These Three Ingredients Can Help Give Your Jawline More Definition!

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A sagging jaw can make you look older, heavier and is not something any of us want to deal with. If you want to make your jawline look slimmer and tighter, a few key ingredients are all you need.

Not just any ingredients will do – in fact, some have been scientifically proven to help tighten your jawline. Here are the most effective ones and an exact breakdown of how they will help!


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One of the most beautiful flowers is the sunflower – but did you know it’s also a skincare super ingredient?! We love anything that comes from nature, especially when it’s as effective as sunflower extract. Not only is it great for anti-aging, but it boasts tons of benefits for treating sagging neck skin and loss of jaw structure.

Sunflower is an amazing anti-aging ingredient because it protects your skin from losing collagen and elastin. As you apply it daily as part of your neck care routine, it will help replenish collagen so your neck can look firmer and more lifted. This is going to accentuate your jawline and take years off the look of your face. We recommend applying it for at least a month or two to see the best results but once you do, you’ll never skip it in your routine!


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There are so many ingredients out there that can benefit skin but none are as powerful as peptides. These special ingredients can help improve how your skin functions and even make it act younger. If you suffer from loss of definition on your jaw or sagging jowls, then Essenskin is the one and only peptide ingredient you need.

Essenskin was developed by scientists to help fortify and restructure delicate areas of skin. Because the skin around your jaw moves so often, it’s one of the most likely to lose its definition. If you apply your neck cream formulated with Essenskin twice daily, it’s going to provide a noticeable lift and firmness to your jawline and make you feel more confident than ever!


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Teprenone is a skincare ingredient that doesn’t get as much credit or recognition as it deserves. This scientific ingredient works at the cellular level of your skin, which is exactly what’s needed if you’re looking to firm your jawline. Unlike some other ingredients, Teprenone can help fight multiple other symptoms of aging skin too, making it the perfect ingredient to add to your routine for your jawline and face alike!

Teprenone is special because it was popularized – and legitimized – by a Nobel Prize-winning team of scientists. By using a Neck Firming Cream formulated with Teprenone, you’ll be able to improve the firmness, texture, and look of your jawline. It will help tighten your skin so you look more youthful and work double-time to keep wrinkles away too. It’s one ingredient you can’t afford to miss in your routine.

How To Treat The Most Dreaded Signs of Aging Eyes

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They say your eyes are the window to your soul, but what happens when your eye area starts to show signs of wear? This notoriously tricky area isn’t just prone to wrinkles but instead, suffers from sagging, dark circles, and puffiness.

If you’ve struggled to keep your eyes looking bright and youthful, use these effective ingredients to combat each specific type of eye damage so you can look and feel your best!


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When you are treating an area with multiple symptoms of aging, it’s important to be using ingredients that can help more than one thing. Enter Aldavine, a special peptide that does wonders for your eye area. Aldavine is safe for all types of skin and it’s quickly becoming one of the most sought-after ingredients in America.

Aldavine can be used in your skincare routine to protect from UV damage, prevent signs of premature aging, and even help reduce dark circles and puffiness around your eye area. Simply put, it’s a super ingredient for every type of eye damage. One of the other benefits of using a powerful ingredient like Aldavine is that it won’t take months or years to see results. If you are using your Eye Recovery Serum, formulated with Aldavine twice daily, you can expect to see results in as little as a month!

Milk Thistle

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This herbal flower may have a silly name but when it comes to repairing aging eyes, Milk Thistle is just what the doctor ordered! For centuries, it has been used in holistic medicine to cure liver problems and lower cholesterol, but its real power is when used on your skin. If you suffer from dry, wrinkled, and sagging eyelids, milk thistle can help revive your eye skin and take years off your look.

Milk Thistle is special because it can help detoxify your body and skin. By applying it daily as an ingredient in your eye serum, it will help combat inflammation that leads to saggy and old-looking eyes. It’s also great at plumping and brightening skin so when your eyes look sunken, old and tired, just apply milk thistle to instantly bring your eye area back to life!


