your eyes!

If You Hate Long Skincare Routines, These Are The 3 Basics You Need!

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In a magical world, your kids would leave you alone, your husband would have his own bathroom skin, and you would have unlimited time to do your skincare routine each day. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you are constantly on the go or don’t have the time or desire for a lengthy and expensive skincare routine, here are the three basics you need to help provide amazing anti-aging results in 5 minutes or less!

Cleaning Power

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Ask any skin care professional what is the single most important part of an effective routine and they will all agree it is a cleanser. What they will also agree with is that more than half of Americans are using the wrong kind of products to wash their face, resulting in damage. Soap is great for your body but terrible for the delicate skin on your face. That’s why so many professionals are now directing their clients to switch to a cleansing oil that will not just clean their face, but help fight wrinkles and brighten their complexion.

Oil cleansing has only recently become notorious as the better way to clean your face. Instead of relying on harsh soaps, oil cleansers use cold-pressed oils to clean your face. Not only will it wash away the dirt from the day, but oil cleansing is impressive at removing even the most waterproof makeup without having to pull at your skin which causes wrinkles. If you’re looking to keep your routine short, and oil cleanser will cut your makeup removal and face washing time in half – but deliver even better results!

A Little Lift

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No matter what you’ve heard, skincare isn’t just about your face. One of the most important parts of any anti-aging routine is avoiding sagging on your chin and neck which can add a decade to your look. Skincare needs to start below the neck and go right to your hairline which is why using a Neck Firming Cream is a quick and easy way to complete your routine and see dramatic results.

A Neck Firming Cream works differently than your normal moisturizer because its main goal isn’t hydration, its tightening and lifting the skin. Using peptides like Essenskin, it works to restructure and fortify thin and sagging skin to help lift and firm it. Not only will it leave your skin feeling tighter and more lifted, but it will round out a younger-looking complexion for your most confident skin ever!

Go Deep

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No matter how quickly you want to breeze through your routine, an important part of banishing wrinkles is making sure you are hydrating the deepest layers of your skin. When your skin gets dry below the surface, it can show up as deeper wrinkles across your entire face. Instead of living with dreaded wrinkles, find a moisturizer that addresses the deeper layers of skin and not just the parts you see.

Some ingredients are better at going deep into your skin than other and if you want a quick routine, you need to incorporate them. Oils like argan have been used for centuries to revive and repair skin and that’s why its one of the main ingredients in our Repair & Release Cream. Other ingredients that will hydrate all your skin layers are shea butter and coconut oil which pack enough hydration that you will notice an improvement in the texture of your skin after only a few weeks of use!

This Can Help Cure Your Sagging Neck Skin Without Surgery!

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After the age of 40, new areas of your skin start to lose elasticity and begin sagging. One of the most unpopular places for this to happen is on your neck and jowls, adding years to the look of your face.

If you’ve suffered from sagging neck or “turkey neck” you may have thought about surgery more than once. Thankfully, there are some less extreme ways to cure your sagging neck that are safer and cheaper than going under the knife!

Change Your Application

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One of the most common misconceptions about skincare is that it is exclusively for your face. The average person will apply their anti-aging routine to their face and perhaps their neck, but experts agree that skincare should go from your hairline to your decollete if you want to stay looking youthful. The skin close to your face will age, wrinkle and sag much like your facial skin will so making sure you’re treating these areas with an anti-aging regimen is crucial.

When you cleanse your skin, make sure you are cleansing your neck too. If that area of skin isn’t being cleansed from pollution, makeup, and free radicals, it could be causing it to sag and age faster. Cleansing your neck and chest will also allow you to deliver supple softness to the area thanks to a blend of hydrating essential oils that will plump and soften your skin.

Use Anti-Aging Ingredients

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Not all products are created equal and while you may be using something hydrating on your neck, it might not have the anti-aging ingredients it needs to deliver results. Anti-aging ingredients are special because they are structured to provide real results on your skin.

Some of the best anti-aging ingredients are cosmeceutical ingredients like Matrixyl Synthe 6™ and Proage™ that boost your ability to produce collagen and elastin so that your skin wrinkles and sags less. These are the same types of ingredients you can use for your face but they provide great results for your neck and decollete too!

Be Specific About The Problem

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Any anti-aging product will help you slow down sagging and wrinkling of your skin but you can actually find products that specifically are designed for your sagging neck. These products are different from most because they are specifically formulated for the DNA of your neck skin to provide the best results possible.

When choosing a neck lifting cream, you want to look for a product that helps firm, tighten and lift the delicate skin on your neck. The top-rated ingredient for this would be the award-winning patented Essenskin™ peptide which is exclusive to our Neck Firming Cream. This rich cream fortifies and restructures thin and fragile skin by restoring skin cells with an abundance of calcium and amino acids that leave skin feeling tight and lifted. If you’re looking to get a neck lift without the dangers and costs of surgery, reach for a neck cream with Essenskin and you’ll be able to see a difference in the mirror!

Thinking About A Neck Lift? Try This Instead For Amazing Results!

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If you struggle with sagging skin, you may have considered extreme measures like a neck lift or other surgical procedures, but there are other options that can help deliver the same kind of results without the risk.

If you’ve been struggling with turkey neck, here’s everything you need to know about neck lift alternatives, and how you can get amazing results from the comfort of your own home!

Develop Good Habits

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Good skincare habits can make a world of difference in the results you are trying to see. When you are inconsistent with your routine, it allows for factors like free radicals and gravity to damage and break down skin, causing wrinkles, sagging and dark spots. Inconsistent routines can be skipping days from doing your routine, or not having a comprehensive enough routine to fight the signs of aging you are working to reverse and prevent.

Good skincare habits include products that focus on your skin as a whole and not just specific issues. If you are looking to reverse sagging skin, you will want to use a comprehensive skin routine in addition to specialized products to make sure that you’re taking good care of your entire face.

Use The Right Ingredients

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Not all anti-aging products are developed to fight sagging skin. So many ingredients like amino acids and natural ingredients can help but they are more focused on wrinkle repair and not fighting the effects of gravity. If you are looking to see results in your neck area, you need to make sure that you are using the right kind of ingredients to see the results in our neck that you want.

Enter the award-winning patented Essenskin™ peptide. This powerful ingredient has been scientifically proven to fortify and restructure your sagging skin. That means it will firm and lift the delicate neck area to help deliver the kind of results that you would see from a doctor’s office. It’s safe, effective, and super easy to use in our new Neck Firming Cream! After just a few weeks you will notice your sagging skin starting to tighten and a more lifted look to your neck and chin.

Stop Pulling At Your Skin

sagging skin, pulling at skin, cause of winkles, wrinkle causes, sagging neck, sagging jowls

One of the major causes of sagging skin is not gravity, but the way you handle your skin during everyday activities. When applying skincare and makeup, many people pull at their skin without realizing it which breaks down your collagen and elastin and creates an opportunity for sagging skin. If you are pulling at your skin when applying products to your face, chances are it’s contributing to your sagging neck and jowls.

The number one tip to remember is to be gentle with your skin. You still need to be using a comprehensive skincare system to keep sagging and wrinkles at bay, but when applying it you should touch your face softly and never pull at your skin. This, combined with high-quality ingredients, will help stop sagging skin and help you revert back to a younger-looking you!