*These Techniques Help Oil Cleansing Transform Your Skin!

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You’ll be blown away by the results of adding an Oil Cleanser to your daily routine!

Washing your face may seem like common sense, but you’d be shocked to know most people are cleansing wrong – and it’s hurting your skin and results…

Washing your face daily is important in removing harmful bacteria, free radicals, and all the other toxins that can not only make you age faster but make reversing the signs of aging that much more difficult. The best way to combat dark spots, wrinkles, and sagging skin is to make sure your skin is clean and prepped so it’s ready to work!

The difference between an oil cleanser, like South Beach Skin Lab’s Lavender Oil Cleanser and traditional foaming cleansers, is that oil can attract more dirt and oil from your pores than foam.

When you use an oil cleanser, it binds itself to the impurities in your skin and removes them. It also happens to be one of the most effective makeup removers around which means you can get rid of even the most waterproof mascara without adding extra steps to your routine!

Sound too good to be true?

What’s more shocking than its benefits is how easy it is to use an Oil Cleanser. Today we’re going to show you how!

Use A Small Amount

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When it comes to oil cleansing, a little goes a long way. You’ll want to use a quarter-sized amount and apply it directly to your palms. Oil cleanser has an amazing texture to it that is soft and smooth. That’s what helps so many people feel instant improvement in their hydration.

Apply To A Damp Face

A wet or dry face can impact how well your oil cleanser will work. For best results, dampen your face before applying so the oil will be able to cleanse impurities without being diluted by water.

Apply Gently

oil cleansing, how to use oil cleanser, oil cleansing tips

Using your hands for application, use gentle circular motions to apply your oil cleanser over your entire face. This will gently exfoliate your skin while removing dirt, makeup, and free radicals. It’s not only easy, but it feels amazing on your skin too!

You may feel a warming friction when applying – that just means the oil is doing its job. Like a magnet, your oil cleanser will attach to debris on your face and in pores to gently remove it.

Don’t expect your cleanser to foam up like your soap would. One of the biggest benefits of oil cleansing is that there are no toxic emulsifiers that cause it to foam. 


oil cleansing, how to use oil cleanser, oil cleansing tips

Now that you’ve applied your Lavender Oil Cleanser to your entire face, it’s time to rinse it off! 

Using warm water, use your hands or a soft washcloth to gently wash the cleanser off. You’ll want to avoid tugging at the skin or using water that is too hot as both can damage your delicate skin.


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Do you want to know what makes oil cleansing so special? You’re able to see and feel a difference in your skin after the very first use! 

Your skin is going to feel substantially more moisturized and healthy which will help you feel confident every time you look in the mirror. 

If you’re someone who loves instant results and compliments, you’re going to be blown away by the results of using the South Beach Skin Lab Lavender Oil Cleanser! 

How To Properly Apply Your Moisturizer For Best Results


It’s no questions that a high-quality moisturizer should be the staple in your skincare routine. Sadly, most people will not experience the results they desire simply because they’re applying it the wrong way.

Do you really know how to properly apply your moisturizer? Here are some tips to help make sure you’re applying properly and getting the most out of your skincare routine.

Apply After Cleansing

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There are some basic tips when it comes to moisturizing that cannot be skipped. One of them is the step that comes before…cleansing. Cleansers help clear your skin and prepare it for the rest of your routine. Without a high-quality cleanser, your skin is likely not absorbing all the powerful ingredients it needs to reverse signs of aging.

Oil cleansers are the best option for cleansing before moisturizer because it will clean skin better than traditional cleansers, without drying your skin out or compromising the balance of your pH levels. If you make a habit of cleansing right before applying your moisturizer, your skin will reap the benefits and your products will go deeper to provide results.

Skip The Drugstore

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We understand that drugstore skincare products can seem appealing. They are convenient, cheap, and claim to be effective products. The reality, however, is that using products from the drugstore, especially a moisturizer, can backfire and leave your skin in a state of emergency.

Drugstore products often replace important ingredients with cheaper alternatives and fillers. In fact, a recent study found that there are hundreds of products in every drugstore that include harmful ingredients like parabens and sulfates. Using a high-quality moisturizer like our Repair & Release Cream will ensure you’re using quality ingredients that have the ability to help provide real results.

Don’t Rub Too Hard

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When you’re applying your moisturizer, it’s natural to want to push and pull at the skin to help the product absorb. Sadly, pushing, pulling and tugging at your skin will result in deeper, more noticeable wrinkles, and even lead to sagging skin in the future.

To keep your skin safe and looking wrinkle-free, you’ll want to take extra care when applying your moisturizer and do so gently. When applying your moisturizer, take some product and warm it between your fingertips before applying it to your face. This will allow the moisturizer to glide on smoothly, and you’ll be able to gently press it into the skin instead of rubbing. This will help deliver peptides, nutrients, and antioxidants to your skin to help fight signs of aging.

Three Easy Lip Scrubs You Can Make At Home This Summer

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Summer is all about protecting your skin and often times, your lips end up forgotten. In addition to making sure they’re slathered with SPF in summer months, it’s important that you take extra care to avoid dry, chapped lips that also come with warm summer temperatures.

