This Miracle Oil Fixes Over 10 Types Of Skin Damage

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Every once in a while, a skincare ingredient comes along that blows all the others out of the water. Enter Squalane oil, a special natural ingredient that can transform any type of skin.

Skincare experts love this ingredient because it can help with over 10 types of skin issues. We’ve rounded up the top issues Squalane oil can cure to make your skin look younger, and your complexion shine!

It Fights Free Radicals

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When you’re on a quest to fight wrinkles and signs of aging, nothing is going to make it more difficult than free radicals. These pesky invaders can find their way to your skin and wreak havoc. They are the main cause of accelerated aging, skin irritation, and bacteria. It turns out that one of the best ingredients for fighting free radicals is Squalane, like the kind we use in our best-selling Repair & Release Cream.

This magical oil works wonders at destroying free radicals on your skin. When free radicals attack, your skin will naturally produce Squalane to fight them off, but adding more can help you get even better results. It’s packed with antioxidant properties that destroy wrinkle-causing free radicals so you can wake up with fewer wrinkles every single day!

It’s Super Hydrating

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When skin is super dry, the chances of noticing your wrinkles are much higher. Dry skin can make wrinkles look deeper and worse – and none of us need that kind of help! The good news is that by using some super-hydrating ingredients in your daily cream like Squalane, you can combat deep wrinkles and help plump them right out of your skin.

Skincare experts all agree that Squalane is one of the best hydrating ingredients for your skin. Because Squalane is a natural emollient, it locks moisture into your skin, helping to prevent fine lines, and ease dry patches. That means that even the driest type of skin will notice improved hydration and plumpness to their skin after using Squalane!

It Attacks Damage

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We hate using the term “miracle ingredient” but when we find one that can fight so many of your skin’s worst problems, we can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. Of all the benefits of applying Squalane to your skin, one of the best ones is that it attacks all kinds of damage on your skin.

Some of the biggest skin predators are UV rays which cause dark spots. Squalane helps by reducing pigmentation and imperfections with antioxidants so you can revel in a more beautiful and even skin tone. It will also help stop UV damage so you don’t have to worry about adding years to your look when spending time in the sun. Simply put, Squalane can help protect your skin from new damage all while helping reverse existing damage. It’s everything we could ever want in a skincare ingredient and you can get it simply by applying your Repair & Release Cream daily!

Three Signs Your Skin Has Had Enough Of The Summer

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Summer is arguably one of the best times of the year. The sun is shining, you spend more time with friends and family, but you’re also ripe for summer skin damage.

So how do you know if your skin has had enough? Look for these signs of exhausted summer skin, and some easy tips to help revive and repair it!

You’re Breaking Out

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Since we were teens, we’ve all had to deal with breakouts. But have you noticed your breakouts are getting worse recently? That’s because months of sweat, sunscreen, and smog are clogging your pores and causing your skin to break out. No matter how old you are, you aren’t immune to pimples and blackheads, but you can avoid them by taking care of your tired summer skin and keeping it clean.

One of the easiest ways to stop breakouts is by using the right kind of cleanser. Soaps and foam cleansers will dry out the top layer of your skin and rarely clean pores, so opt for an oil cleanser instead. The oil will go deeper into pores to remove debris that causes pimples. Best of all, it will be able to attract even the most stick dirt in your pores like sunscreen and sweat so you can get your glow on without worrying about pimples.

You’re Seeing Spots

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Freckles may be having a “moment” right now but these little spots are actually skin damage and should be avoided at all costs. Not just freckles but sun spots, age spots, and liver spots can appear on your skin as you get older and spend more time outside. These spots were once only removable with painful laser surgery, but advancements in skincare have made them easy to treat at home.

When summer damage starts showing up on your skin, you need to turn to the power of vitamin C to treat and face spots. This powerful ingredient is a staple in our Dark Spot Corrector for good reason. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it can help fade and reverse spots so you can have a clear and healthy complexion. Best of all, you won’t need to resort to painful treatments to see real results. Just make sure you’re also applying your SPF to keep new spots from forming.

You’re Feeling Dry

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Have you noticed your skin starting to look dried out and dull? That’s because humidity, air conditioning, and sunshine all contribute to dehydrated skin. When skin is dehydrated it will show more wrinkles and lines and is a breeding ground for new signs of aging to emerge. If you want to keep your skin healthy and youthful, you need to avoid dry summer skin at all costs.