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Because your eye area is so delicate, it can be extra susceptible to the destruction from free radicals. Free Radicals can be caused by overexposing yourself to factors like the sun, smoking, pollution, eating junk food, alcohol, and even some medications. When those free radicals mix with oxygen, it can cause oxidative stress which makes it harder for your body to fight off wrinkles – especially around your eye area. Thankfully, one of the easiest ways to fight off free radicals and fight signs of aging eyes is with the power of NAD+.

NAD+ is a highly powerful ingredient that helps combat oxidative stress and free radicals by supplying your cells with nutrients to stay strong and wrinkle-free. NAD+ won’t only help deliver the nutrients you need to fight wrinkles and lines around your eyes, but thanks to its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, it will also help combat puffy eye bags and dark circles with daily use!

This Fall Skincare Routine Will Help Keep Wrinkles Away

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The start of Fall brings all kinds of changes, but you may not have been expecting such a big impact on your skin. It turns out that Fall is one of the most important times of the year to transition your skincare routine.

So how do you know that your skin needs extra help with the dropping temperatures? Here are the tell-a-tale signs your skin is struggling to adjust to Fall – and what you can do to help!


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When the weather is hovering somewhere between dry and humid, it’s easy for your pores to get clogged. A combination of dead skin cells, pollution, sweat, and dirt are filling up your pores and it’s going to wreak havoc. If enlarged pores weren’t a bad enough symptom, it’s also when you’re most likely to experience unwanted breakouts that are hard to get rid of.

If you are starting to experience breakouts as a result of changing seasons, you’re not alone. One of the fastest and easiest ways to treat this is by washing thoroughly with your Lavender Oil Cleanser. It’s not only going to clean out pores and help avoid breakouts but ingredients like Tea Tree oil are going to clean skin. It’s packed with antibacterial properties that destroy any foreign substance in your pores so you can stop pimples and breakouts before they happen.

Dry Flakes

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Fall is the only time of year where temperatures can fluctuate from dry to moist almost daily. This causes your skin to experience extreme dehydration that leads to more noticeable wrinkles. If you notice your skin is looking and feeling dry, it’s only a matter of time before flakes start to appear. Don’t wait until it’s too late and tackle flakey Fall skin quickly and easily.

The key to avoiding flakes is by nourishing skin with the most hydrating ingredients possible. One of the best is shea butter which provides incredible benefits for the hydration of your skin. It will go to the deepest layers of your dermis to help you fight off flakey skin and plump your wrinkles at the same time! We love ingredients that pull double duty which is why we’ve packed the highest-quality shea butter into our moisturizing cream!

Extreme Sensitivity

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Is your skin suddenly flushed with redness and feeling extra sensitive? It could mean that it’s having a hard time transitioning to Fall and needs your help! When your skin starts to react with sensitivity, it can cause your skin to become stressed which will lead to more wrinkles, dullness, and sagging. Stop stressing your skin out and instead take action with a quick cure for Fall sensitivity.

Sensitive skin doesn’t have to be permanent and there are some simple steps you can use to make sure you’re protected. Using a water-based moisturizer twice a day is going to minimize your risk of sensitivity and help to diminish and redness or tenderness you might feel in your skin. There are also anti-microbial properties in our Olive Oil Cleanser that will help clear out any bacteria and dirt that could be leading to your skin’s sensitivity.

Demi Moore’s Secret To Being Wrinkle-Free At 58 Years Old

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We’ve been watching Demi Moore on our screen for as long as we can remember, but one thing we can’t get over is how she has stayed seemingly ageless for her entire time in the spotlight.

When we heard she wasn’t a fan of plastic surgery, we knew we had to get the details of her skin routine. Here’s exactly how Demi keeps her skin so youthful as she approaches 60!

She Fights Sagging

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Celebrities often focus on wrinkles instead of sagging because sagging skin is usually treated with surgery. But Demi is different because she makes fighting sagging skin an important part of her routine. Because she doesn’t want to go under the knife, Demi takes extra care to avoid sagging skin on her neck and chest – and we know exactly what ingredients she trusts.

