Here Is Everything You Need To Start Off The Spring Season With The Right Energy!

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Self-care is important all the time, but when the seasons start to change is the perfect time to take stock of your mental and physical wellbeing and build some healthy new habits!

We always encourage you to look at your South Beach Skin Lab routine as a time to take for yourself to unwind and appreciate your own beauty, but sometimes you need a little extra help to set great intentions for a new season.

We wanted to share with you a few simple and easy ways to give yourself a kick start this spring and take on the season with the best version of you!

Start A Journal

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Writing things down is a great way to reflect, set goals and encourage yourself.  It doesn’t matter if you’re recapping your spring break travels, jotting down big goals for work, or planning your summer vacation, putting a pen to paper is the fastest way to encourage you to be your best self.

It doesn’t have to be your cheesy teenage diary either, there are all sorts of cool new journaling techniques coming out all the time like bullet journals or mindfulness journals which allow you to quickly jot down thoughts and aspirations.

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Spa

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Now don’t go calling the reno guys just yet, we mean this in a not so literal way. Turns out, there are tons of tiny tweaks you can do to your bathroom to make it the most relaxing place in your home and the perfect setting to recharge for spring.

While we highly encourage taking time to relax and have a bath. For extra indulgence, add aromatherapy candles, bath salts, and bubble baths. Opt for a lavender scent which has been proven to have calming effects and throw a few drops of essential oil into the tub. Voila! Your energy is going to be happy, relaxed, and squeaky clean as you spring into the season!

Give Your Skin Some Extra Attention

skincare, fall skin tipsWeather changes can be responsible for a lot of different problems with your skin. From breakouts to dry patches, your skin is doing its best to fight off all the elements of change, but it can’t do it without you putting in an extra bit of attention.

For your face, make sure you’re cutting down on exfoliation as the temperature warms up and your skin is staying more hydrated. Getting your skin into a good routine of at least cleansing and moisturizing twice daily will help keep your skin balanced.

Not sure what you need for a spring skincare routine? Using an oil-based cleanser will help keep skin hydrated without clogging pores and a water-based moisturizer won’t cause your skin to go from too dry to too oily as the temperature and humidity climb.

Now throw on those gardening gloves and get out in the sunshine…Summer is almost here!



Dirty Makeup Brushes Are Doing Serious Harm To Your Skin!

Not cleaning your makeup brushes is considered one of the biggest sins in skincare. Not only does the cleanliness of your makeup brush affect the way your makeup is being applied to your face, but it also has some serious impact on the way your skin looks and feels.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re cleaning your brushes at least once a month. If it’s a brush you use to apply liquid makeup then we suggest at least twice a month as those products can carry more dirt and bacteria than powders. What happens if you don’t wash your brushes often enough? You can expect some unwanted side effects like:

Clogged Pores

clogged pores, not washing makeup brushes, makeup brushesEvery time you apply a product to your brush, there is buildup. Over time, that buildup can result in some serious bacteria and germs that will live on your brush and that will clog your pores when applying the makeup to your face.

Clogged pores can lead to breakouts and as long as your brushes aren’t clean, you’re simply just spreading those germs back and forth between your face, your makeup, and your brush.


breakouts, makeup brushes, not cleaning make up brushesThink you’re too old for breakouts? Think again! If you’re starting to notice breakouts on your face where your blush, foundation or any other makeup is being applied, chances are we’ve now discovered the culprit.

If your brushes aren’t being cleaned properly and often enough, chances are, they’re going to contribute to some serious pimples and impurities. Even if your skin is “clean,” your brushes are still collecting oil, dust, dead skin, and the fallout from greasy hair products you spray around your mirror that is sure to cause breakouts.


wrinkles, makeup brushes, cleaning make up brushesJust like us, skin can become stressed out. When you’re using dirty makeup brushes packed with bacteria and dirt and touching them to your face, your skin is getting put under tons of stress and the way it deals with that is to wrinkle.

The effects of stressed out skin are often a breakdown of collagen and elastin. Those are the two components your skin produces to fight wrinkles, sagging and aging.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Let us know in the comments below!



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