Exposure to the sun and salt water can both factor into your lips getting dry and dehydrated and the best way to prevent this is by giving your lips a little extra love. Lip scrubs are similar to a balm but help to exfoliate your lips as you use it. The result is soft, supple lips that look radiant!

To get the same effect at home, follow one of these three easy recipes! The best part about these lip scrubs is they can all be made at home using ingredients you likely already own!

Coconut + Honey Lip Scrub

diy lip scrub, diy skin care, lip scrub, honey lip scrub, coconut lip scrub1 tsp honey
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp coconut oil

Instructions: Mix ingredients together in a bowl. Once well mixed, transfer the lip scrub to your container using a spoon. Leave in the fridge to set for an hour and enjoy!

Tea Tree Lip Scrub

diy lip scrub, tea tree lip scrub, skincare diy3-4 drops of tea tree oil
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp honey
1 tsp brown sugar

Instructions: Mix ingredients together in a bowl. Once well mixed, transfer the lip scrub to your container using a spoon. Leave in the fridge to set for an hour and enjoy!

Vanilla + Coconut Lip Scrub

vanilla lip scrub, coconut lip scrub, diy lip scrub, natural diy, lip scrub1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp brown sugar
1 tsp coconut oil

Instructions: Mix ingredients together in a bowl. Once well mixed, transfer the lip scrub to your container using a spoon. Leave in the fridge to set for an hour and enjoy!

Finally, A Tutorial On How To Use An Oil Cleanser Properly!

oil cleansing, oil cleanser, skincare, skincare how to

If you haven’t heard of oil cleansing, you’ve probably been living under a rock. This new way to wash your face has received rave reviews from not only industry experts and top bloggers, but from everyday people just like you who have learned the magic power of the oil cleanser.

Unlike traditional foaming cleansers or soap, oil cleansers come in liquid form and feel silky smooth going on your skin. Once rinsed off, you’re left with a glowing complexion and just a touch to your face will prove how nourishing this product can be when used correctly.

For those of you who are new to oil cleansing, we’re going to break down a few key points to know about how to do it properly to make sure you’re getting the most out of your new cleansing method! So grab your Olive Oil Cleanser and let’s get started!

You Only Need A Small Amount

oil cleanser, oil cleansing, skincare how toIf you’re using more than a dime sized amount, you’re likely using too much and wasting product and money. A little goes a long way with oil cleansers so don’t fill up your whole palm the way you usually would.

Applying a small dime sized amount and rub it between your fingertips. Then apply gently to a dry face in a circular motion. You will feel the oil start to glide across your face but will notice that it doesn’t foam up. Don’t worry, it’s not supposed to.

Don’t Keep Rubbing For Too Long

makeup removal, oil cleanser, skincareOil cleansers work like a magnet to attract dirt and grime from your pores. It doesn’t take too much elbow grease for it to work so you want to make sure you’re only applying it to the entire face for a moment or two.

You may notice it takes on the color of whatever is left on your face for the day, so don’t be frightened if you see a bit of your foundation or mascara color coming through, that’s totally normal. Oil cleansers have a reputation for being really powerful at removing even the most waterproof of makeup.

Keep rubbing in a circular motion and make sure to scrub all parts of your face from your hairline to your jawline. Because oil cleansers are often made with powerful ingredients like Olive Oil, you want to be sure to keep it out of your mouth and eyes. For the eye area, you can also use a cotton pad with a few drops of cleanser to remove any mascara or eyeliner before cleansing the rest of your face.

It Works For Almost Every Skin Type

skin types, oil cleansing, skincareHave oily skin? That’s no reason to avoid an oil cleanser! While some people think that putting oil on oil is not a great idea, it actually will help control your oil production over time with regular use. Oil cleansers help fight acne or breakouts and will not clog your pores.

If you have combination skin or dry skin, you’ll be surprised at how nourishing an oil cleanser can be! Unlink soap and foam cleanser, you’re not going to have that hard, dry and rough skin once you rinse the cleanser off.  Instead, your skin looks like it has a halo glow and will feel extremely soft.

There are very few skincare products that can really work for everyone, and that’s why to us, oil cleansers are the holy grail! Just ask the thousands of happy customers who have purchased our Olive Oil Cleanser!


This Is Why Eye Serum Isn’t Just For Your Eyes Anymore…

It seems these days the beauty industry has created a product for every single ailment on every single part of your body. When looking around your bathroom, you’re probably bombarded with half-empty bottles taking up space and cluttering your sink.

The reality is, most of us have purchased more products than we can ever use in a lifetime and some of them are so niche, you can save yourself some serious dollars by maximizing the use of the core products you already use.

Why your eye serum is a lifesaver

When it comes to dark circles, deep wrinkles and sagging skin below the eyes, but did you know there are so many other ways to utilize your eye serum?! That’s right, this powerful product that’s likely already part of your routine can help you deal with some serious problem areas you never even thought of!

