Three Cardinal Rules of Skincare You Can’t Afford To Break

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We’re all guilty of skipping a skincare step or not doing our full routine once in a while – and chances are it won’t hurt your results. What will hurt your skin is ignoring some of the most important and basic rules of skincare.

If you are bothered by new wrinkles or sagging skin, or the results you want are taking too long, make sure you’re following these skincare rules so you can get the most out of your routine!

Don’t Sleep With Makeup

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When it comes to skincare rules, no one is more common than don’t sleep with your makeup on – but do you know why? Your skin gets covered with dirt, dead skin, and all kinds of pollutants throughout the day which just pile on top of makeup. By not scrubbing this outer layer of makeup and gunk away, you effectively prevent your skin from repairing itself and producing newer, healthier cells – which is how you can reverse wrinkles and damage.

To help keep skin healthy and safe, wash thoroughly every single night before bed. This is going to wash away all this dangerous and skin-disrupting gunk off your face so it can effectively fight wrinkles while you sleep. It will also deliver peptides, nutrients, and amino acids to your skin to help fight signs of aging as you clean.

Start At Your Neck

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One of the best pieces of skincare advice any expert will tell you is to start your skincare at your neck. We often spend so much time worrying about our faces that our necks are left to sag, wrinkle, and dry out before our eyes. Not only does a wrinkled neck make you look way older, but it’s one more wrinkle you don’t need to deal with. Instead of suffering every time you look in the mirror, make sure you’re applying your products to your neck.

Some brands will simply tell you to use your face cream, but nothing works better than a specialized treatment designed specifically for your neck skin. That’s what encouraged us to formulate a Neck Firming Cream that could help visibly reduce the look of wrinkles and sagging on your neck. Formulated with some of the best peptides in America, it’s one skincare step you should never skip.

Eyes Need Peptides

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From green tea to banana, there have been all sorts of ingredients that claim they do wonders for your eye area. While there may be some benefit to using them, experts all agree the only thing that can help reverse and prevent eye wrinkles are peptides. Peptides are a special group of skincare ingredients that work at the cellular level of your skin to repair and protect against damage. The good news is that they’re very effective, but the bad news is that only some of them are good for your delicate eye area.

When treating eye wrinkles, you want to look for peptides that are proven to work on thin, delicate skin. Some of the most effective peptides for the eyes have been founded in modern skincare and are only available to a limited number of brands. Thankfully at South Beach Skin Lab, we have access to these amazing peptides like NAD+ and Aldavine and pack every bottle of our Eye Recovery Serum full of them! That means you’re only a few weeks away from a brighter, less-wrinkled eye area!

Your Skin Will Start To Lose These Three Things After 40

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Getting older comes with so many blessings, but wrinkles, lines, and unwanted signs of aging are not some of them. The good news is fighting back doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive.

If you’ve over the age of 40, your skin has probably suffered from one of the following. Here’s what your skin needs most to help keep signs of aging away as you get older.


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Remembering back to your youth, it’s easy to recall your skin being thick and plump. Over time, skin loses its thickness making it very easy for wrinkles and sagging to appear. While this can happen anytime later in age, it’s most common in women over the age of 40. When your skin becomes thinner with age, it can look more tired, more wrinkled, and less healthy.

Instead of suffering from the look of thinning skin, take action but using professional-level ingredients that help rebuild your skin. They can work to thicken your skin and help add volume and lift to your face. If you focus on thickness now, you’ll be able to avoid extreme wrinkles and sagging in the years to come. After all, the best offense against aging is a good defense!


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Collagen is one of those skincare buzzwords you hear a lot – but do you know what it really is? Collagen is the most abundant protein in your body and is considered one of the most important building blocks for healthy skin. At the age of 30, we start losing collagen rapidly and the natural production of it in our bodies goes down. This leads to wrinkles and sagging – unless you’ve got the right peptides to help replenish it.

Enter Matrixyl, one of the most powerful and effective peptides available today in the USA. This amazing ingredient is a standout in our Repair & Release Cream because it helps your skin produce more collagen so it stays youthful. Applying Matrixyl twice a day will help your collagen production get boosted so you can naturally help heal wrinkles from the inside out!


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Elastin is another protein found in your skin that helps it bounce back. When you pull or tug at your skin, elastin is what makes it go back to shape. As we get older, and especially after 40, our elastin can plummet leading to wrinkles and sagging. Elastin can be renewed to the skin thanks to antioxidant ingredients that can help your skin produce more of it.

If you’ve been suffering from the loss of elastin, you don’t need to look much further for help than an anti-aging moisturizer formulated with antioxidants and peptides. These will help your skin keep elastin and help reduce damage from touching or pulling your face. In only a few weeks, you can increase your collagen production so that you can have a smooth and wrinkle-free face!

When Your Skin Feels ‘Blah” Use Theses Tips To Revive It!

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Sometimes you look in the mirror and you just can’t pinpoint where exactly your skin needs a boost. From dry patches to wrinkles and dullness, you don’t have to live with mediocre skin.

If you’re looking to revive your skin and give it an extra boost of vibrance, there are some easy tips you can incorporate into your routine to help your skin looking younger and brighter!

Quench Your Skin

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If you ask any skincare doctor what the most easily treated skin ailment they will tell you it is dehydrated and dry skin. When your skin is dehydrated, it can accentuate wrinkles, make sagging skin look worse, and make your complexion appear dull. None of those are going to help you look younger and better, so make sure that your skin is quenched with moisture is a sure way to improve the look and feel of your skin.

When selecting a moisturizing product for your skin, look for nourishing oils like argan and cocoa butter to deliver hydration while feeling lightweight and clean on your face. You can also deliver more moisture to your skin by opting for an oil cleanser instead of soap because it will hydrate your skin instead of strip natural oils. The result will be softer, firmer, and plumper skin only our entire face!

Make Skin Glow!

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Do you ever wonder how your favorite celebrities and superstars keep a constant glow on their skin? From movies to red carpets, it seems that attaining an everlasting glow is possible – if you have the right ingredients. Enter Vitamin C, a powerhouse ingredient for your skin. With tons of benefits, it’s no wonder that it is constantly voted one of the most powerful natural ingredients for your skin.

Using vitamin C is easy and safe because it comes from the earth. Most sources of vitamin C are from citrus fruits and extracts which are then harvested for their brightening compounds. Including vitamin C in products like a dark spot cream will help remove pigmentation which can make skin look duller. In areas without dark spots, vitamin C will help regenerate skin and brighten your complexion so that you have brighter and younger-looking skin.

Cut Down Your Routine

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Optimizing your skin is a delicate balance between using enough of the right products without going overboard. In recent years, skincare routines with 5, 10, and even 15 steps have become incredibly popular. While you may think the more you put on the skin the better it will look and feel, you can often drown your skin with too many products if you are using too much – especially if you are in your 50’s and 60’s.

Having a minimalist skincare routine isn’t a bad thing – in fact, most doctors recommend it. Instead of stacking your bathroom with dozens of products, opt for a simple and streamlined routine that covers all the important bases. The quality of your products is much more important than the quantity so stick with a few proven basics that can help provide excellent results. You can also take the guesswork out of which products you actually need by using a skin care system that is already formulated to work together for the best results!