When it comes to lifting and firming sagging skin, nothing worked better than the Essenskin peptide. Known for its ability to fortify and restructure skin to make it firmer, it’s the go-to for celebrities like Demi who want to avoid plastic surgery down the line. Not only will it help combat sagging skin in the future but it can work to reverse signs of sagging skin you already see.

She Slathers It On

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When it comes to using products, Demi is not interested in minimal application. In fact, she’s been known to apply her products extra times throughout the day. The reason for this is that if she can sneak in extra applications, it allows her skin to absorb extra peptides and nutrients that help fight off signs of wrinkles.

You always want to apply your moisturizer first thing in the morning and right before bed, but there are some other ideal times to apply it. For instance, when you come home from work or errands, apply your Repair & Release Cream to any areas that are prone to deep lines. Without messing up your makeup, you’ll be able to deliver extra nutrients to your most worrisome wrinkles. It will give your skin twice the amount of peptides so it can fight off wrinkles twice as hard!

She Loves A Lift

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Demi may not be loyal to a specific brand for all her products, but her main focus when choosing her skincare comes down to one thing – ingredients that are proven to lift skin. In order to look as good as Demi, you need to focus on specific ingredients to help fight the most common signs of aging. We will take a page from her book on lifting ingredients any day.

To start, she focuses on peptides like Matrixyl which do wonders to firm and lift your skin. That’s because they penetrate all layers of your dermis to help your skin look and act younger. Not only will it relieve existing wrinkles but it will add a noticeable lift to your skin after consistent use. Even if you never step foot on a red carpet, firming ingredients will have you looking Hollywood ready every single day!

These Skincare Myths Need To Be Debunked Once And For All

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There is so much information out there about skincare that it’s hard to know what is real and what is fake. With so many lies floating around, we wanted to provide some clarity and set the record straight.

You may have heard these myths before but we’re here to break down what to believe, and what to leave behind in the world of skincare. Trust us, this knowledge is going to help you get better results than ever before!

Myth 1: Don’t Use Oil

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No matter what your skin type is, you’ve likely heard some misinformation about using oil on your face. Some people think it will clog your pores or make your skin more oily but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Using oil on your face is an effective way to nourish it and the best way to do so is during the cleansing phase of your routine.

Oil helps balance your skin so if you’re oily or dry, it will help bring your skin back to normal. If your skin is normal, the oil will be effective at cleaning and shrinking your pores so your skin looks the best it can. Oil cleansing has gained tons of praise for how well it can work for every single skin type so you don’t need to be afraid to use it anymore. In fact, you’ll probably notice your skin gets better after only a few uses!

Myth 2: Use Eye Cream

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It’s wonderful that so many brands offer options for your eye wrinkles. After all, your eye area is so delicate that it’s usually the first area to notice wrinkles. Sadly, many of these companies pedal the myth that you need a super-hydrating cream to help fight wrinkles. Unfortunately, using thick creams can overwhelm your eye area and ever clog your pores. So what can you use instead?

Experts agree that you’ll get far better results from an eye serum instead of eye cream. That’s because serums have smaller molecules that are able to penetrate your eye wrinkles better than thick creams. By using an eye serum twice daily, you’ll be able to provide adequate hydration for your eye skin and deliver peptides that plump and prevent wrinkles with every use.

Myth 3: Don’t Wash In The Morning

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One of the newer skincare myths that have been gaining popularity is that if you wash your face before bed, you don’t need to do it again in the morning. They claim that because your skin has already been cleaned, you can skip this extra step in the morning without consequences. The truth is that this could be the reason your skin looks dull, wrinkled, and old.

No matter what, you always want to start your morning by cleansing your face with cleansing oil. Overnight, dead skin cells build up on your skin and cause wrinkles and dull skin to look worse. By washing that away in the morning, it will make your skin look brighter and your pores look smaller. It will also add a boost of hydration because oil is much more hydrating to your skin than soap so you’ll never have that dry crepey-looking skin ever again!

This Miracle Oil Fixes Over 10 Types Of Skin Damage

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Every once in a while, a skincare ingredient comes along that blows all the others out of the water. Enter Squalane oil, a special natural ingredient that can transform any type of skin.

