Jennifer Aniston Has The Easiest Skincare Tips Ever!

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We fell madly in love with Jennifer Aniston back when she was a fresh face on a new T.V. show called Friends. Now over 15 years later, we’re still smitten with her in just about every role she’s played since then.

One thing we can’t help but be envious of is the fact that Jennifer Aniston hasn’t seemed to age a day since we first laid eyes on her, and believe it or not, her routine is super easy to follow and shockingly down to earth!

She’s An Advocate For Self-Care

jennifer aniston, jennifer aniston skincare, celebrity skincare routine, celebrity skincareAlthough self-care may be in the spotlight recently, Jennifer has been practicing it since long before it was an Instagram trend. Whether it’s taking a few minutes to enjoy the sunset every day or taking 10 minutes undisturbed to go through her skincare routine, Jen knows that a little bit of self-love goes a long way for results.

Take a page out of Jennifer’s book and schedule yourself 10 minutes of self-care time. Instead of rushing through your skincare routine, take a moment to enjoy cleansing, to gently nourish your skin with an anti-aging moisturizer, or to enjoy a DIY facemask you’ve been waiting to try.

She Takes Moisturizing Very Seriously

jennifer aniston, jennifer aniston skincare, celebrity skincare, celebrity anti-aging, celebrity skincare routineFrom head to toe, Jennifer Aniston pays extra attention to her moisturizing routine and praises it as one of the reasons she’s stayed looking so youthful. Jen is an ambassador for Aveeno and loves it for her body. For her face, Jennifer loves any face cream that contains peptides, as she knows it’s the most effective for reversing wrinkles and lines.

Using your Repair and Release Cream twice a day should yield similar results because it’s packed with similar peptides to Jennifer’s routine without the hefty celebrity price tag. While celebrity facials or creams that produce collagen and elastin can run upwards of $300, a peptide-rich moisturizer will produce the same results when used consistently.

Workouts Are Her Skin’s Best Friend

jennifer aniston, jennifer aniston skincare, celebrity skincare, celebrity skincare routinesJen loves to break a sweat and it’s the reason her body looks as healthy and youthful as her face does. From pilates to hiking through the Hollywood Hills, Jennifer is always on the move to get her blood flowing and break a sweat.

Exercise has tons of benefits for your body and your skin. Getting blood flowing will help deliver nutrients to your skin to help it glow from the inside out. Just make sure you’re not forgetting your cleansing routine after a workout, otherwise, that amazing sweat session will just lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

These Hollywood Celebrities Just Don’t Age!

Is there something in the water in Hollywood?! Despite busy schedules and the stress of being in the public eye, some celebrities seem to withstand the spotlight while looking youthful for over a decade!

While celebs are no stranger to plastic surgery and facial treatments, some of our favorites have taken a more natural approach to aging and credit they youthful look to skincare basics like cleansing, moisturizing and getting enough sleep.

Here are some of our favorite ageless celebs:

Christy Turlington

She’s still got her supermodel glow! Almost two decades after gracing runways across the world, Christy still looks bright and youthful and not a wrinkle in sight!

Gwen Stefani

This rocker girl turned The Voice judge has always been famous for her fearless style but as she gets older, nobody can figure out how she stays practically ageless. Despite being one of the busiest women in Hollywood, she still manages to stay rested and wrinkle free!

Sandra Bullock

This A-List funny gal has been in the spotlight for over two decades but looking at her skin you wouldn’t believe it! It looks like Sandra’s wrinkles are about as smooth as her charm and we’re scratching our heads to figure out how this beauty still looks 30!

Reese Witherspoon

This blonde bombshell has been making movies since she was just a little girl but her doll face, wrinkle free features are just as prominent today. As one of our all time favourite Hollywood leading ladies, we can’t help but wonder how this star looks so flawless past 40!

Which celeb do you think has aged the best? Let us know in the comments below!

Jennifer Lopez Reveals The Top Beauty Secrets That Money Can’t Buy

Yes, she’s one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Yes, she’s got a rockin figure that could make anyone jealous. But when asked about how she looks so young and keeps her skin glowing, her advice is something that you just can’t buy…

Since making her debut dancing for In Living Color back in the 90’s, Jennifer Lopez has cemented herself as a Hollywood elite in every possible way. A true pop star, actress and entrepreneur, she finds herself in front of the international media on a daily basis and yet you’re still hard pressed to find a bad picture of her or one where she even looks her age (can you believe she’s 49?!).

Of course, when you look that good people are going to wonder. The main topic of nearly every interview she’s given since the age of 40 is “How the heck do you still look this good?!” While some celebs boast a list of expensive products and treatments they attribute to their seemingly endless fountain of youth, Jennifer’s approach is not just different, but refreshing!

Positive Affirmations are a key part of Jennifer’s routine. She explains it’s actually one affirmation in particular that she tells herself every single day: “I am youthful and timeless at every age.” (Fun fact: She has it embroidered on a pillow.) This is her fountain of youth!

We know they work for Jennifer because she seems to look younger every day, but can anti-aging affirmations work for you too? Experts believe it can!

“We all have two minds, the conscious and the subconscious and when we repeat positive affirmations of any sort, they will actually be transferred to the subconscious mind and not just the conscious. Almost like subliminal messages, your brain will not only comprehend that you’re telling it, but chemically it can start to change everything from your brain to your skin in a very positive way”.

Would you like to look and feel younger? Of course you would and so do we! And as we all know the absolute most important thing for achieving this is to have a youthful mindset, because when you are thinking positively and staying mentally active, your body will react accordingly!

Here’s to talking ourselves into younger skin!

Susan Sarandon Reveals All Her Closely Held Secrets to Looking Flawless at 70!

When you think of Susan, you think of her vibrant spirit, her beautiful red hair, and her amazing acting talent. When I think of her, all I can wonder is how the heck she looks that good at 70!!!

It seems this Hollywood A-Lister has stood the test of time (and gravity) all while taking a natural approach to aging. Instead of Botox and Face lifts, Sarandon has taken pride in herself  aging gracefully. I mean, if I look like that at 70, I’ll be happy aging gracefully too!

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It Turns Out That Sarah Jessica Parker’s Skin Care Secrets Aren’t Secrets At All

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