These Popular Skincare Products Are Actually Terrible For You

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We hope that any products we purchase in stores will be safe for us and our skin – but that couldn’t be further from the truth. It turns out that many popular products are doing more harm than good.

We consulted with experts to divulge the worst common skincare products that are being sold and how can you avoid damage from them. Here’s what you should steer clear of…


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For over 100 years, skincare companies have pushed us to purchase and use soap in our skincare routine. Up until a few years ago, harsh foaming soap was really the only option to help you clean your skin. They trick you into thinking they work because they foam up giving the illusion of cleaning but the truth is, it’s harming your skin and your pH levels.

Washing with soap is going to dry out your skin. The surfactants which make it foam are notorious for disrupting your pH levels and causing redness and irritation. Instead, millions of American’s are finding relief from soap in oil cleansing. Formulated with hydrating and nourishing oils like lavender and tea tree, it helps get skin clean without toxic surfactants. It will also go deeper into pores to clear dirt and free radicals than soap ever could.

Brightening Masks

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There are thousands of skin masks available and many of them promise to help brighten skin. Could it really be that easy? Well, experts have revealed that brightening masks do little to nothing in the long term to help fight dull skin and dark spots. These masks are often a one-time treatment which raises concern for skin doctors. While they may provide temporary relief, they’re really just a waste of money for lasting results.

If you want to brighten your complexion, the best and fastest way to do it with the power of vitamin C. This amazing antioxidant ingredient can brighten your entire complexion as it works to smooth and even your imperfections. By applying products that have ample amounts of vitamin C, you will brighten skin over time and have lasting results. In order for you to cure dullness for good, you can skip pricey masks and opt for a long-term solution that takes less than a minute!

Harsh Exfoliants

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Sugar, coffee, and salt scrubs have been around forever, but if you’re using them on your face, you’re causing extreme damage to your skin. Harsh exfoliants create micro-tears in your skin that can lead to premature aging and even infections. Those scrubs can work wonders for your body but you need to exfoliate the skin with a gentle exfoliant for optimal health and excellent results.

Did you know that oil has the ability to gently exfoliate without tearing your skin? It’s been hailed as the safest way to exfoliate the skin and oil cleansing makes it easier than ever. The best part of all is that it only takes one step in your routine to clean and exfoliate. You’ll save lots of money on additional products and the results will be brighter and healthier skin. You’ll be able to remove dead skin cells and clean your face with ease every single day!

Here’s How To Gift Skincare For Mother’s Day!

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, there is no better gift you can give to Mom than glowing skin. It will make her feel beautiful, and also help her build good habits in her skin routine.

So what exactly is Mom hoping to get this Mother’s Day? Here are some great Mother’s Day gift ideas for every kind of Mom!

The Picky Mom

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Some Moms are easy to please while others have very high standards. Why not surprise Mom with something that you’re sure will impress her?! If your Mom is on the picky side, we suggest gifting her our best-selling Repair & Release Cream to show her how much you love her. This amazing cream is going to be a hit with Mom and win you some points as the favorite in the family.

This cream is formulated for all skin types so even if your Mom has sensitive skin, this is sure to work well for her. It also doesn’t contain any synthetic ingredients or strong fragrances so it’s sure to delight her senses. Best of all, she can use it morning, night, or both for amazing anti-aging results. This product is a best-seller for a reason and we’re sure Mom will absolutely love it!

For The Mom Who Has Everything

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Is your Mom a skincare junkie? If she is, we’re sure she’s got cabinets full of facial products – but is she doing anything to protect her neck and chest from premature aging? Wrinkles and sagging can happen to more than just your face and your Mom will appreciate you paying attention to this special aging-prone area.

If your Mom is stocked on skincare we bet she would LOVE our Neck Firming Cream. This luxurious formula works to restructure and tighten the skin on your decollete for a more youthful look. Best of all, it will complement and not compete with the rest of her skincare routine. This area is one of the more unexpected areas of aging and Mom will be thrilled you thought of it for her!