Skincare experts love this ingredient because it can help with over 10 types of skin issues. We’ve rounded up the top issues Squalane oil can cure to make your skin look younger, and your complexion shine!

It Fights Free Radicals

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When you’re on a quest to fight wrinkles and signs of aging, nothing is going to make it more difficult than free radicals. These pesky invaders can find their way to your skin and wreak havoc. They are the main cause of accelerated aging, skin irritation, and bacteria. It turns out that one of the best ingredients for fighting free radicals is Squalane, like the kind we use in our best-selling Repair & Release Cream.

This magical oil works wonders at destroying free radicals on your skin. When free radicals attack, your skin will naturally produce Squalane to fight them off, but adding more can help you get even better results. It’s packed with antioxidant properties that destroy wrinkle-causing free radicals so you can wake up with fewer wrinkles every single day!

It’s Super Hydrating

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When skin is super dry, the chances of noticing your wrinkles are much higher. Dry skin can make wrinkles look deeper and worse – and none of us need that kind of help! The good news is that by using some super-hydrating ingredients in your daily cream like Squalane, you can combat deep wrinkles and help plump them right out of your skin.

Skincare experts all agree that Squalane is one of the best hydrating ingredients for your skin. Because Squalane is a natural emollient, it locks moisture into your skin, helping to prevent fine lines, and ease dry patches. That means that even the driest type of skin will notice improved hydration and plumpness to their skin after using Squalane!

It Attacks Damage

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We hate using the term “miracle ingredient” but when we find one that can fight so many of your skin’s worst problems, we can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. Of all the benefits of applying Squalane to your skin, one of the best ones is that it attacks all kinds of damage on your skin.

Some of the biggest skin predators are UV rays which cause dark spots. Squalane helps by reducing pigmentation and imperfections with antioxidants so you can revel in a more beautiful and even skin tone. It will also help stop UV damage so you don’t have to worry about adding years to your look when spending time in the sun. Simply put, Squalane can help protect your skin from new damage all while helping reverse existing damage. It’s everything we could ever want in a skincare ingredient and you can get it simply by applying your Repair & Release Cream daily!

This Is How Gillian Anderson Gets Her Complexion To Glow at 53!

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We’ve been watching Gillian Anderson on our screens since her X-Files days, and lately, we’ve been blown away by her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher on The Crown. While enjoying her performance, we can’t get over how great her skin looks!

At 53 years old, Gillian credits her youthful and glowing complexion to a few simple skincare rules. On the heels of her Emmy win, she’s finally sharing them with the world!

She’s Picky With Products

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When it comes to selecting her skincare products, Gillian always makes sure they’re made specifically for anti-aging. Even before she reached her 50’s, she put a strong focus on anti-wrinkle products. That’s because she understands the power of anti-aging peptides and the amazing results they can yield.

In her routine, Gillian focuses on three specific anti-aging steps: her neck, her eyes, and her face. This allows her to have a comprehensive and effective approach to fighting wrinkles in all problem areas. Her anti-aging routine is also something she never skips and credits her being consistent with her routine to the amazing results she’s achieved.

She Never Sleeps With Makeup

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While some celebrities try to stay away from using makeup outside of red carpet events, Gillian is the opposite. She feels beautiful and empowered when she’s got her makeup done and to keep skin safe, she makes sure she never, ever sleeps with it on. Even the slightest bit of leftover makeup can clog your pores and make you wrinkle faster, so getting skin squeaky clean is a high priority for Gillian.

Instead of opting for makeup removers filled with chemicals, or having to double cleanse, Gillian reaches for what experts call “the holy grail of cleansers”. Oil cleansing has been praised for its ability to remove makeup better than any other type of cleanser. It goes deep into pores to not only clean them but deliver nourishing and hydrating anti-aging ingredients to your skin. In one easy step, you’ll have cleaner and younger-looking skin!