The Lips

Believe it or not, your lips and mouth are aging too. Most women find that around the age of 40, they start to develop wrinkles and creases around the mouth. These wrinkles can run deep and applying your lip balm or lipstick daily isn’t helping.

lips, lip wrinkles, eye serum hackInstead, reach for your eye serum! It’s totally safe to use around the lip area (try to avoid getting it inside your mouth) and can not only help hydrate this area, but the powerful peptides used to plump and brighten your eye area will do the same for your lip lines! Pucker up to kiss those pesky lip lines away!

In Between The Eyebrows

Ever get those pesky lines between your eyebrows? They’re often caused by repeated facial expression (think about when you’re squinting outside in the garden from the sun!) and can leave deep wrinkles and lasting damage.

eye serum hack, forehead wrinkles, eyebrow wrinklesOnce you’ve applied your eye lift serum to your eyelids and under eye area, dab a small amount with your ring finger between the eyebrows. While this won’t provide an instant result, over time you’ll notice that the depth and severity of the wrinkles between your brows will improve thanks to some of the powerful ingredients in your eye serum.

Your Hands

Did you know that your hands can reveal your age even more than your face?! This easy to forget area is aging every time you’re using your hands. Not just that, but hands are often the most overlook spot for sun protection meaning those harmful UV rays are wreaking havoc on your hands and aging them quickly.

aging hands, eye serum hack, skincare tipThe wrinkle-fighting ingredients in under-eye serums can help smooth and brighten the fine lines on your hands to help them look younger. The good news is most of the wrinkles to your hands start as very fine lines which are easier to repair the damage on than some deeper wrinkles of the face.

Note:  You can use our South Beach Skin Lab – Eye Serum for all the above tips. So next time you find yourself wondering about any of these symptoms above make sure you have a bottle of it on your counter you can reach for!

These Three Makeup Hacks Will Make Your Eyes Pop!

eye makeup, makeup hacks

They say the eyes are the window into the soul and they’re often the first feature someone notices about you. While eyes are a delicate area of skin and can often age quite quickly, they also have the opportunity to take years off your age and highlight one of the most naturally beautiful parts of your face! With a few simple makeup hacks, you can compliment your anti-aging eye routine with a few tricks to keep your eyes looking rested and young even when they aren’t.

White Eyeliner

white eyeliner, eye makeup, makeup hacksWhile most women cannot live without their go-to black or brown eyeliner, when your eyes need an extra dose of help for brightness, turn to white eyeliner!

White eyeliner can brighten your eyes, make you look more rested and even make your eyes appear bigger. Apply the liner to the corner of your eye area and follow along under the lower waterline of your eye. The results are instant and you can still wear your beloved dark eyeliner on the top of your eyes.

Use A Concealer

white eyeliner, eye makeup, makeup hacksConcealer is a bright eyes best friend! While most of us use some form of concealer under our eyes as part of our makeup routine, it’s important that you’re choosing the right one in the right tones

You’ll want to choose a concealer that is heavy with pink or yellow undertones will actually help cover dark circles and brighten the color of the whole under eye area. You only need a small amount but make sure you blend it well with a small beauty blender or just your ring or middle finger. Be sure to stay away from heavy coverage as it can backfire and make your concealer look cakey and dull.

Strategically Highlight

Highlighters are having a moment right now with the current trend of fresh, dewy skin but they can actually do wonders to improve the look of your eyes.

white eyeliner, eye makeup, makeup hacksKnowing where to apply your highlighter is especially important when it comes to accentuating the eyes. Make sure to only apply it in 3 strategic places, your cheekbone, in the corners of your eyes and along the brow line. Avoid using it elsewhere to draw attention away from your eye area. Always start with a smaller amount so you don’t end up looking shiny (it’s easier to add more than to remove some). The highlighter will catch the light and provide a shimmer to brighten up your entire eye area!

Have any amazing makeup tips for brightening the eye area? Leave your favorites in the comments below!


This Is Why Cleansing Wipes Are Not A Friend To Your Skin Care Routine

There are two kinds of people in the world, those who love self care and those who find it to be a chore. Self care is not just about what you eat or put on your skin, it’s about taking a moment in your hectic day to focus on yourself for one instead of your boss, your kids or your chores. You are worth the few minutes you spend in front of the mirror each day and don’t ever forget it!

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How To Minimize The Appearance of Eye Bags & Dark Circles Fast!

So you’ve had enough sleep, your stress levels are low and you’ve been eating right. So why do you still wake up to dark circles under your eyes?

Most of us would do absolutely anything to get rid of dark circles under the eyes. After all, they can make you look older than you really are and give an impression your skin is unhealthy even when you’re taking the best care of it.

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How To Fix Dry Skin Quickly With This Simple No Frills Routine

Like flowers, we are all unique. While there are general rules to care for all types of skin, it’s important to know your specific skin type and make sure you care for it in the most suitable way.

Today we focus on dry skin. Let’s face it: Dry skin sucks. It’s uncomfortable, unattractive, and annoying to deal with—especially when it’s on our face—and the sheer number of potential causes is mind-boggling. No matter what your age, dry skin can happen and the symptoms range from a slight dryness when you touch your face to red irritation and flakey skin.

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