Since staying inside all day isn’t an option, you can combat dry summer skin by using your Repair & Release Cream daily. Even if your skin feels a little oily, it’s likely from sweat. But the deeper layers of your skin, responsible for forming your wrinkles, are dying of dehydration. By applying your cream twice daily, you’ll be able to fight dry skin and wrinkles in one easy step! Best of all, you’ll be delivering important nutrients and peptides to your skin as you hydrate, which will revive and repair existing damage.

How To Protect Your Skin From These 3 Types of Sun Damage

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We’re in the middle of summer and there is no better time of year to head outside and catch some rays. While you may slather on SPF before heading out, there are a few unexpected ways the sun could be hurting your skin.

If you suffer from any of the sun-related skin issues below, learn how you can help reduce damage from UV rays while taking years off your look!


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When you think of summer you think sweaty and sticky – but the summer heat and sun can dry out your skin. You may not see or feel it on the surface, but the damage is happening in the deeper layers of your skin and drying them out. When skin is dry, wrinkles and lines look worse, so keeping skin hydrated while spending time outside is crucial to seeing more youthful results.

When fighting dryness in the summer, you need to treat it differently than in winter. Opt for a lightweight but powerful moisturizer packed with peptides instead of applying thick moisturizers that can clog pores. This will deliver hydration not just to the top layer of your skin but will penetrate deep to help prevent and reverse wrinkles. You’ll be able to sit outside in the sun without worrying that your wrinkles are getting or looking worse!

Free Radicals

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Free radicals get talked about a lot in the skincare world and it’s for good reason. Free radicals can live on our skin but are completely invisible. They are the main cause of loss of collagen which leads to wrinkles, sagging skin, dark spots, and a whole other host of anti-aging problems. So how do you fight something that you can’t see in the mirror? By making sure you’re washing them away every morning and night.

Free radicals living in your skin will cause more damage the longer they are there. Instead of taking your chances and letting them destroy your skin, opt for a cleanser that removes 100% of free radicals. Oil cleansers work better than any other type of cleanser because they go deeper into pores to remove more dirt and free radicals. Just by washing your face, you’ll be protecting your skin from one of the top predators of accelerated aging.


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Spending time outdoors is lovely until the next morning when you wake up with new spots all over your face. These are called sunspots and then can disrupt a clean and even complexion at any age. Sunspots are tiny signs of damage from the sun’s UV rays. When these rays hit your skin, it disrupts your pigmentation and can leave you feeling insecure and blotchy.

Some sunspots will go away on their own but others will stay permanently. Since you won’t know which is which, it’s best to treat all sunspots right away with a powerful blend of vitamin C. Skincare tools like our Dark Spot Corrector allow you to use it as a spot treatment or on your entire face. It won’t just help fight your sunspots but will brighten tired and dull skin that has been outside all day.

The Perks of Including Caffeine In Your Skin Care Routine!

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Nothing gets you out of bed and moving quite like a good cup of joe in the morning. That’s because of caffeine, which gets your system moving and provides lots of benefits for your body.

Recently, caffeine is being used more and more in skincare products after years of discovering it’s powerful antioxidants and the ability to prevent skin damage. Here’s what you need to know about caffeine and how it’s going to revamp your skin!

It Helps Fight Free Radicals

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One of the leading causes of wrinkles and pre-mature aging is free radical damage. Free radicals can come from pollution, UV rays, and even bad habits like smoking. When free radicals reach our skin, they terrorize it and break down your collagen and elastin even faster!

By using products with caffeine in your skincare routine, it provides a powerful punch to free radicals and helps clear them out of your skin. That’s why it’s one of the key ingredients in our Neck Firming Cream! Not only will it stop free radicals for making wrinkles worse, but it’s antioxidant properties will help repair sagging skin and existing damage.

It Helps To Tighten Skin

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When you apply caffeine to your skin directly, it has the amazing ability to tighten your skin, plump up wrinkles, and leave your face looking smoother. This happens because caffeine stimulates blood flow to your skin and tightens up your blood vessels, which plumps the skin and helps erase wrinkles.

Some of the most common areas that crave the benefits of caffeine are your jowls, your neck, and your chest. These areas tend to have really thin skin that can be susceptible to sagging but with a daily dose of caffeine, you’ll see the skin tighten up and see your wrinkles diminish in as little as a month!

It Helps Reduce Redness

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Does your skin ever look flushed and red? That’s because aging skin gets thinner and exposes veins and blood flow below the top layers of skin causing redness. The antioxidants in caffeine can help reduce that redness almost instantly and continued application will help get rid of it for good.