She Loves Moisturizing

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If Gillian had to pin down one single reason why her skin is so fantastic, she’s giving all the credit to her moisturizing routine. Many years ago, Gillian had a doctor explain the importance of moisturizing and that using the right product could help her fight off wrinkles and keep skin looking youthful. Since that day, she’s focused her time and money on a high-powered moisturizer that helps reverse wrinkles.

Gillian’s process to choose a moisturizer is easy. First, it must contain peptides and nutrients that she knows will naturally fight off new wrinkles. Second, she looks for repairing ingredients that will help manage and fade her existing wrinkles. She also looks for nourishment from ingredients like shea butter which hydrates skin and can plump your wrinkles up so they are less noticeable. All her hard work has paid off because her skin is looking as good in her 50’s as it did in her 30’s!

These Are The Most Stubborn Types of Wrinkles To Reverse

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Most people think they just have wrinkles, but did you know that there is more than one type? Different areas will get different types of wrinkles and it’s important you know how to care for each.

Don’t suffer from unwanted lines any longer. Here are the easiest ways to reverse the three most annoying types of wrinkles – and keep them gone for good!

Crow’s Feet

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Crow’s feet are the pesky lines you may notice at the corners of your eyes that pop up when you smile. Unlike other types of wrinkles, these can be some of the deepest wrinkles on your face. There are a number of factors that make crow’s feet worse, but the most common is the loss of collagen and elastin as well as exposure from UV rays to your eye area. After all, sunglasses don’t cover the side corners of your eyes and it’s the thinnest skin on your entire face.

You don’t have to turn to injections to combat crow’s feet. If you want to have your eye area looking years younger, you’ll want to opt for a powerful eye serum that you can apply twice daily. Not just any eye product will do, but one with peptides like NAD+™ and Aldavine™  that will help smooth out crow’s feet and help them appear less noticeable. These ingredients mimic the effects of injections to plump your eye wrinkles and reveal a younger-looking eye area.

Forehead Wrinkles

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Forehead wrinkles can start as early as your 20’s and only get worse with time. These wrinkles are often a result of repeated facial movements, which lead to deep horizontal lines across your forehead. Ask any doctor in America and they’ll tell you this is the most requested place for Botox – but you can avoid painful and expensive needles if you’re using the right techniques and products at home.

First, being conscious of your facial movements will be a huge help. You can also opt for skincare ingredients that plump skin like Matrixyl and Reproage. They will help nourish and reverse wrinkles while plumping your forehead lines to help them appear less obvious and make your face look years younger. The best news is that the longer you use them, the better they work! That’s because they work alongside your genetics to help you create more collagen so you can naturally fight off forehead wrinkles in the future.

Sagging Jowls

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As you age, gravity does its best to throw off your anti-aging routine by presenting one of the most dreaded signs of aging – jowls. As gravity weighs down on your skin, your loss of collagen and elastin allow for the skin to start drooping and it can be one of the hardest wrinkles to reverse. For most women, this is when they start contemplating a facelift – but you don’t need to take such extreme measures for relief from sagging jowls.

Thanks to advancements in skincare ingredients and formulations, there are now products that stop sagging jowls and work as well as some medical procedures. Take our Neck Firming Cream for instance. Formulated with the patented Essenskin peptide, it works to lift and restore sagging skin with an abundance of calcium and amino acids. In only a few weeks, you’ll be able to see improvements in your jowls without dangerous surgery and the results will be long-lasting! You’ll never need to ponder about a facelift again!

Why Won’t Your Wrinkles Go Away? We Know The Answer


If you are over 50, chances are you’ve spent decades trying to fight wrinkles. If despite spending tons of money and time on your skin, you are still suffering from wrinkles, we may know the reason why…

According to experts, there are some unique factors that influence how quickly you can repair wrinkles. Here are the top predators for wrinkly skin and how to stop them for good!

Your Skin Is Exhausted

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Tired skin doesn’t just look bad, it can also affect how well your skin responds to anti-aging treatments. When your skin is tired, it will have a harder time absorbing nutrients that help fight wrinkles and lines, leading your skin to suffer. Even if you’re using the best products in the world, tired skin will never show full results – but how can you revive it?

