The pulp of the aloe plant is water-rich, soothing, and hydrating to the skin so it’s no wonder that it can provide ample benefits to your skin. When included as an ingredient in your products it’s sure to be a helping hand towards fighting wrinkles and keeping skin looking dewy and youthful! Here are just a few ways Aloe can help…

It Helps Produce Collagen

aloe, aloe vera, skincare ingredient, natural ingredientDid you know the reason Aloe is so good at healing cuts and burns is that it produces extra collagen? Collagen used to repair that damage is the same your skin produces to fight wrinkles and keep skin looking plump. By using products including Aloe, like the Repair & Release Cream, you can be sure that you’re keeping wrinkles at bay.

It Can Restore Moisture

aloe, aloe vera, skincare ingredient, natural ingredientHaving dried out skin will only make your wrinkles and sagging skin look worse than they really are. By using Aloe as a regular part of your skincare routine, it helps rebuild the moisture levels in your skin layers, giving you that dewy, youthful look. Over time, it can also help your skin from drying out in the first place making it ideal for long-term use.

It’s Anti-Inflammatory

aloe, aloe vera, skincare ingredient, natural ingredientOne of the best parts about using Aloe as an ingredient in your skincare is that it’s got amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It is particularly useful for people who suffer from eczema or those who deal with irritated or broken skin in winter months. Aloe has also been proven to help with acne and breakouts!


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