Is Makeup Bad For Your Skin? Here’s What You Need To Know

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Since our teenage days when we first experimented with too much blush and blue eyeshadow, we were always told that makeup can be cause for concern when it comes to your skin.

Some believe that applying makeup daily can leave you with deeper lines and wrinkles while others think the two have nothing to do with each other. We dove into the research to find out the truth once and for all…

Skin and Makeup

amy schumer, makeup and skincare, skincare tips, makeup tipsFor the most part, makeup is completely safe for your skin. When people run into skin issues from makeup, it can be caused by an allergy to one of the ingredients or a harsh reaction to the makeup itself.

Like skincare, it’s important to take note of ingredients in your makeup and make sure that it’s not only safe but that the product is formulated for your skin type. While South Beach Skin Lab products are formulated for all skin types, most makeup brands aren’t. These days, even makeup is customizable to dry skin, oily skin or even acne prone to minimize the chance of skin problems.

What Can Happen?

breakouts from makeup, makeup and acne, makeup and breakouts, south beach skin lab, skincare, anti-agingUsing too much makeup, or the wrong makeup can have serious consequences for the health of your skin. Pimples don’t often happen as a result of makeup, but in fact, the makeup seals your pores which become filled with dead skin and oil. Those are how breakouts happen and can be one of the main side effects of the wrong products.

Some people can also experience redness, inflammation, eczema or rosacea as a result of ingredients used in their makeup products. Something to remember is that ingredients in makeup are not regulated in America, so it’s best to educate yourself of irritating ingredients like parabens to avoid skin issues.

How Can You Fix Your Skin?

skincare fix, makeup and skincare, anti-aging, makeup, skincareJust because you’re experiencing skin issues right now does not mean that it’s your fate. A few easy changes to your routine can make sure that your skin is protected, even if you need a little makeup to look and feel your best. For starters, read makeup ingredients and ask questions when you purchase your products the same way you would skincare.

If giving up makeup seems like a curse to you, then there is no need! If you’re taking proper care of your face before and after makeup application, chances are you won’t be doing your skin any harm.

Instead of using oily makeup removers, opt for an oil-based cleanser like our Day & Night Olive Oil Cleanser which removes 99.9% of makeup from the day. This will allow your pores to breath at night, and also dig deep to clear our dead skin and oil from your face, leaving nothing but a healthy and youthful glow!

Dirty Makeup Brushes Are Doing Serious Harm To Your Skin!

Not cleaning your makeup brushes is considered one of the biggest sins in skincare. Not only does the cleanliness of your makeup brush affect the way your makeup is being applied to your face, but it also has some serious impact on the way your skin looks and feels.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re cleaning your brushes at least once a month. If it’s a brush you use to apply liquid makeup then we suggest at least twice a month as those products can carry more dirt and bacteria than powders. What happens if you don’t wash your brushes often enough? You can expect some unwanted side effects like:

Clogged Pores

clogged pores, not washing makeup brushes, makeup brushesEvery time you apply a product to your brush, there is buildup. Over time, that buildup can result in some serious bacteria and germs that will live on your brush and that will clog your pores when applying the makeup to your face.

Clogged pores can lead to breakouts and as long as your brushes aren’t clean, you’re simply just spreading those germs back and forth between your face, your makeup, and your brush.


breakouts, makeup brushes, not cleaning make up brushesThink you’re too old for breakouts? Think again! If you’re starting to notice breakouts on your face where your blush, foundation or any other makeup is being applied, chances are we’ve now discovered the culprit.

If your brushes aren’t being cleaned properly and often enough, chances are, they’re going to contribute to some serious pimples and impurities. Even if your skin is “clean,” your brushes are still collecting oil, dust, dead skin, and the fallout from greasy hair products you spray around your mirror that is sure to cause breakouts.


wrinkles, makeup brushes, cleaning make up brushesJust like us, skin can become stressed out. When you’re using dirty makeup brushes packed with bacteria and dirt and touching them to your face, your skin is getting put under tons of stress and the way it deals with that is to wrinkle.

The effects of stressed out skin are often a breakdown of collagen and elastin. Those are the two components your skin produces to fight wrinkles, sagging and aging.

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? Let us know in the comments below!



Three Bad Habits To Break To Get Your Best Skin Ever!

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We know things like smoking and drinking affect the way your skin looks, feels and ages, but what is surprising is that what seems like the most harmless habits can often do more damage to your skin then the big ones we are all aware of.

To help you know what kind of contact you want to avoid with your face to help keep your skin looking its best, you need to understand why these habits can cause so much hard.

Tugging At Your Eye Skin

rubbing, eye, makeup, eye careIf you’re pulling or tugging on the skin too tightly, it can cause some serious issues with wrinkles and sagging skin. It can happen when you’re applying your eye serum or even removing your makeup and you probably don’t even realize it.

This area of skin is some of your thinnest and it needs to be handled with gentle hands. To help stop damage to the eye area, use a makeup remover with a cotton pad and gently pat the area, or incorporate an oil cleanser like our Day & Night Olive Oil Cleanser to get dirt and makeup off easily without having to tug at your skin.

Touching Your Face With Dirty Hands

touching your face, dirty hands, skincareKeeping wrinkles and breakouts at bay is hard enough, but if you’re touching your face throughout the day with dirty hands, you’re not helping the problem. The reality is the average person touches their face about 3.6 times an hour and most of the time, you probably don’t even realize you’re doing it.

Firstly, make sure your hands are clean and wash them often, especially if you’re going to touch your face. This helps keep dirt and grime out of your pores for clean, unclogged skin.

Secondly, if you do have to touch your face, avoid rubbing, pinching or pulling at the skin. This can cause some serious damage to your skin and result in deep wrinkles that will be difficult to get rid of.

Rubbing In Your Face Cream

face cream, moisturizer, skincareYou may not even notice it but most people are pulling way too hard at their skin when applying their face cream or moisturizer. While the negative results won’t show up overnight, this will contribute to deeper wrinkles and lines in the future, and no one needs that!

The most effective way for you to apply face cream is actually to tap or dab it on the skin. This avoids pulling and stretching the skin which leads to wrinkles, and allows your skin to absorb the nutrients in the cream even better!

What are some bad skincare habits you wish you could stop? Comment in the box below!