Treating tired skin is easier than you think. The first step is making sure you’re using a comprehensive routine daily that is going to invigorate and repair your damaged skin. Peptides and amino acids are great for awakening your skin so that they can get to work to naturally fight wrinkles and sagging alongside your effective products. You’ll see better results and be able to notice an improvement in your skin just by looking in the mirror!

You’ve Got Unique Damage

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Not all skin damage is the same and if you’re not seeing results, it could be because of extreme skin damage. This kind of damage can be visible or invisible depending on your unique skin. Sometimes you’ll see hints of damage like dark spots or dry flakes, but other signs like dehydration or lack of nourishment can be harder to pin down.

If you suspect your skin is extremely damaged, you will need to add some special treatments to your skin. By special treatments, we mean targeted products to treat exceptional amounts of damage. For extreme sagging, opt for our Neck Firming Cream which despite its name can help reverse sagging skin on all parts of your face. It won’t just help sagging but will work to soften your deepest wrinkles for a younger-looking complexion.

You’re Not Consistent

skincare routine, anti-aging routine, best skincare routine, effective skincare routine, skincare habits

Since the beginning of skincare, there have always been “snake oil salesmen”. This refers to a person or company that will say whatever they have to do to sell you a product. They’ll lie about results, the difficulty of use, or claim that you only need it once to see results. The reality is that there is no single product that can repair your wrinkles and skin in a single application.

To see real change and results, it’s important you’re using a comprehensive routine and never, ever skipping an application. Your routine should be applied morning and night daily so your skin is being nourished enough to fix wrinkles. You should also never skip days as it can reverse some of the improvements you’ve seen from your skincare routine. Stick with your products and even if it takes a few extra months because of your level of damage, we promise you’ll see outstanding results if you stick with it!

Get Better Results From Your Moisturizer With These Application Tips!

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Applying your moisturizer twice daily should be a key part of your routine – but what if you aren’t seeing the results you hoped for? It turns out that if you take a few factors into account, you can get better results without changing up your products.

Interested in how to get more out of your moisturizing routine? Incorporate these easy moisturizing tips and watch the years melt off your face!

Apply Damp

how to moisturize your face, how to moisturize, moisturizer hack, moisturizer tips

Most people think that you should wash and dry your face before applying your moisturizing cream, but that could be the reason you’re not seeing full results. When your skin is damp, your pores are more open which allows the product to penetrate deeper. This allows the important ingredients in your moisturizer to reach the deepest layers of skin so they can make an impact on wrinkles.

Speaking of important ingredients, make sure you’re using a moisturizing cream like our Repair & Release Cream which has been proven to fight wrinkles in as little as 30 days. While heavily damaged skin may require more time for repair, applying powerful peptides daily will yield you incredible results for a younger-looking complexion you can see in the mirror!

Circular Motions

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When you apply your moisturizer to your skin, many people are tempted to just slather it on. This can actually be creating more wrinkles for you because you’re tugging at the skin during application which wears out your collagen and elastin. This is going to make skin sag and wrinkles appear worse, so you need to keep this top of mind.

The easiest way to moisturize without causing more wrinkles is to apply your cream in a circular motion. When doing this, you’re allowing the products to absorb without causing friction on your skin. Not only will your products work even better, but you’ll be protecting skin from future damage. Use a gentle hand to apply your moisturizer so that you can deliver wrinkle-fighting peptides without harming your skin.

Press Into Skin

nourished skin, hydrated skin, how to hydrate skin, tips for dry skin, dry skin tips

This might be a less obvious upgrade to your routine, but if you know about “pressing” products, you know it can have a huge impact on your results. When you apply cream, you should always finish off your application by pushing your fingertips into the skin to get maximum absorption. This is going to help improve your results for a number of reasons.

For starters, this helps to stimulate blood flow to your skin which will help brighten your complexion and make skin look younger. It will also allow your skin to absorb the maximum amount of peptides and nutrients from your application. That means you’ll be getting more results out of the same ingredients you always use, just by adapting your application for optimal results.