The Sun Worshiping Mom

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Does your mother love to catch rays in the sunshine? Is she a beach bum or the kind of woman who loves spending the day in the garden? If so, she’s going to be delighted to get our Dark Spot Corrector this Mother’s Day! Formulated with 5 different kinds of vitamin C antioxidants, it’s going to help your Mom’s complexion stay perfect even in the sun.

Sun exposure can cause pigmentation problems and dark spots, so getting her some help before summer hits will make you her favorite child for sure! This powerful formula is going to help brighten and even her skin tone while she soaks in her time at the beach. After all, she deserves the time in the sun for being such a great mama!

Turn Back The Clock By Brightening These Areas Of Your Face

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Dark, dull skin can ruin your complexion and have you looking tired and feeling insecure. From dark circles to dark spots, any area that isn’t looking bright is looking older than it should.

Being strategic about brightening your skin will not only give you great results but will have you feeling more confident than ever. Here are some areas that need brightening you should focus your routine on.

Your Eyes

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Your eyes are the window to your soul and if they look tired, so will you. Dark circles are one of the most common skin complaints in America and people turn to all kinds of expensive and risky procedures to deal with it. While lack of sleep and poor diet can contribute to dark circles around your eyes, most of the time its aging and genetics that are causing this unfortunate problem.

If you want to have brighter eyes and fight dark circles, opt for antioxidant ingredients that will brighten and regenerate the area. Your eye skin is extremely delicate so the best way to deliver these nutrients to the area is with a targeted and proven eye serum that is designed to help banish dark circles.

Your Cheeks

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Dull cheeks can give your face an old and hollow look that no one wants. When the skin around your cheekbones become dull, it can lead to excessive dryness and sagging skin. This is one of those areas that it’s best to treat before the problem gets worse so if you suffer from dull cheeks, it’s best to take action against it now.

Applying peptides and nutrients to your checks daily as part of your routine can help add vibrance to your face. This area is so prominent in your facial profile that by taking care of your cheekbones and brightening skin, it can help your whole complexion look years younger. Brightening this area can be as simple as applying your Repair & Release Cream daily, as it’s formulated with some of the best-quality brightening ingredients in the USA! They will go to work to help brighten your skin tone and improve the look of imperfections.

Your Spots

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Dark spots, sun spots, age spots… whatever you call them we can assure you that they are skin damage you don’t want to look at every day. Thankfully, there have been some amazing breakthroughs in skincare to manage dark spots and brighten your complexion. One of the standout ingredients for this is vitamin C which is why we packed 5 different kinds of it in our Dark Spot Corrector!

Helping manage spots is going to smooth your complexion and make your skin look healthier. People associate pigmentation issues with bad health so taking care of your dark spots and using a specialized treatment twice a day is going to shift that perception to healthy and beautiful skin. Not only will your spots begin to face, but using a dark spot treatment is going to help keep your skin glowing and keep future spots off your face.

Here’s What Oil Cleansing Can Do For Your Specific Skin Type

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The reviews are in…Oil cleansing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to transform aging skin and provide much-needed nutrients. The best part is that it can provide results for every skin type.

No matter if your skin is dry, oily, or combination – these are some of the top benefits oil cleansing will provide for your specific skin!

Oily Skin

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If you suffer from oily skin you know it can be an embarrassing problem to get under control. Some people will assume your skin isn’t clean or you sweat a lot but oily skin is caused by genetics and needs special care. By using an oil cleanser to manage oily skin, it can provide some pretty impressive results. You may be thinking “why put oil on oily skin?” but the truth is that it can help manage and regulate your skin’s oil production.

When you wash oily skin with soap, it can strip skin of essential oils which puts your oil production into overdrive. When you use an oil cleanser which is much less harsh than foaming soaps, it balances your skin’s pH levels and regulates the amount of oil your skin produces. This will help your skin stay less oily and also clear any excess dirt and buildup from pores so they can appear smaller. Oil cleaning is absolutely necessary for managing oily skin.

