Three Easy Ways To Avoid Dry, Cracked Hands In The Colder Weather

winter hands, dry hands, cracked hands

The leaves are covering the ground and pretty soon, snow will begin to fall. While these season changes are beautiful to look at, they can also be difficult for your skin to adjust to.

One common symptom for those who live in colder weather is dry, cracked hands in the winter months. This can be an unattractive and uncomfortable symptom for so many people so we’ve done the research on the three best ways to prevent dry, cracked hands for good!

Wash Your Hands With Warm Water

hand care, dry hands, cracked hands, washing handsWhen it gets cold outside, it’s understandable to want to rush your hands under a burning hot tap to warm them up when you get inside but that’s actually doing some serious damage.

Experts suggest washing your hands in colder months with lukewarm water as a prevention to dry, cracked hands. Washing your hands frequently will also help prevent the spread of germs and colds in the winter months when it seems everyone around you is coughing and sneezing.

Avoid Harsh Soaps

harsh soap, hand care, dry hands, cracked handsAntibacterial soap sounds like a normal soaps super powered big brother, but the reality is, they’re harming your hands and making them extremely dry. All soaps are made to wash away bacteria and residue and there isn’t really any evidence to suggest that an antibacterial soap does a better job anyway.

To keep your hands soft and supple this season, use a mild, moisturizing soap when washing your hands. This will allow your hands to be cleaned without stripped away essential oils they need to stay moisturized and will keep them from drying out and cracking. You also want to avoid soaps with strong fragrance as that has been proven to have a drying effect on your hands as well.

Hand Cream Is Your New Best Friend

soft hands, hand care, dry hands, cracked hands, moisturizerPreventative is always better than reactive and caring for your hands is no different. Between the months of November and March, you should be applying hand cream as often as possible to prevent your hands from drying out in the first place.

The easiest way to make sure you are never without hand cream when you need it is to purchase smaller, travel sized bottles and leave them everywhere you go on a daily basis. Throw one in your purse, in the car, on your desk, in the kitchen, and beside your bed to make sure you never skip out on moisturizing your hands.

It will only take a few days of consistent use to notice but your hands will feel as soft and supple as a baby’s bottom, all winter long.


What are your tips to deal with dry, cracked hands in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!

Here Are The Top 3 Ways To Avoid Dry, Chapped Lips This Fall

lips, dry lips, chapped lips

Is there anything more uncomfortable or annoying than chapped, dry lips? Not only do chapped lips hurt, but they look awful and can make lip color a disaster to apply properly.

Sadly, avoiding dry lips get harder with the changing seasons and the cold weather but we know exactly what you need. Here are a few of our favorite tips to keep your lips plump, soft and hydrate no matter how low the temperature drops.

Stop Licking Your Lips

lips, dry lips, chapped lipsWhat is it about the feeling of dry lips that makes you just want to stick your tongue out and lick them for even a moment of relief? Well, it turns out that even if it helps it temporarily feel better, it’s actually making your chapped lips worse.

When you lick your lips, the saliva that is left on them evaporates, making them dry out even more than they would have just from the cold. To make matters worse, another side effect of licking them often is that lips produce fewer oils to help keep them moist, which lead to cracking or peeling lips.

Apply Lip Balm After Eating and Drinking

dry lips, lips, lip balm, cracked lipsMany people will apply a lip balm but more often than not, they wait until it’s too late and hope that it will repair chapped lips once they’ve already appeared. The reality is that your lip care, like your skin care, needs to be preventative as well.

Make sure that after every drink or meal, you apply your lip balm even if your lips don’t feel chapped. This helps nourish them but also builds a protective barrier over them to prevent future or further damage. You also want to avoid ingredients like mint in your lip balm as it can cause redness and pain to already chapped lips.

Watch Out For Your Makeup

lip color, dry lips, chapped lips, lip careWe are eternally grateful to the makeup gods for blessing us will all day lip color, but it can actually be harming your lips and making them dry and cracked. Long wear lip color isn’t the only culprit either. Matte lipsticks, as well as most lip plumpers, can also deprive your lips of moisture, leaving them cracked and in pain.

To avoid these nasty side effects of makeup on your lips, make sure you’re applying lots of lip balm between makeup applications. If you find that your lips are still feeling flaky and rough, you can also gently exfoliate them with a wet, soft toothbrush before applying your lip balm and then your lip color to give them a soft, supple look.


What are your tips for dealing with dry, chapped lips? Let us know in the comments below!

Here Are The Best Ways To Transition Your Skin Care Routine To Fall

Do you feel that chill in the air? The leaves are about to start falling and that means its time to start transitioning your routine to fit the seasons. The weather affects your skin in so many ways and you want to make sure that you’re one step ahead of Mother Nature to fight signs of dryness, aging and to repair some of the damage that summer sun can cause.

Switch To A Thick Moisturizer

repair and release cream, south beach skin lab, moisturizer, fall skincare routineSay goodbye to those lightweight, oil-free moisturizers! Now is the time to ditch your summer skin care because you’re no longer fighting sweat and humidity. Instead, your new job is to make sure that the temperature drop doesn’t completely dehydrate your skin leaving it flakey and dull.

For fall, use a moisturizer that has a focus on hydrating ingredients, like our Repair & Release Cream. It’s packed with nourishing ingredients like grape seed oil, shea butter, and vitamin E which all help protect your skins moisture barrier. Say goodbye to dry, cracking skin and hello to a youthful glow!

Cut Back On Exfoliation

fall skincare, over exfoliation, dry skinWhen your skin gets drier, exfoliation can actually tear your skin leaving you with flakey and dull looking face. This is the time of year where your skin needs lots of extra love as it transitions to cold weather and over exfoliation can completely backfire causing your dryness to become even worse.

To keep your skin safe from over exfoliation, make sure you transition to exfoliating only once a week. This should keep your skin safe and flake free and if you do find that you need more exfoliation, you can slowly work your way up to twice or three times a week which will give it time to adjust to your new routine and the new temperatures outside.

I designed my Olive Oil Cleanser with this in mind, it’s gentle on your skin but still cleans impurities and toxins from your skin. It’s a perfect solution to be used through the autumn months that won’t dry out your skin or cause cracking.

Make Sure To Use A Hand Cream

hand cream, anti aging, moisturizer, fall skincare, fall tipsWhen the temperature drops, any exposed skin can be at risk to excess dryness and since it’s not quiet glove season, your hands may be taking the hit. It’s important to make sure to throw a moisturizer in your bag so that you can always keep your hands hydrated, even on the go.

Want your hand cream to pull double duty? Opt for using an anti-aging moisturizer on your hands like my Repair and Release Cream. Hands can give away your age as much as your face can so you can combat signs of aging and get that much-needed boost of moisture all with one product.

What is your favorite skincare tip for fall? Let us know in the comments below!