Most people commonly experience redness on their cheeks, neck and chest area because they are the most exposed to UV rays. To combat it, use the Neck Firming Cream twice daily. This goes beyond the power of just a normal moisturizer and is specialized to help with sagging, wrinkles and especially redness along the decolletage. Banishing redness for good has never been so simple!

This Is The Biggest Reason Your Skin Needs Antioxidants To Protect Itself

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Skincare if full of buzzwords that are thrown around often be rarely explained. One of the most common of those words is “free radicals”. We hear about them on commercials, websites and from our doctors but does anyone actually know what a free radical is?

Today we’re going to break down what free radicals are, how they affect your skin, and how to avoid them to create healthy, youthful and grime-free skin!

What Are Free Radicals?

free radicals, skincare, anti-agingFree radicals are an unstable molecule that exists both in your body and in the air around us. Factors like pollution, sun exposure, and poor diet all contribute to the production of free radicals, and they’re slowly destroying your skin.

Because they’re an unstable molecule, they are living inside your body looking for a healthy molecule to attach to. Free radicals work like a magnet to attract the healthy molecule and attack it for survival. Once it finds one, it begins slowing killing off healthy molecules in your body to stabilize itself.

What Kind of Damage Do Free Radicals Cause?

free radicals, skin damage, dark spots, wrinklesThink about an apple left out on the counter for a week. What was once a shiny, red apple will slowly turn brown and begin to wither, and rot. That’s kind of like how a free radical works on your skin too.

Because they are naked to the human eye, it’s impossible to see the damage free radicals cause before it’s too late. Like the apple, your skin will experience more unwanted effects the longer it sits unprotected on the counter.

Free radicals contribute to wrinkles, lines, dark spots, and dullness. All of those side effects are some of the most difficult to reverse on your skin if you’re not properly caring for your face with a proper antioxidant routine.

How Can I Prevent Damage From Free Radicals?

The best news we can tell you about free radical damage is that it’s completely manageable. Almost every person on earth battles some form of free radical daily and simple changes to your routine can help control and reverse signs of aging.

free radicals, antioxidants, antioxidant skincare, anti-agingThe most important part of removing free radicals is cleansing. Your skin is exposed all day and night so it’s important to cleanse at least twice a day. In addition, you want to defend yourself against free radicals with the use of high-quality, antioxidant ingredients.

Although your body naturally produces antioxidants, applying them topically has been proven to speed up the reversal of wrinkles and protect skin. Using a moisturizing cream like our Repair & Release cream that is packed with antioxidants, like green tea and Vitamin E, can help keep free radicals under control and take years off the look of your skin!


How do you avoid free radical damage in your skincare routine? Share it with us in the comments below!

This Is How Pollution In The Air Can Cause Lots Of Problems For Your Skin

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Pollution is a problem for all of us. Regardless if you live in a big city or a small town, scientists believe that your location doesn’t protect you from the effects of pollution. Some even say pollution can be living inside your home!

Pollution isn’t healthy for a number of reasons but did you know that pollution can cause some serious damage to your skin?

pollution, free radicals, anti aging, skincareThe biggest worry for your skin about pollution is free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules and with other compounds in the air and in your skin. These free radicals can have a destructive effect on your skin and have been proven to accelerate skin aging and wrinkles.

The key to fighting the effects of pollution is manageable and with a little extra care, you can make sure you’re staying one step in front of pollution to protect your beautiful skin.

Cleanse Twice A Day

cleansing, free radicals, anti aging, pollutionOne easy way to reduce the effects of pollution and free radicals on your face is to be regimented about your cleansing. Make sure you are cleansing your skin at least twice a day, morning and night.

Instead of your traditional foaming cleanser which mostly cleans the surface of the skin, opt for an oil-based cleanser that will dig deep into pores to remove pollution and free radicals.

Use Antioxidants In Your Routine

Using products that include antioxidant ingredients is a sure way to keep your skin safe from harmful pollution. Antioxidants are molecules that are able to neutralize free radicals. That means that this ingredient does the work for you making sure that any free radicals that make their way to your skin are not going to cause you further wrinkles and skin damage.

Protect Your Moisture Barrier

moisturize, free radicals, pollution, anti aging, skincarePollution and free radicals can absolutely contribute to faster aging but did you know it’s also trying to dry out your skin? When your skin’s moisture barrier is not protected, free radicals can draw out moisture from your skin making it appear duller.

To combat this, make sure you’re using a hydrating moisturizer morning and night after properly cleansing your face. This will provide moisture back to your skin and help keep free radicals at bay.

Have you noticed the effects of pollution on your skin? Tell us about it in the comments below!