Dry Skin

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Dry skin is about as bad as it gets when it comes to aging skin. Not only will it ruin your makeup but it will make wrinkles look deeper and worse than they really are. If you have dry skin you know that hydration is key to keeping skin healthy and beautiful, but oil cleansing might be the extra boost you need to add moisture to your skin, brighten your complexion, and fade wrinkles.

When you wash your face with soap or foaming cleanser, the foaming agents can dry out your skin making your genetic problem of dryness even worse. It can lead to flakes, excessive wrinkles, and even rashes. If you switch to oil cleansing to manage your dry skin, you’ll be amazed that you can feel an improvement after the very first use! Skin feels soft to the touch even before applying your moisturizer. Plus, it will help keep hydration in the deeper layers of your skin all day long!

Combination Skin

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Combination skin can be the most difficult skin type to deal with because it’s a constant battle of dry vs. oily. Finding products that won’t irritate and inflame one or both issues can be hard but that’s why oil cleansing is such a savior for combination skin.

The key to managing combination skin is to treat both the dry and oily areas with botanical ingredients that don’t hurt your pH balance. Keeping your pH healthy with oil cleansing will provide great results for combination skin because it will help condition your skin to normal. The essential oils like tea tree and lavender will help balance your skin and even out the dryness and oil. Oil cleansers work so well for combination skin that many people say after prolonged use, the combination skin improved and they had less difference between the oily parts and the dry parts.

Your Cleanser Should Include These Three Effective Ingredients

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You may think washing your face gets it clean, but there is so much more to beautiful skin than soap and water. Experts agree that washing with an oil cleanser can help improve results – but is that enough?

Oil cleansing is great but the ingredients in it are what is going to help show improvements in your skin. If you want to get results while you wash daily, make sure your cleanser includes there three ingredients!

Peppermint Oil

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This minty fresh ingredient doesn’t just smell amazing, it’s also a miracle worker for your cleansing routine. While applying peppermint oil directly to the skin isn’t recommended, it can provide great results when mixed with other carrier oils in your cleanser. We love ingredients that are good for our skin, but we also love that it’s 100% natural too.

Peppermint oil like the kind found in our Lavender Oil Cleanser has natural antiseptic properties to help keep your skin clean and clear of free radicals and bacteria. It also has a great ability to cool your skin on contact, so it will provide relief if you suffer from inflammation and redness. Make sure you’re using your Lavender Oil Cleanser with peppermint oil twice a day to keep skin happy and pores clean!

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree oil is known as a skin savior thanks to its many benefits for your complexion. It has been used in tons of personal care products thanks to its endless benefits – but its superpower is what it can do for skin if used daily as part of your cleansing routine.

Tea Tree oil has antimicrobial properties that work hard to keep breakouts and skin inflammation at bay. If you suffer from puffy skin, its antioxidant properties can help calm and de-puff your delicate skin. Cleansing twice a day with Tea Tree oil will also deliver hydration and softness to even the driest skin types. You’ll be able to notice an improvement in your skin texture after just one use!

Lavender Oil

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Lavender oil is one of the most popular essential oils in America thanks to its relaxing aroma – but there’s more to this ingredient than just a pretty scent. For centuries, it’s been used to manage stress, anxiety, and depression, but it can also uplift your skin as part of your cleansing routine.

When using your Lavender Oil Cleanser twice daily, you can expect to reveal more hydrated, smooth, and vibrant skin. Lavender oil is also packed full of antioxidants that fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles. That means that while you’re cleaning your face, lavender oil is pulling double duty to cleanse and refresh your skin for a more youthful glow.

These Three Ingredients Will Help Transition Your Skin For Spring

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With the temperature rising and spring on the way, it’s very important to make sure your skin is ready for the new season and that it’s been prepped correctly to avoid damage.

If you want to manage aging and welcome spring with immaculate skin, check out these easy-to-use ingredients that will help your spring skin glow and take years off your look.

Vitamin C

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When you get sick, vitamin C is usually the go-to ingredient to help get your health back. It turns out that it’s also a superhero for your skin, especially as the weather transitions to spring. Vitamin C is one of the few ingredients in skincare that is 100% natural but can outperform some of the most powerful man-made ingredients. It’s lightweight, effective, and packed with antioxidants.

Vitamin C is going to help brighten your entire complexion so when you step out in spring, you don’t have the pale, dull look of winter skin. It is also a superhero for helping minimize visible skin damage. From dark spots to age spots, applying vitamin C daily to your skin is going to help fade spots and prevent new ones from popping up. After all, 80% of women say they are most worried about age spots as they get older.

Sea Buckthorn

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When spring hits, it’s not uncommon for the weather to flip-flop from hot to cool for a number of weeks. This can wreak havoc on the skin because it will promote unnecessary dryness which leads to wrinkles. If you’re not treating your skin with Sea Buckthorn, your skin texture will suffer and you could be welcoming spring with worse wrinkles than ever.

Applying Sea Buckthorn to your skin as part of your daily routine is going to help regulate oils in your skin to avoid dryness. Immediately, you’ll notice that wrinkles are less noticeable and deep thanks to ample hydration from Sea Buckthorn. One of the coolest things about Sea Buckthorn is that it can help protect you from sun damage. We always suggest using an SPF to protect skin but the natural compounds in this amazing ingredient will add an extra layer of protection to keep UV rays and free radicals away!


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We love an ingredient that can help with many symptoms of aging skin and Niacinamide is just that! This special form of vitamin B is great for transitioning your skin to spring thanks to its many benefits. In spring, the mix of warm and cold can cause clogged pores, sun damage, and excessively dry or oily skin – but Niacinamide can help!

This powerful ingredient helps support and protect your skin barrier which is responsible for how your skin looks and feels. Suitable for almost all skin types, it works to help shrink pores, balance oil, and build skin immunity. Using it daily as part of your spring skincare routine is going to minimize sun damage, treat hyperpigmentation, and soften visible wrinkles. When it comes to skincare ingredients, we believe Niacinamide is by far one of the most powerful for transitioning skin!

What Are The Best Active Ingredients For Your Biggest Skin Concerns?

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We all have certain areas of our skin that bother us most, and to solve these problems we need to make sure that we use the right ingredients. The best types of ingredients are referred to as “active ingredients” – and they help get results faster.

Active ingredients are science-backed ingredients that target specific skin concerns and deliver physical results. So if your goal to see a noticeable change in your skin, check out these top active ingredients!


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We love finding new ingredients that make a big difference and Aldavine is just that! This natural ingredient comes from a unique type of algae. Aldavine is considered an active ingredient because of all the testing and innovation that has gone into formulating it. It can help benefit all types of skin but will be most useful around your eye area which is very delicate skin that is notoriously hard to repair.

Using aldavine daily as part of your routine in your Eye Recovery Serum is going to help stop damage and repair wrinkles. Not only does it have properties that plump wrinkles, but also works wonders for eye bags, dark circles, and sagging eyelids. Applying this peptide twice a day can help brighten and lift your eye area for results that are out of this world. It’s one of our favorite active ingredients because it’s equally safe as it is effective.


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Another unique active ingredient that can make a big difference in your skin is the peptide Matrixyl. This awesome ingredient has gone head to head with some of the most popular skincare ingredients like retinol and come out the winner. Not only is it safer to use than most retinol, but it’s also going to provide even better results thanks to its proven ability to bring skin back to a more youthful state.

Rivaling the results of Botox, Matrixyl has been tested and proven to help plump and fill wrinkles so they aren’t noticeable. It’s different than many of the other peptides used in skincare because its results are long-lasting, not just for a mere hour after application. That means that it won’t just fix your current wrinkles but will help you avoid more of them in the future.


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Every single day, gravity is working to tear down your skin and make it sag to the floor. While this can be especially annoying for your face, it affects everything from your jowls to your chest. Enter Essenskin, an active ingredient in our Neck Firming Cream. This unique ingredient underwent rigorous testing and proved to be one of the best ingredients for lifting, firming, and tightening your skin.

Essenskin is an amazing source of amino acids for your skin. It works deep to help restructure how your skin functions and works to tighten, thicken and lift your most important facial areas. If you’re using Essenskin as part of your routine daily, you’ll notice less creepy skin, more volume to your skin, and far fewer wrinkles and sagging than before. It just takes a few weeks for Essenskin to work wonders on your skin and give results you’ve only dreamed of!

The Most Important Skincare Steps For Menopausal Skin

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When your body starts going through menopause, it brings some serious changes to your hair, skin, and hormones. When your hormone levels plummet, your skin is one of the first places it will show.

Instead of suffering from menopausal skin, there are some easy tricks you can use to help care for the most important areas. They’re quick, easy, and keep you looking youthful and confident!

Your Chest

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Once you begin menopause, and as you progress through it, your entire body loses its valuable collagen and elastin. This means that your skin is going to lose its battle against gravity, and aginst firmness. While many people suffer silently with the effects of menopausal skin, you can reclaim your confidence by using a special treatment to help deal with your sagging chest – which is giving your true age away.

Taking care of your chest is a priority because it is an unexpected area that ages. While most women only focus on their face, caring for your chest will take years off your look and have you feeling more confident. It will also help protect that delicate skin from premature aging and unnecessary sagging thanks to firming and lifting peptides if you’re using a formulation like our Neck Firming Cream!


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You’ve probably included some form of eye products in your routine before, but menopause means a new focus. While many people worry about undereye bags and dark circles, in menopause you’re more likely to suffer from dreaded sagging eyelids than ever before. A tricky combination of collagen loss and gravity is responsible for these unpleasant side effects, but it can be easy to deal with if you know what you’re doing.

When you apply your eye serum daily, make sure that you’re applying it to your eyelids both morning and night. By delivering nutrients and peptides to this extremely delicate area, it will help fortify and restructure your skin. Best of all, firming up your eyelid skin will allow you to apply makeup with more ease and add a more youthful look to your entire face. After all, the eyes are the window to your soul, and your soul is still young and heart!


hydration, hydrated skin, dehydrated skin, menopausal skin, skin during menopause, menopause skin tips

Perhaps the worse side effect of menopausal skin is the dryness and dullness you’re likely to experience. It may feel like your skin has dried up, and that dehydrated feeling can make wrinkles look worse than ever. If you are suffering from dryness or feel like your skin has lost its sparkle, keeping your skin hydrated is going to mask wrinkles, brighten skin, and restore your complexion.

When you treat skin during menopause, look for super hydrating and brightening ingredients that can go to work right away on your skin. Some of the most effective are shea butter and argan oil which work to brighten + hydrated even the deeper layers of your skin. In as little as a few weeks using a powerful moisturizer twice a day, you’ll get your glowing skin back to its former glory and feel extra confident and beautiful!

Transformative or Trash? We Review Some of The Most Popular Skincare Tools!

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It seems like every week there are new skincare tools and toys popping up for sale. From amazon to Sephora, there is an endless list of devices that claim to transform skin – but do they actually work?

We decided to round up the most popular skin tools and test them out to see if they’re really worth the hype. Here is our unbiased review of the most popular anti-aging tools!

Red Light Devices

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This futuristic device has been all over social media lately thanks to celebrity endorsements. It promises to emit a red light that helps fight wrinkles and sagging skin – but does it actually work? While there is some science behind the powers of red light, the ones sold for home use don’t measure up to the ones used in professional spas. If you want to see results from red light treatment, these devices might fall short of your expectations.

While it might look cool to lie around in a funky mask for an hour, the results are pretty lackluster. While you can’t see any immediate results, there weren’t many long-term results either. Speaking with experts, it was agreed that if you’re trying to fight signs of aging on your face, save yourself hundreds of dollars on this gimmicky mask and opt for a peptide-rich moisturizer that can help control aging and wrinkles while repairing damaged skin.

Eye Patches

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If you’ve shopped for skincare recently you’ll notice many brands are now offering eye patches as a treatment. They claim to help with everything from hydration to wrinkles – but do they really work? When you apply eye patches, they tend to have a cooling effect so it should help with puffy eyes, but we can’t find any benefits aside from that. Worst of all, eye patches only provide temporary relief to your eye are and provide no long-term help to repair damaged skin.

These patches are also terrible for the environment as they are single-use and must be thrown out after. Between that and the fact that they won’t help you long term, you’re better off sticking with an eye serum treatment. An eye serum is going to help plump wrinkles and control dark circles and bags. It will also deliver nutrients that help prevent more aging to your eye area in the future. Instead of a band-aid fix like eye patches, invest in your eye area with a quality serum and you’ll see even better results with more long-term benefits.

Jade Rollers

jade roller, skincare tools, tools for wrinkles, de-puffing tools

The use of jade rollers dates back centuries in Asian beauty but recently they’ve become a popular product in the United States. These rollers claim to help de-puff, de-stress, and mask wrinkles. While the premise sounds great, the reality is these little devices can be extra tricky for your skin. They can lead to damage, breakouts, and even worse – they don’t really do anything.

If you’re looking to de-puff your face and mask the look of wrinkles, nothing is going to work as well as proven cosmeceutical ingredients. Take the Repair & Release Cream for instance… it’s packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help control puffy skin while injecting every pore with wrinkle-fighting ingredients. Not only will you see better results, but it will only take a minute or two a day versus rolling your face for hours on end. Instead of falling for the fake promise of a jade roller, invest in quality products for better long-term results.

These Simple Steps Will Give You Big Results In Your Nighttime Routine

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You hear us preach the importance of using your skincare products twice daily for best results, but some products will actually thrive with your skin when applied at night.

If you want to get the most out of your routine and wake up to wonderful results, make sure to include these three steps in your nighttime skincare routine so you can fight signs of aging while you sleep!

Dark Spot Corrector

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One of the hardest types of skin damage to reverse is dark spots and age spots. These pesky pigmentation problems can be from the damage of years past and usually creep up after the age of 40. While almost 90% of people suffer from dark spots in their lifetime, starting to treat them now is an easy way to regain a clear complexion and takes years off the look of your face.

Your skin heals best at night so using a dark spot corrector before bed is going to help accelerate how quickly you can fade spots. Your skin will go into its natural healing cycle, and the powerful vitamin C and peptides will go to work to help lighten and reduce spots. Not only will you wake up with brighter skin, but over time, it will help avoid more spots appearing.

Eye Serum

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Your eyes are busy at work all day long and between rubbing them and natural movements when you smile, it can add more wrinkles than you desire. When you go to bed at night, your eyes are able to rest so there is less chance of static wrinkles. It’s also the best time to apply powerful peptides that help plump and reverse eye wrinkles.

Applying an eye serum before bed will help undo some of the damage that wearing makeup all day on your eyes does. It will help the area breathe and regenerate while delivering brightening and firming ingredients to the area. Your skin will be able to heal damage better when you’re resting and can take full advantage of the important work of your anti-aging serum.

Neck Firming Cream

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The neck is one of the forgotten areas of aging and people rarely notice it until it’s too late. Sagging “turkey neck” can be difficult to reverse, but if you start taking action now, it can prevent it from getting worse – or starting at all. Since many of us wear makeup or accessories on our necks daily, it can be hard to treat during the day. But if you apply your neck firming cream nightly before bed, you’ll see some great benefits.

A neck cream should be creamy, rich, and packed with peptides to deliver the best results. If you’re applying it before bed, you’ll be able to add active ingredients and peptides to this tricky area of skin that will help firm and lift while you sleep. You’ll be sure that your neck never gives your age away, and you’ll be able to avoid costly and dangerous treatments like facelifts down the road!